The Old Man and the Sea Essay

If anyone asked me about my opinion in “The Old Man and the Sea” I would say ‘the most thing that attracted me is its theme between the old man and nature’ . I liked it for it shows us the real hope ,patience and life that we can learn from this old man. “He was two feet longer than the skiff” maybe Santiago depended on the appearance of the fish which terrified him. It is a lesson that we should not depend on appearances and to look at the inside.

It was only a fish that had a weak heart ,it does not matter whether it is big or not.For Santiago lived with it three days and knew its nature. Maybe this fish reflects the nature of most people who have pure nature while the sharks represent those people who have bad or sick souls. The fact of faith that Santiago repeated may draw our attention that perhaps one of the reasons which prevented Santiago not to reach his purpose was his faith. Although he said that he had faith ,but if we look at Santiago ,we notice that he did not mention God in other situations other than the difficult situations, for example before his sleeping ,but instead he was thinking of the lions.In addition to this, when he caught the fish he said “But I am too tired to say them now”.

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“Fishing kills me exactly as it keeps me alive. The boy keeps me alive. ” The idea that the boy was giving without taking ,but in fact the boy was taking from Santiago for the boy said “I still have much to learn” and “I can learn and you can teach me everything” he was taking Santiago’s experience. Maybe the writer’s intention to say that the boy was not taking care of Santiago to teach him ,but just he loved him.Also, when Santiago said “he was a fish to keep man all Winter” perhaps he meant usually in Winter he, as a fisherman, could not gain fish because of the bad weather that prevent him from having fish.

Repeating the sentence ‘I wish I had the boy’ shows us more than one meaning. Either Santiago wanted to tell that the only one who took care of him and he wished to be with , is the boy that he is the only one who deserved his friendship . Or Santiago wanted to show us his loneliness that he was missing the bliss of having family. Prepared by: A laq Diaa Il-deen


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