The Multifarious Nature of Mans exploration of the Arctic Essay

Display for Artic Exibition: Many-sided Nature of Mans geographic expedition of the Arctic.

Question 1. Item 1: 2 Inuit adult females

Item 2: map of the Arctic

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Item 3: theoretical account kayak

Item 4: transit

Item 5: priest-doctor, membranophone terpsichorean

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Item 1: Two Inuit adult females photographed on Roald Amundsens 1903-1906 North West

Passage success, notice the rich frock, practical design against the cold, utilizing seal tegument, pelts, multi layered to supply insularity.

Item 2: A modern map of the Arctic, northern hemisphere, demoing Canada, Alaska, Russia, Greenland etc. . . . All these states lay assorted ‘claims’ on the Arctic, peculiarly sing possible

Oil and gas militias and minerals.

The ice mass of the Arctic Ocean.

Item 3: Model Greenland kayak built by immature Inuit to derive pattern in doing

A big kayak. This theoretical account was made of larch wood, the existent kayaks were made of wood or baleen. Great accomplishment was learnt doing these theoretical accounts.

Item 4: A transit, a appraising tool with a revolving telescope to mensurate horizontal and perpendicular

Angles, this one was used by Professor Frank Debenhams, Geologist on Captain Scott’s expedition of


Item 5: A Inuit Shaman playing a membranophone, craved from baleen by Quaunaq Palluq a respected

Village senior, a priest-doctor was a holy adult male, a therapist, utilizing thaumaturgy to favor a Hunt or speak to

The liquors. Secrecy is of import in rites.

( Ref Scott Polar Research Institute

University of Cambridge )

( Word count 215 )

Question 1 IV.

Audio usher to museum show cabinet.

‘Welcome, come with us on an exciting journey into the universe of Arctic geographic expedition, we will

Meet native people, the Inuit and see and hear about their civilization and religious beliefs.

We will research the land multitudes and ocean that make up the Arctic part.

The ‘tools’ used on scientific expeditions in the Arctic part to study the ice, land and sea.

Looking at our show cabinet you will see 5 points, numbered 1 to 5, now you may inquire

And inquire how can 5 diverse points illustrate the narrative of Arctic geographic expedition?

And good we should but as we see and research these points through a child’s eyes,

We will larn the value and importantance of each point by stating its narrative, use

And significance to the people of the Arctic.

Let us look at point 1, a black and white exposure graph of 2 Inuit adult females dating from 1903/1907 in Greenland.

On Roald Amundsens expedition where he became celebrated for finishing the North West transition

By ship, he learned many accomplishments from the local people, note the profusion and item in the women’s apparels, this shows

Their adaptability to their cold conditions environment, the Inuit were resourceful and had the accomplishments

To last in the Arctic.

Traveling on to item 2, a modern map of the Arctic, please utilize the magnifier to analyze the map,

First we will look at the north-polar ice mass in the Arctic Ocean, 3 to 4 meters thick with ridges

20 meters thick, polar bears live on the ice sheet.

We besides see the states that surround the Arctic in the West, Canada, Alaska, Greenland and


In the E we see Russia, Norway and Sweden

And modern adult male has explored the Arctic as a challenge and to work its resources.

Next we look at point 3, a theoretical account of a 1930 Inuit kayak, made by a immature Eskimo from larch wood,

It is a complex theoretical account like the big kayak which is the chief conveyance for the sea to prosecute runing

And journeys, expression at the work of the sealskin lashs that latch the kayak together.

Building this the immature learned how to build the existent big kayak.

Before the epoch of modern ships adult male used the kayak to populate and research the Arctic.

Item 4, the transit which is a appraising tool with a revolving telescope for mensurating

Vertical and horizontal fields in the Arctic landscape.

This one was used by professor Frank Debenhams who was a geologist on Captain Scott’s

Last expedition of 1910 to 1913.

Have a closer expression at the chammy seals on the boss and oculus pieces, why do you believe they are


Did you think right yes to protect against frost bite.

Taking accurate measurings was critical and before orbiters and GPS, the transit was

One such of import tool.

Now we look at point 5, a Drum terpsichorean figure craved from baleen by Quaunaq Pallug

A Canadian Inuit who is a well-thought-of small town senior, he carved this in 1968 and shows

A shaman Inuit sanctum adult male who used thaumaturgy to favor a successful Hunt, to guard off immorality,

And heal unwellness, a priest-doctor could pass on with the spirit universe, the dualism of

Human and carnal liquors.

As you can see the priest-doctor is crushing a membranophone dances and rites were really of import

To the people of the Arctic part with its diverse people from Canada to Russia.

Finally we hope we have told our narrative of Arctic geographic expedition utilizing our 5 different

Items and you have enjoyed the journey.

( word count 595 )

( B )

Arctic snow cat a modern vehicle for researching the Arctic as it is robust and can undertake most

Ice edge land and seascapes.

( ref hypertext transfer protocol: // )

Question 2. A.

Rate = distance/time. 23mmyr*10^6=23million years/1m=23kilometers, 5550/23=241


1000 metres

100 centimetres

= 241million old ages

1,000,000 old ages



241 million old ages, the early Triassic.

Question 2.B. C.

Early Jurassic, 230-185 = 45 million old ages, the rate has decreased.

Question 2.D. Ichthyosaur swim.

1000km/20km perhour = 50 hours or 2 yearss, 2 hours.

Question 2.E.

Dolphin swim.

1000km/32km per hr = 32 hours or 1 twenty-four hours, 8 hours.

Question 3. A.

Albedo ( Latin for white, a measuring of coefficient of reflection of short moving ridge radiation i.e. visible radiation )

The Earth’s oceans country reflective power is 0.03 this indicates high soaking up of heat unlike ice which has a high albedo/reflection rate, if the Arctic ice cap continue to run it will cut down the overall surface country of the north-polar ice.

This would take to less albedo as the ice mass psychiatrists as there is less brooding surface country,

This would take to an addition in planetary heating as more heat is trapped in the ocean.


A cataclysmal volcanic eruption has taken topographic point.

Surface type


Nature of alteration

Consequence on entire country of surface

Consequence on Earth’s reflective power

Ocean surface

3 %

Less light gets through, it gets colder

Decrease in temperature

Coefficient of reflection is greatly reduced

Conifer woods ( summer )

9 %

Shorter turning


Tree stock diminutions quickly

Less trees, less oxygen more C02

Decrease in coefficient of reflection, heat stored

Sea ice

40 %

Cooling affect

Addition in sea ice as a temperature bead occurs


Deseret sand

40 %

Colder affects works life

Less flora



Fresh snow

85 %

Addition in overall snow autumn

Increased period of winter



The Earth’s albedo/reflectivity would greatly diminish over a 100 twelvemonth period, conveying a drastic

Drawn-out winter impacting all life on Earth.

Volcanic eruption — — — — — — — Ash & A ; cloud cut down Sun visible radiation — — — — — — Earth’s albedo decreased as coefficient of reflection is greatly reduced — — — — — — -Sea ice additions — — — — — land mass & A ; flora affected

By increased cold — — — — — — — — — — Prolonged winter happens.

This is a negative feedback cringle.

( Word count 267 )


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