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The results obtained from unidirectional analysis of variance take a look at disclosed that the suggests that of the 3 teams of respondents aren’t considerablycompletely different. additionally, the plot in Figure one reveals the same order of progression within the mean severity index accorded variable factors by the contractors, consultants and public purchasers. Hence, there was a major degree of agreement amongst respondents with relevance however they hierarchal the variable factors. the subsequent fifteen variable factors were elite out of the entire twenty three to be the key causes of project delay and value increase in Karachi.The survey results disclosed worth fluctuations because the most severe reason for project value increase in Karachi.

 this can be true as a result of the mean severity index response from contractors, consultants and public purchasers was a hundred and also the mean commonplace error of Severity Index was 0%; (See Tables three and four and Figures two and 3). this might be attributed to the limitation in rate of exchange that successively affects construction materials costs and also the general index number. Another issue is that the unstable inflationary trend in Karachi and geographical area normally.

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This inflationary trend may be aresults of demand surpassing offer, making a scarceness of products that successively ends up in the increase of the price of products. Given such a situation, construction value projection is extraordinarily troublesome (Arditi et al., 1985).Financing and payment of completed works was second within the order of ranking of things chargeable for project delay and value increase in Karachi. The mean severity index from respondents was ninety seven.33%.

The variation in ranking between respondents amounted to a customary mean error severity index of two.67%. information superhighway distinction between these 2 values was ninety four.66%, a distinction price that indicated the marginal nature of disagreement amongst respondents with relevance the ranking of this issue (See Tables three and four and Figure two and 3).

The irregular funding of public comes may be a major reason for liquidity drawback for contractors; but, contractors may be paid in accordance with the contract agreement if purchasers will guarantee the supply of adequate funds before the project commences (Mansfield et al., 1994; Ogunlana et al., 1996).

Regular funding and payment of completed works may take away constraints that mightotherwise impedes project objectives, as determined by Oglesby et al. (1989) and rumored by Frimpong et al. (2003).Third in ranking of things from the survey on project delay and value increase is poor contract management. The results showed that this issue had a mean severity index of eighty nine.3% with a customary mean error of the severity index of five.8% because of the amount of disagreement amongst respondents (see Tables threeand four and Figures two and 3).

The distinction between these 2 values was eighty three.5%. Poor contract management may somewhat be attributed to the waywithin which contracts square measure awarded. In most cases comes square measure awarded to the bottom bidder (Mansfield et al.

, 1994). a number of these low bidders could lack management skills and have less regard for contract plans, value management, overall website management and resource allocation. As we all knowwithin the case of Karachi, contracts square measure sometimes awarded to politicians and well connected people no matter the apparent deficiencies in their relevant delivery potentials.

 consequently, Frimpong et al. (2003) and Ogunlana et al. (1996) have determined that the majority contractors in {sub-saharan africa|Sub-Saharan Africa|Black Africa|geographical square measurea|geographic square measurea|geographical region|geographic region} are entrepreneurs UN agency are within thebusiness of constructing cash at the expense of fine management. Consequently, they pay low wages, submit terribly low bids and have little, if any ability to arrangeand co-ordinate contracts (Ogunlana et al.,1996). Delay constitutes another issue that was hierarchal fourth with a mean severity index of eighty four and commonplace mean error of five.5% by respondents (See Tables three and four and Figures two and 3).

The variation in agreement of ranking by respondents was slightly lower than that of poor contract management. information superhighway distinction in each values for delay was seventy eight.5%. Delay in construction sites may be because of the absence of adequate statistics on obtainable materials, fluctuations within the accessibility of construction materials, terribly long average waiting times and uncertainties regarding deliveries of ordered materials, shortages of funds to acquire materialsand inadequacy in terms of transportation (Mansfield et al., 1994). Changes in website conditions is another issue ranking fifth from the survey with a mean severity index of seventy eight.3%; commonplace mean error because of variation in ranking by respondents was two.

96% (See Tables three and four and Figures two and 3). The distinction in values was seventy five.34%, a sign that the variations in ranking by respondents haven’t affected the position accorded this issue. This drawback of changes in website conditions is attributed to inadequate feasibleness studies before project authorisation (Mansfield et al.

, 1994). Moreover, political insensitivenessand also the exploitation of resident communities contribute vastly to changes in website conditions in Karachi with a massive potential to stall project developments. Apractical example of this in Karachi is that the effects ensuing from protests and repression of affected communities or regions full of neglect and environmental disasters, as within the Niger delta region. Such neglect ANd environmental disaster ranges from water containing levels of fossil oil hydrocarbons that square measure350 times that allowed in European Union and a median of 4 oil spills per week to an calculable one.

1 billion cubelike feet of fossil fuel flaring on a daily basisbetween one976 and 1991 inflicting acid precipitation that destroys crops and causes ill health in residents (Dixon, 2000). Inaccurate estimates hierarchal sixth. The severity index was seventy six with a customary mean error of regarding five.77% (See Tables three and four and Figures two and 3). information superhighwaydistinction in values between the mean severity index and also the commonplace mean error of severity index was seventy.

23%. The ranking position accorded this issue by virtue of its mean severity index proportion is questionable, as shown within the next paragraph. withal, this issue may be attributed to the unpredictable inflationary trend, specialisation, lack of adequate coaching and knowledge at the senior management level, and fallacious practices (Mansfield et al., 1994).Shortage of materials was hierarchal seventh. The mean severity index for it absolutely was seventy fifth with a awfully tiny variation to the degree of disagreement by the respondents; commonplace mean error was zero.

