The NY Trip Essay

It was around Christmas when I found out that the school trip was to New York, and I was super excited! The only dilemma was that it was A LOT of money, considering that were not paupers, but we also aren’t millionaires, so it was good that Christmas was right around the corner. Luckily Christmas helped defray a good chuck of the money that we had to pay. I also worked diligently at chores, and whenever I would go over to my grandparent’s house, I would ask what I could do around the house to earn money.Finally, after about four months, I got enough money to go on the trip, and I had some left over for spending money. The night before the trip was daunting me, and making my nerves were taking over me, and my words weren’t lucid anymore. That morning, I had to wake up at 4:45 AM because our flight was a seven in Ft.

Lauderdale. At the airport, I saw a bunch of my friends, and we were jeering at me because I was really hyper. When we got on the plane, all of our jaws dropped in shock. The plane was HUGE!When we got on, I thought it was going to be mediocre, and boring, but boy I was I wrong. In fact, that was the only worry that I had, so when I got on, my friends were tantalizing me because I was so worried. While I was on the plane, I noticed one of my friends sitting next to me was trying to be unflinching, and trying to be strong because she hates planes.

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I tried to explain to her that traveling by air abridge the time need to get to far-distant places. After awhile I became a little irate, but I told her to be intrepid because planes are the safest form of transpiration there is.I was surprised that they didn’t adjourn her from the plane! When I first got on the plane, I watched a movie. The movie was about two men on a plane who were business partners. But turns out, one of the guys was a brigand, and he wanted to pilfer large and cumbersome items from the plane. But his partner wouldn’t let him.

So he tried to subjugate him by wrestling him. Somehow, they managed to make their way into the captain’s cabin, the captain tried to stop it, but they knocked the captain out, and they made the plane crash.It was a creepy movie. When the movie was done, I decided to take a nap because I was super tired. In my dream, I was thinking of ghastly thoughts.

I don’t know why. I was trying to terminate them, but it wouldn’t work. When I woke up, I was really sad because I had a thought. What if my birthday wasn’t going to be like I thought it was. But then I thought, if I’m thinking bad thoughts, then something bad will happen.

When we got off the plane, I was really excited! The first day went by really fast. Just on the first day, I saw TWO eminent people!I saw Chris Hemsworth, and Donald Trump! When we got back to the hotel, I couldn’t do anything but relax because the long day started to muddle my ability to do anything. While I was relaxing, I was watching a show about a juice that was supposed to fortify your diet, but it really doesn’t work. I became very opinionative of the commercial because I was really tired. Later that night, we went to a restaurant where they sing to you. The people looked very comely, and there singing was in need of expulsion.

(But what could an 11 year old do about it? After that, we went to Rockefeller Plaza where we went to the top of it, and we could see everything from up there! The next day was by birthday! We got to go to the Today Show, but it was raining, and there were spasmodic flashes of lightning everywhere. But I didn’t care as long as I was on TV! That day, we went to the 9/11 Memorial, and it was doleful seeing all of the names. That night, I went to Broadway to see Wicked! When we got the tickets, they were illegible because they got smudged by the rain. The play was amazing!


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