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The universe is massive and constantly expanding, however there are rules to the universe that make it function the way it does. The four fundamental forces of nature are gravity, the electromagnetic force, the strong force, and the weak force.

The first fundamental force of nature is gravity. Gravity is the weakest of the forces, but it has the longest range which is infinite. This means that gravity is always acting on objects no matter how far away they are, but the effects just aren’t as noticeable. Gravity is also the only force to act upon all particles having mass, energy, or momentum; the other forces only act upon certain particles or over certain distances.

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The final characteristics of gravity are that it can’t be blocked and it is always pulling, never pushing. This means gravity affects everything whether it wants to be affected or not, and gravity is always pulling to the center of the Earth or other celestial object, such as the sun. This means gravity is the only force to make a real impact on the overall universe since it works across infinite distances and is only attractive. Gravity is also responsible for things such as how high you can throw a ball, objects returning to the surface of the earth, and even slowing the expansion of the universe.

The second fundamental force of nature is electromagnetism. Electromagnetism is the forces that dictates the interactions between electrically charged particles. This force includes static, magnetic, and electric interactions which all have to do with electrically charged particles.

Like gravity, electromagnetism also has an infinite range but it is way stronger than gravity. However, the reason it doesn’t have a larger affect in the universe is because most large bodies in the universe have an equal amount of protons and electrons creating an equal charge which negates the effects of electromagnetism. Electromagnetism is also responsible for things in nature such as rainbows and lighting along with human creations like computers and televisions. The electromagnetic force also combines with the weak force under certain circumstances to create the electroweak interaction. Scientists also declare that this interaction would have been used after the Big Bang to help create the universe.The next fundamental force of nature is the weak force. This force is primarily responsible for beta decay and other nuclear phenomena.



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