The Noble Eightfold Path Essay

The Way of Wisdom (Prajna)Right view or Right perspective – Right view in Buddhism is about how a Buddhist tries to have true insight on life and tries to understand it, to do this he must understand the teachings of the Buddha and follow them.

A person who does not understand the conditioned existence of the world will not progress or have the right perspective. Therefore not only is the right view on life the Dhamma itself, but it is not just about understanding the Dhamma, it’s also about accepting it as the basis of your life. Right intention – Right intention in Buddhism is about how it is one thing to read and hear the Dhamma, but that to act on the Dhamma is another thing entirely. Right intention is all about what motivates a Buddha to follow the path, and that this intention should be that the person is looking for their own freedom and enlightenment. Right intention is the driving force behind following and acting on the Noble eightfold path. The Way of Morality (Sila)Right Speech – Right speech says that you should never speak badly, this includes telling lies and speaking badly about other people, it says that a Buddhist should speak to someone in a way without hurting that person. It says that Buddhists should always try and talk positively about other people, like being kind and gentle when speaking to someone. Right Action – Right action is about how Buddhists have to try and follow a specific set of guidelines for the way that they live, these are ; Not to destroy or harm life, Not to take what is not give, Not to misuse sex, Not to lie, Not to cloud the mind with drugs and alcohol.

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Right action is mostly about the fact that one should not to anything bad in life and should always to positive and good things. Right Livelihood – Right livelihood is about how a Buddhist should earn a good living and should not take up a job that would go against the Buddhist principles. It also states that Buddhists should not take up work that would benefit or harm other human beings. The Way of Mental Training (Samdhi)Right Effort – This is about trying to block out negative thoughts in the mind and only think of good/positive thoughts, this part of the eightfold path is about how a Buddhist should recognise and change the way he or she thinks about the world. If a Buddhist can do this, as they are not expected to do this all at once, then they would only see the best in other people. Right Concentration – This refers back to training the mind through various practices, such as meditation, the reason for this is because Buddhists believe that through meditation the mind is able to become calm and can develop loving kindness.

Not only that but also thought that if you meditate you can understand the truths of life better. Right Mindfulness- This part of the eightfold path is about aiming to help people become more aware of themselves and everything around them, this way Buddhists can understand better about how the world is dependent on other things. It is also about how people should understand that they cannot be in control of everything, also it is about understanding and responding to the needs of others.


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