The not all.john proctor plays the big

The crucible-John proctor a guy with lots of pride.

the action proctor choose  made him look bad to some people not all.john proctor plays the big role in the story called a crucible by the author by the name of Author Miller.John proctor made some really bad decision like getting with Abigail but it wasn’t his fault it was her fault because she persuade him to getting with her.He also lied in court for the sake of his good name and so it wouldn’t ruin his family’s good name..

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john proctor is a good example of somebody who struggles to find himself a place in society like everyone else.he is the type of guy that just wants fit in and be like everyone  like everyone else.after having to be tried and condemned to death,John proctor had to make a decision he  has refused to confess for the things he has done.but he doesn’t want the be sentenced to death for something that’s none of his concern  like he signs the papers given out by the court and that are going to be nailed on the church  saying he has committed a big sin.john proctor knows that he did nothing wrong in his life but he is accused for something he didn’t do and no one cares about what he says.but then later he takes back his claim and refuses to sign it because he doesn’t want anyone else to be condemned for his actions like his family.

I have no tongue for it,”What is John proctor” by coming forth on his own self.john proctor Cannot live with a lie if he has to sign the confession so that he will die by his own belief.with a man just trying to make a living with his own life,he ends up finding himself in a state that he is involved with someone else’s problems that he shouldn’t be involved with at all.he was struggling not to get involved with something that he shouldn’t be involved with like trials he shouldn’t be in and still he wants to live his own life like everyone else not being told what to do by someone else while still trying to be like other people amongst his community.he didn’t want his name to be ruined by signing a paper that was given to him so he can confession.

and if he would of signed it his life would be ruined by people not liking him for his choses he at the end of his time all he wanted to do was just make sure that his name wouldn’t be ruined by what he has done. 


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