Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary The New York Times Essay

The New York Times Essay

The New York Times is a well established newspaper in our nation today that is known for their elite writers and editors. The popular newspaper company has been publishing newspapers out of New York City since 1851 and was first called the New York Daily Times but later changed to just The New York Times in 1857. The New York Times is considered the last major newspaper to put colored images inside their papers. Their philosophy was to stay true to black and white and put “All the news that fit to print. It wasn’t until 1997 when the first colored image appeared on a New York Times paper. This research paper involved looking back over 50 plus years of news articles back in 1960, as well as 1990 and present day. The first paper we looked is The New York Times publication on March 16, 1960. The first thing that caught my eye about this newspaper is the amount of news stories it displays on just the front page. There were 14 different news stories that all started on the first page and would be continued into later pages.

The headline story for this particular day read “350 Negro Student Demonstrators Held in South Carolina Stockade. ” Going back to 1960’s history, segregation amongst blacks and whites was a huge dilemma during this time, and most news articles must have dealt with it. The paper went on to mention that demonstrators were singing “God Bless America” at the time of their arrest and will be tried in groups of fifteen to twenty. Many of the articles on the front page were more national and worldwide news articles and didn’t show as strong of an interest in politics like our papers today.

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Some of the articles displayed some politics and President Eisenhower’s intake on the situations. The New York Times in 1960 displayed lots of text and print on the first page and displayed only three pictures that were each no larger than three inches. Papers in our modern society display images much larger now because we sometimes feel pictures speak more than words. On October 22, 1990 The New York Times published an article stating that three Israelis were killed by Palestinians and that revenge for Mosque Molee has been shown.

This paper on this very day was an average print that headlined a murder that was outside of this nation. The New York Times is known to focus more on worldwide issues which is why it is so successful because everyday citizens can captivate world news from a trusted brand. It was interesting to see how much more politics played a role in this newspaper appeared to the 1960, however this time showcasing President Bush. You would think there would be a major facelift to a newspaper over the span of 30 years, but the 1990 newspaper didn’t look much different from the 1960 print.

One thing that was obvious in change was their were less stories crammed into the front page. The 1960 newspaper had 14 stories displayed on the front page and the 1990 version had only 8 stories. Still the style was still the same they had lots of text and the images did not take much of the page. The New York Times still stamped their papers with their signature catch phrase on the upper left hand corner saying “All the news that fit to Print. ”

The present day paper of The New York Times still had a very similar format and style to the previous papers. One huge characteristic that was different about this paper is that the images had color in them. Like I mentioned before, The New York Times didn’t transition to colored images until 1997. This print involved only two images on the front page as well as six different news articles which is much less than the other papers. This certain print of The New York Times involved many articles related to politics since the election is soon to be upon us.

Another change in format I noticed in this 2012 front page is that Louis Vuitton was able to get an ad on the front page. It must be extremely expensive to get a brand name on the front page of a high caliber newspaper. It was interesting to see throughout fifty plus years of newspapers, the difference between stories and slight change in formats. From President Eisenhower to President Bush, and then President Obama, all the newspapers had a similar style of news stories, just different characters involved.

The 1960’s involved many articles about segregation in the US, and the 1990’s involved lots of involvement in the Middle East, and the present day involves lots of politics with the elections coming up. The paper company has managed to maintain their original style throughout the years with a few modern adjustments along the way. The New York Times is a well respected newspaper company that has stayed authentic to its original style.