The of revenues etc. which includes exploitation

The Sports industry has always been a prodigious sectoracross the world bringing together entertainment, games, culture and pecuniarybusiness, right from the barbaric era through the glorious days of Caesar tothe twenty first century money making sports industry. Sporting games havealways been encouraged by chieftain, governments, private individuals andentities interested not only in the games themselves but more in the financialbusiness quotient that sports entail. Sports which, for a very prolongedtime, was considered an activity which was recreational, has nowadays become athorough materialistic activity effectuating elephantine profits.Earlier the sporting events were based on the competitionbetween different talents, but now money has procured a gigantic role in allthese events. Corporatization of sports has become gargantuan.

Enormousimportance has been gained by different marketing aptitudes like franchising orbrand building of a sport or a player, overtaking other important components ofa game. These distinct aptitudes like merchandising, franchising and brandingare the major contributors of revenues etc. which includes exploitation ofdifferent intellectual property rights of sports clubs. With gradual proliferationin the business angle of sports, dormant Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs)vesting in almost every facet of the sports industry are being tapped into andcapitalized.Branding of sporting games and connected events, teams,celebrity status, sports clubs etc. can all be made feasible through the constructiveassets i.

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e. IPRs which act as a marketing tool to make all of it possible. Marketing dexterities are applied in fabrication, perpetuation,popularization and sustenance of distinctive marks, logos and personalities,while copyrights vesting in brand and image inception etc. are protected toreap benefits on an exclusive basis considering the very nature of competitionin sports.


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