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The on a search for the perfect

The choice of an engagement ring, symbol par excellence of
the commitment to love, is not made lightly. In this article we give you 5 mistakes
to avoid and tips on how to choose the right engagement ring.

While the tradition has evolved over the years, an engagement
without a ring is not a real engagement! If you truly desire to make the moment
special, do not choose the said ring in a hurry. Do not panic if you are not
sure how to do it, we give you 5 tips on how to make the right choice.

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1.     Define a Budget

The price of engagement rings can quickly hit the roof. So,
before embarking on a search for the perfect jewel, you must define the budget you
want to put into the engagement ring.

Silver, yellow gold, white gold or platinum? It is the
previously defined budget that will shape the material of the engagement ring.
Namely, platinum is the most expensive metal since it is harder to destroy as
opposed to silver and gold which can quickly deform and oxidize.

In addition, it is sometimes better to opt for a gemstone which
is smaller but of better quality. An idea that 56% of women share, according to
a survey conducted in July-August 2014.

is a No-No

A little common sense! Style the ring according to the taste
of the person who will wear it. If the person to be offered an engagement ring
is rather discreet, skimp on rings with big stones (like that of Kim
Kardashian). If the to-be only wears yellow gold, obviously opt for a yellow
gold ring. I told you, it’s a matter of common sense. If the future fiancée has
small hands, avoid rings that are too imposing and conversely if he/she has
large hands, make sure not to buy a ring that is too small. A word of advice: observe
the future bride/groom and collect
the little clues for the right fitting and design.

3.      Do Not Hesitate To Buy A Rare Ring

A very good compromise is to bet on the surprise effect of
the engagement request without being mistaken about the choice of the ring. The
idea is simple: buy an affordable ring (fancy, classic or rare, it’s up to you)
just to make the proposal. All women, without exception, remember the D-Day,
the day they were asked in marriage. And then later you can go pick up the
“real” engagement ring with the chosen one. This keeps the risk of
being wrong out by 100%.

4.     Do Not Only Bet on A Diamond

Although according to a survey, more than 50% of women would
prefer a solitaire diamond as an engagement ring, it is not necessary to
generalize. In fact, there is no law or rule in this area. There are other
stones which we do not think of in priority but they are just as pretty (and
less expensive) like quartz, tourmaline, sapphire, emerald… And other types
of more graphic rings. Tastes and colors…

5.     Start Thinking About the Style of The Wedding Bands

Who says betrothal says marriage. So when you choose your
engagement ring, you are already trying to visualize the style of wedding rings
you will like. The engagement ring and the wedding bands are both worn on the
same finger (ring finger of the left hand). So, try to choose an engagement
ring that will go well with the band.

For a pretty engagement ring with a vintage style, a retro
look and a slightly lower price, do not hesitate to take a look at the auction
house or jewelry stores. Sometimes you can discover beautiful finds that can use
a redo work by a jeweler.