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The most noteworthy extent of individuals with alcohol disorders are found in the vicinity of 18 to 29 years of age, an age bracket that incorporates most of the enrolled university students– particularly senior high school students. Overwhelming alcohol use has been well reported among college students, and numerous students grasp heavy-drinking propensities amid their 1st year at a university. Around 20-25% of college students have drinking issues, or have experienced consequences related to drinking, as well as an expanded risk of episodic drinking. Given that senior high school students are assumed to be college students by age, it is safe to say that senior high school students are on par with college students with regards to drinking issues.

Seeing as how schools tend to posture a challenge to numerous students, a critical factor relating to students’ drinking is their academic performance. In spite of a developing literature in this particular area, no study has convincingly or specifically answered the question of whether alcohol consumption hinders senior high ¬†school students’ learning. Alcohol consumption could be an imperative determinant of how much a senior high school student learns without having a solid effect on his or her choice to remain in school or go to college. This question is essential, given that underage drinkers are vulnerable to the immediate consequences of alcohol use, counting blackouts, headaches, hangovers, and alcohol poisoning. Furthermore, the relationship between problematic alcohol consumption and academic performance is a concern for school administrators and authorities. Alcohol consumption has been adversely related with academic performance, and heavy drinking has been proposed as a likely contributor to students whittling down from college. Problems experienced by senior high school students due to drinking included missed classes and destitute academic accomplishment.

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To add, underage drinking could have an impact on both college admissions and job quality independent of its effects on years of schooling or school completion. In this study, we aim to find out the effects of drinking on senior high school students and their quality of learning. Additionally, we explore the alcohol consumption indicator/s that were mostly associated with academic outcomes; and explore the academic achievement measures that were mostly associated with alcohol consumption.


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