Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary The Mouse Of All Men By John Essay

The Mouse Of All Men By John Essay

Steinbeck Essay, Research Paper

The book I read was Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. Of

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Mice and Men is a great book. It shows how loving person so

much could besides intend making anything for them, even murder them.

Best friends George and Lenny travel around looking for

work, merely so they can acquire money so they can hold there ain farm

and a house on a nice immense size piece of land. They eventually find a

good occupation were they can do some money but, unluckily Lenny

musss up and gets George kicked out of the town. So they go

someplace else on the other side of town and they get back in a occupation

but, Lenny messes up once more. While Lenny was speaking to the occupation

proprietor? s married woman his married woman asked him to fell her frock. Lenny liked her

frock because of the manner it felt. But when she asked him to halt he

wouldn? T so she started to shout. Lenny did non desire her to shout

so he covered her oral cavity believing she would halt shriek. What

happened was he killed her by asphyxiation. Lenny freaked so he

put her organic structure in the trashcan seeking to conceal it. When the proprietor

found the organic structure him and his friends formed a rabble and were traveling

to happen Lenny and kill him viciously. When Lenny found out he ran

off to the topographic point were George told him to travel if he of all time got in

problem. So when everybody went looking for him George already

cognize where he was. When George found him he had a gun.

George turned him around easy

and told him the narrative about the

land, the farm, and the coneies of all colourss. In a disconnected 2nd Lenny

was puting face down in the sand. George had killed him.

The two chief characters are George and Lenny. George is the

subject of the crew. Kind of like a male parent to calculate you might state.

Lenny on the other manus has a mental position that the two ne’er talk

approximately because of Lenny. He may hold the mental position and all but,

He loves to hold merriment.

Of Mice and Men takes topographic point in Salinas, California during the

Great depression. Steinbeck described it as a hot unagitated topographic point, with

Weedss and maize field all over. Almost like an old Western.

The subject of this book truly is about love. This book shows

How you can love person so much you would even take his or her life.

Not merely take their life because you don? t love them or what of all time,

But to salvage them from a rabble of work forces out to torment and kill them. A

determination like the one George had to do is one of those one time and a

life clip things that come to some people, and merely sometimes.

Leone and George are two work forces who don? T want much in life

But, a farm and each other so they can populate off the fatta the land.

This farm will dwell of coneies and lone coneies of all colourss.

Although this dream for them ne’er comes true they, were on there

Way to it. I recommend this book to anyone who likes non-fiction book that

talk about life and friends.