The Most Important Invention of All Times Essay

The most important invention of all times Which is the most important invention of all times? If I tell you there is something you can use to do and find everything, from music, entertainment, communication no matter the distance and of course a powerful tool to make our jobs and life much easier.

Would you believe me?. It is simple; this powerful tool is called the internet. That is why internet is the most important invention of all times.Many people say the internet has contributed to create people more interested to developing relationships with the computers instead of real people. This could be the vision of certain groups, but it is also a fact. A recent study of the New York University gave the following results.

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Shy people prefer to meet people on Facebook instead on person; but it is also a fact which tools like Facebook has helping shy people to meet people, and in many cases helping to find boyfriends and girlfriends.The internet has helped to communicate people all over the word, helping to create strong ties between them. It is not only a tool for work, is also a great opportunity to make friendship with people of any kind, no matter the language or distance.

In another aspect, the internet is also a great companion, especially for the teachers. Teachers from over the world have said, that internet have made his labour much easier, helping with the classes and the developing of the subjects.The internet has made the life much easier. Certainly, this is the most important invention of recent years. The internet like other inventions as cellphones can be bad if we do not use properly. In the right hands we can enjoy, communicate, increase our possibilities to create, and many others. That is why I think that internet is the most important invention of all time. With this tool, the possibilities are endless.


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