Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary The Music Lessons Essay Research Paper In

The Music Lessons Essay Research Paper In

The Music Lessons Essay, Research Paper

In the drama The Music Lessons by Wakako Yamauchi two of the chief

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characters are in engaged in a duologue which is common for a female parent and a girl to

hold. In act two, scene four, Chizuko and Aki seem to show defeat to each other

after Aki coming place tardily after a music lesson with Kaoru.

Chizuko knows something is really incorrect for her immature girl disbursement so

much clip with a adult adult male, causes her to be so disquieted with Aki: CHIZUKO: I mean

other people! How do you believe it looks: you all the clip in a adult male s room? ( 2,4 ) . For a

female parent, seeking to acquire through to her girl is a really frustrating undertaking. It s difficult for

Chizuko to demo Aki that all her defeat is in the best involvement for her: CHIZUKO: I

hold tonss to worry about. I got to see you have enough to eat, give you an instruction, see

you re dressed decent-so people won Ts say, Those childs don Ts have a male parent. See you re

non left with debts, like what happened to me. See you wear Ts make a muss ( of ) & # 8230 ; ( 2,4 ) .

Chizuko is seeking to protect her immature girl, she is afraid that Aki is traveling to acquire ache

if she pours all her emotions towards this adult adult male, by Aki non understanding this

Chizuko becomes angry: CHIZUKO: I know you don t attention & # 8230 ; right now. I m merely

stating you shouldn t allow your emotions run off with you ( 2,4 ) . Chizuko feels that Aki

should be passing clip with childs her age: CHIZUKO: If you want a friend to speak to,

happen person your age who can understand you ( 2,4 ) . For a female parent it is of import to

Chizuko that she watches out for her girl. No affair how difficult Chizuko attempts to

convince Aki that Karou is excessively old, it consequences Aki being frustrated back.

Aki is huffy at her female parent for non understanding her demand to be with Karou. Aki

feels that her privateness with him is of import and when her female parent does non understand

this makes Aki disquieted: AKI: Ma, you know why. Ichiro and Tomu sitting around all the

clip and doing all those clefts & # 8230 ; and you sitting at that place listening and doing those faces

& # 8230 ; like stating me what I should state and when I should state it-when I should close up and

& # 8230 ; ( 2,4 ) . Aki does non understand why her female parent is even concerned about what she is

making with Karou. Aki is merely speaking with him and her female parent could non perchance

understand her demand to be with him. Aki feels that Chizuko is seeking to command her life,

and by making this Aki is frustrated to the point of shouting at her female parent: AKI: Well, it s

true. You re ever stating me what to make and how to make it. You re ever seeking to state

electron volt

eryone what to make about here ( 2,4 ) . Aki does non understand why her female parent is so

concerned about Karou besides. Karou is a adult adult male and Aki feels that if he does non desire

her to see so long he would state her himself: AKI: Well, if he wanted me to go forth, he d

state me ( 2,4 ) . Akis defeat is all based that her female parent does non understand the life

she wants to populate, she feels trapped. Akis relationship with Chizuko is based on Aki non

desiring to be like her female parent: AKI: I m non traveling to populate like you. I m non traveling to populate

all tied up in knots like you: afraid of what people say, afraid of passing money, afraid

of express joying, afraid ( of ) & # 8230 ; ( 2,4 ) . Aki wants her female parent to see what she wants and non

what her female parent wants. Aki wants to love Kaoru and her female parent does non understand why

it is of import to her. This love towards Kaoru that Aki wants causes more clash

between the two to even more defeat of green-eyed monster from the female parent.

In the duologue in act two, scene four, a find of green-eyed monster is shown between

the two of them in this duologue:

CHIZUKO: person more your age & # 8230 ;

AKI: ( it dawns on her ) You re covetous!

CHIZUKO: Covetous?

AKI: Yes, because he & # 8230 ;

CHIZUKO: What re you speaking about?

AKI: Yes, because he pays attending ( to me ) & # 8230 ;

CHIZUKO: That s pathetic! He likes all of us. He told me! ( 2,4 ) .

The true colourss are shown after this find by Aki. The female parent Chizko becomes more

frustrated because she is non acquiring through to her girl. The green-eyed monster that Aki

discovers is more of an annoyance on Chizukos portion because the statement is true that she

is covetous of Akis relationship with Kaoru. The relationship of the female parent and girl

now becomes a competition and Aki is upset more by detecting this fact. At this point Aki

now realizes that her female parent does non desire to assist her but is seeking to forestall her from

loving Kaoru. Therefore this find of green-eyed monster is merely added onto the fire of

defeat on both Aki and Chizuko.

The writer Yamauchis characters displays a common defeat between a

female parent and girl. Chizuko loves Aki and is seeking to protect her girl from being

injury. Aki loves her female parent but is blinded by the love she is experiencing towards Kaoru. Love

became the beginning of this defeat between the two and in the terminal consequence nil is

solved. In decision, the female parent and girl end up traveling to bed huffy, and in any

statement when defeat is involved nil gets solved until the two parties take the

clip to listen to each other.