The Mystifying Twins Essay

In the Christian fiction book. The Mystifying Twins. by Jean Price Reeve. twins Lois and Lettice are sent to Rivercote Boarding School. Lois and Lettice are 14 twelvemonth old. arch indistinguishable twins who could believe and speak for each other.

When the misss arrived at Rivercote. Governess Miss Matthews told them that Lois was to have on a bluish hair thread and Lettice a pink thread ; little did she cognize how much problem this would do. The misss were invariably altering threads and gulling everyone. Because of their arch nature. whenever something happened. their caput kept woman. Miss Clark. would invariably fault them. The chief escapade in the book was the enigma of the nutrient acquiring stolen from the school kitchen. Miss Clark blamed the twins legion times. and legion times they denied stealing the nutrient. It became harder for them to deny stealing nutrient when they were caught in the kitchen with their best friend Jane. They pleaded their instance to Miss Mathews stating they were seeking to catch the shade. but even so they came hazardously close to ejection.

Summer eventually came. and Lois went to bivouac with Jane because Lettice had the rubeolas. Over the summer. Jane and Lois learned about God ; and finally became saved. They tried to learn Lettice what they learned. but she refused to hear a word about it. Through several difficult tests and much supplication. Lettice accepted Christ as good.

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Once school started once more. the three misss tried to catch the shade. They found a trap door taking to a tunnel that finally led to the broom cupboard in the kitchen. They found out how the nutrient was stolen. but they did non cognize who did it. The perpetrator ended up being Tommy. the workman’s boy. After this was proven. the misss received a dear apology from Miss Clark ; and they went on basking their yearss at Rivercote. They were no longer the same mystifying twins they one time were.

The Mystifying Twins by Jean Price Reeve is an first-class book for people of all ages. Not merely. is it a enigma book with a antic narrative line ; it besides teaches fantastic lessons about God. and what He did for us. It besides teaches us how we should populate for Him. I would urge this book to anyone who wanted to read a electrifying book. but besides wanted to larn something every bit good.


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