The of a countersunk pin or nail,

The drillingprocess is the best common machining process in productions to make hole onwood or other things.

This machine practices a drilling tool with cutting edgeat its point to eradicate material from the work piece. The cutting instrumentis detained in the drill machine by a clamp taper and is revolved and feed into the work piece. This machine can also be used to execute other actions likeboring, counter boring, countersinking, spot facing etc. Simple drillingmachines alike handy portable drilling machines where humanoid force is compulsorycannot be used for figure of machining processes for precise applicationsbecause the drilling penetration cannot be estimated properly and thus the workpiece may spoil. In addition, dissimilar size holes cannot be drilled without varyingthe drill bit that put away lot of time for doing frequent manifold jobs. Toovercome all these difficulties, the automatic drilling machine are intendedwhich is expected to drill the holes repeatedly and can maintain the penetrationof hole precisely. Among the numerous types of available automation structuresPLC  can be used because it has availablehardware and software assembly for any kind of industrialized automation. PLCsare used for automation of electromechanical procedures, such as mechanism ofmachinery on plant assembly lines, amusement rides.

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Its development period is notas much, easy to use and a total effective solution. It also has the tractabilityto alternate the program with the requirements.The main ideaof this project is to design and formulate an automatic drilling machine thatperforms the job of drilling and countersinking rendering to the stateddrilling penetration and cutting speed. A countersink is a tapered hole cut into a industrialized piece, orthe cutter being used to cut a hole.

A common use is to permit the head of acountersunk pin or nail, when positioned in the hole, to sit level with orbelow the surface of the nearby material by comparison, a counter bore makes a level-bottomed hole that mightbe used with a hole-head cover screw. A countersink may also be used to eradicatethe burr left from a drilling or tapping process thereby refining the surfaceof the artifact and removing any dangerous sharp ends.The simplegeometry of a countersink (cutter) naturally can be applied to the reducingapplications labeled above (axial feed only) and also to other grindingapplications (sideways traversal). Therefore, countersinks overlay in form, purpose,and occasionally name with chamfering end mills (end mills with oblique tips). Irrespective ofthe name given to the cutter, the surface being made may be a conical chamfer (sinkingapplications) or a oblique corner for the crossing of two planes.

 As the machine holds drill motor, the movementis controlled accurately. The assimilation of mechanical, electronicengineering & control technology donate critically in this design. Particularlythe control circuit planned with PLC, the 3D design and its control logic playsmain role in this assignment work. 


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