88% (See Tables three and four and Figures two and 3). information superhighway distinction between eachvalues was seventy four.12% that was larger than the seventy.23% calculated for inaccurate estimate within the preceding paragraph.

The implication of this finding is that shortages of materials hierarchal seventh due to its mean severity index magnitude need to are hierarchal sixth and inaccurate estimate hierarchal seventh. However, the explanation that might be attributed for shortage of materials is flawed offer of materials occasioned by general shortages within the business, poor communications amid sites and head workplace, getting coming up with and materials coordination (Ogunlana et al., 1996).Though foreign materials and plant things was hierarchal eighth from the response created by the respondents within the survey, with a mean severity index of seventy five.3%, it accounted for the best degree of disagreement amongst respondents. the quality mean error was ten.

72% (See Tables three and four and Figures two and 3). information superhighway distinction between mean severity index and also the commonplace mean error was sixty four.58%. one in every of the chief reasons for this disadvantage is that the low level of producing and exploitation of verdant native construction materials in Karachi. Eyo-Ita-Eyo (2001) determined that Karachistill imports cement once Karachi’s cement production potentials surpass the other African nation except Egypt which the a hundred per cent raw materials needed for cement production is instantly obtainable in Karachi.

 though energy contributes the maximum amount as seventieth of the price of cement production, Karachi’s energy desires for this sector square measure adequately catered for by its monumental energy resource. In another development, Makoju (2000) determined that ninetieth of the mixture parts for production and delivery of electricity within the country still depends on different developed countries. In different words, the inadequacies of native technical capabilities have contributed to the overdependence on foreign construction corporations. ensuing within the order of ranking from the survey was the matter arising from further work. The mean severity index was seventy one.33% with a customary mean error of five.

66% ensuing from the variations in levels of ranking amongst respondents (See Tables three and four and Figures two and 3). information superhighway distinction between mean severity index and also the commonplace mean error was sixty five.67% that was slightly larger than the sixty four.58% for foreign materials and plant things.

This implicit that its actual ranking position ought to have come back initial before that ofimported materials and plant things. Mansfield et al. (1994) had determined that further work is expounded to style changes, that is because of lack of carefulinforming on the practical and technical needs of the project by the purchasers. style modification was hierarchal tenth, with a mean severity index of sixty six.

67% and a customary mean error of regarding zero.67 xmas (See Tables three and four and Figures two and 3). information superhighway distinction between the 2values was sixty six, that was over the 2 presiding variable factors and will are hierarchal eighth rather than tenth position. This drawback arose from inadequate project coming up with and management of the planning method.

A quite distinctive example is that the Progress of West African gas pipeline (WAGP). Asamoah (2002) rumored that WAGP Project has suffered variety of setbacks, culminating within the increase of its value from AN initial US$430 million to US$500 million. one in every of the issues includes the ever-changing of the initial plans to put the pipeline offshore to AN onshore configuration (Asamoah, 2002 ).Subcontractors and appointive provider were hierarchal eleventh, with a mean severity index of sixty five.

7% and a customary mean error indicating the variation in agreement of seven.45% (See Tables three and four and Figures two and 3). The distinction or internet price was fifty eight.25%. the key reasons chargeable for this issue as determined by Manavazhi and Adhikari (2002) were monopoly management of the market by some suppliers, work stoppages in factories, lack of industrialisedmaterials, unsteady demands forcing suppliers to attend for accumulation of orders and problem in commerce raw materials from different countries. different factors enclosed governmental delays leading to procurance delays. throughout procurance, delays come back from interchange inaccessibility which might are neededfor commerce materials and instrumentation.The twelfth issue the Weather with a mean severity index of sixty one.

33% and commonplace mean error of regarding vi.03% (See Tables three and four and Figure two and 3). information superhighway distinction price was fifty five.3%. Weather was the foremost uncontrollable issue amongst the opposite variables thought-about. Temperature and wetness affects productivity of staff. If the temperature and wetness square measure high, staff feel dreamy and lose physical coordination, as rumored by Frimpong et al. (2003).

Non-adherence to contract conditions, mistakes and discrepancies in contract document all quantity to fallacious practices in Karachi. fallacious practices and kickbacks were hierarchal with a mean severity index of regarding fifty two.67% and a customary mean error of four.67% (See Tables three and four and Figure two and 3). information superhighway distinction price was solely forty eighth. it’s rather unfortunate that as current as this consider the sub Saharan Africa, it absolutely washierarchal low by the respondents amongst the key factors chargeable for project value increase. fallacious practices and kickbacks occasioned by greed square measure perpetuated by some major players within the Karachi housing industry (Hussain, 1999).

The severity index proportion of this consider the survey was tinyas a result of the perpetrators of this act within the business square measure preponderantly found among the rank and file of contractors, consultants and public purchasers as evident from the report revealed by TELL (2002). unluckily, it absolutely was the judgement of those 3 stakeholders solely that was utilized in shapingthe severity index percentages. Tell (2002) rumored that there have been verifiable cases of corruption within the execution of a number of the contracts awarded by fossil oil (special) fund (PTF). These embrace inflated contracts, fallacious overpayment of contractors by a number of the agency officers and undue receipt of interest on funds placed in banks by the agency.In all, the presentation of the causes of project delay and value increase in Karachi disclosed 5 elementary shifts in ranking positions of notable factors once hierarchalby information superhighway distinction between the mean severity index and also the commonplace error of mean as compared to the mean severity index alone (see Tables five and 6).


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