The noticed job changes are becoming more

            The modern organization, theeconomy, and the demographics of society mean that the workplace today and inthe future is very different from that of 10 or 15 or more years in the past.Organizations are hiring younger people to bring a newer feel to the company.Jobs are harder to find due to being highly competitive.

People are retiringlater for both good and bad reasons. I personally witnessed this at where I used towork. At Sears they started to lay off the older employees despite being withthe company for a few years. They began to hire new younger employees who didnot stick around for too long. These days if you are not in aunion or publicsector the career you want to peruse is disappearing or already may have.People are coming out of post-secondary only to realize that long-termemployment is very difficult to find.I’ve noticed job changes are becoming morefrequent I only being 17 have had 2 jobs and my sister being 20 has also had 2as well.

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My uncle who has not reached his late 30’s yet has had 5-6 jobs notincluding the ones he works right now. That says quite a bit.  He currently has 3 jobs and works 90-100hours a week only getting 1-2 hours of sleep sometimes just to support his”young” family. My mom and had been working at sears for almost 11 years and mydad work at the same company for 30 years! It is so much harder my uncle saysto find a full time job than a part time job. It is even harder for people whoare coming from other undeveloped countries since their grade 12 does not countin Canada even the university that they have done does not count.Inrecent years, retirement has stabilized and people are retiring at a later age.

The average new retirement age is close to 70.Onereason the retirement age is being pushed back is that the nature of work haschanged for many people there are a lot more office jobs than it used to be.We’re living longer as well as healthier lives which meansome people might want to work longer. Canadians are making sure they have acomfortable retirement and are investing in their retirement savings. Manyfamilies had thought then when their kids were older they wouldhave lessexpenses and would be able to start saving more for retirement but it may notalways happen the way things are planned. Skip a couple years ahead and theymay find that they have not even started yet with additional financial roadblocks for parentswhen their kids need new electronics, some of the latest cloths, or maybeeven a car with expensive insurance and gas just to add on top of that. Alsoall those costs are on top of the tuition and other post-secondary educationexpense.

    According to the Government ofCanada job market trends, full time job vacancies increased roughly by 54,000,whereas part time jobs increased about 14,000 on a yearly basis. The overallhourly wage did not change from the $19.50 pay throughout the country. Duringthis period, the much improved labor market conditions are thought to bebecause of several labor market indicators. According to the Labor ForceSurvey, Canada’s job openings have increased at quiet a noticeable rate ofchange since 2016 and the unemployment number has continued to decline.

 Comparing Q1 of 2017 to 2016, the number ofjob openings has increased by 18.8% in Canada, along with the job opening rate,which rose 0.4%. These quarterly increases could partially reflect seasonal employmentpatterns, as especially between the first and second quarters of 2015 and 2016 jobvacancies were also on an increase. Compared with one year earlier Ontariohad 20, 000 about 12% more job openings to fill in Q2 Largecities across southern Canada had a huge rise of job vacancies.


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