The or violent actions by dissatisfied employees,

The purpose of communication is to inform the employees of the facts about the outbreak of disease and its impact on the market value of the organization and to be sure that they have all the information they need. Another purpose of the message is to influence or persuade employees to make them feel that they are being treated fairly even if company downsize workers to balance production cost. This communication plays vital role to minimize any angry responses or violent actions by dissatisfied employees, and ensure that, most of them will be able to return to the company after the ban on import lift and when the plant needs to re-hire them.

Communication also needs to ensure that the assurance of the remaining employees who are not being laid off stays reasonably high, and they work effectively and efficiently. Superior Foods Corporation need to make the employees feel that the actions are appropriate and are being taken to ensure the long-term sustainability of the Nebraska plant.I personally believe that these messages must be designed using an indirect organizational context structure using presentation. Because the employees will be receiving bad news in a context that is also quite uncertain, and audience will be negatively predisposed to hearing this information, so building a foundation of facts and explaining the circumstances will be important to establishing management credibility before announcing the layoffs.

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• The meeting presentation should start with the facts about the critical situation and what steps Superior Foods needs to take to ensure the long-term viability of the plant. • Next, the details about the layoffs should be reviewed.• Finally, the employees need to be told where to go for additional information like meet their department in-charge to know more information.Spokesperson (Ben Schroeder) – All our product ranges from the intestine to tongues have made standard in US and international markets. However, the U.S.

Department of Agriculture had announced that bovine spongiform encephalopathy, a disease, had been discovered in a Holstein cow in Washington State, and this led to impose either partial or total ban on U.S. imports. The result is that the international market for our products has declined in past few weeks.

Without international markets for our products, we have no alternative but to decrease our production rate. We need to produce according to the supply and demand of goods. If we over-produce our products, prices will fall, causing further long-term disruption to our business.  We believe these modifications will be temporary, but they are crucial if we want Superior Foods to survive.

 Unfortunately, the consequence of production cutbacks is layoffs of few employee temporarily. We will reassign duties and adjust schedules to determine the minimum number of layoffs required and be sure that the layoffs are fair. As layoff is temporary, employees will still have access to the company’s health care and eligible for unemployment assistance from the government. DRAFTTo:  All EmployeesFrom: Ben Schroeder, Plant ManagerDate: January 24, 2017Subject: Meeting on Company Response to International Import Bans This morning a breaking news came in picture and thousands of people were chatting about it on blogs and social networking sites. The U.

S. Department of Agriculture recently announced the discovery of bovine spongiform encephalopathy, better known as “mad cow disease,” in a single Holstein cow in Washington State.  As a result, many of our international customers have banned imports of beef products from the United States.  We need to plan our supply and demand for the next three months or more until the ban lift.  In the meantime, we must take definitive action to ensure the survival of our business. I invite all of you to a meeting this afternoon at 3:00 p.

m. in the main conference room, where I will give you more information.Thank you!


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