The Odyssey Book 14 Review Essay

The Odyssey Book 14, by Homer, is an excellent book because it shows readers what Odysseus meant to the people of Ithaca and how influential he was as a person. We have learned a lot about Odysseus from previous books and we know all about his many different characteristics such as his ability to lead and his warrior-like mentality. The author’s goal for this book was to show readers what impact Odysseus made on society at that time. Homer explains how loved Odysseus was to people and how much the people want Odysseus back from his disappearance.The book begins by Odysseus traveling to the Swinherd Eamous’ hut, dressed up as a beggar.

Eamaus greets him kindly and shows his xenia by inviting him into his house for a meal. Eamous talks to the beggar about what the suitors have done to him and how he misses Odysseus. Eamaeus was extremely doubtful of Odysseus’ return although, the beggar tries bringing his hopes up by telling the Swineherd that Odysseus will return. After a long conversation, the Swineherd asks Odysseus about where he came from and about his past.The beggar tells Eamaeus about how he fought in the Trojan war which is where his whole life fell apart. The beggar explains, in detail to Eamaeus about when the Trojan war had ended, he was forbidden from returning home because of Zues which is why he traveled to Egypt.

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After he lived in Egypt for seven years, he went to Phoenicia with a scoundrel. After a year had passed, he traveled by boat to Libya although on the way to Libya, his boat was struck by lightning. He washed up on Thesprotia and after being taken care of by the king, he heard about Odysseus.He heard that he was on the Island and befriended by the king. After the king had sent the beggar away, the kings crewmen tied the beggar up.

He ends up escaping and swimming to Ithaca. We see a lot of key details that hints to us what Odysseus was like to the people of Ithaca which is why this book was extremely important to read. I think that book 14 of The Odyssey was a very good book.

There were a lot of question coming into this book about what Odysseus was like as a leader and Homer explains this in a very clear and detailed way.Homer wrote the Swineherds dialogue in a way that would allow you to visualize what Odysseus was like as a leader. We never knew how big of an impact Odysseus had on the people of Ithaca.

The book gives detail on what Odysseus meant to the Swineherd and the book allows us to look at Odysseus differently. I did not like how Odysseus kept his disguise and did not tell Eamaeus what his true identity was. The Swineherd adored Odysseus greatly and he was broken without him.Eamaeus considered Odysseus his brother and Odysseus knew that. I question his decision to not give himself away. Eamaeus was a very kind person and invited him into his house for dinner and Odysseus should have returned the favor by telling him who he really is.

What I found interesting was how Odysseus was able to come up with an extremely detailed and elaborate story right on the spot. He did not even think about it The story showed that Odysseus is great with people and can make strong connections with people.I would change the part where Odysseus keeps his disguise because it would show how much Odysseus cared for the people of Ithaca and to see this man broken and torn apart should have made him realize whats right and wrong. I’m surprised by how Odysseus did not do the right thing and save this guys life considering he saw how much he was suffering. Overall, this book was excellent because of the detail, and characteristics that are put in Odysseus which is why this is a must read book. I would recommend reading this book because it allows you to understand what kind of leader Odysseus was to the people of Ithaca.If you have read the previous books, then this would be the one that I would read the most because of how Homer describes Odysseus and what his leader side of him is like. You would not understand who Odysseus was if you never read this book.

Out of every book, I think this is one of the most important books because you really get to understand who Odysseus is. What Odysseus meant to Eamaus was remarkable. How big of an impact Odysseus had on the people of Ithaca is breathtaking. He had such a big effect that his disappearance could kill him which is why I would read this book.


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