The Most Important Factor For A New Education Essay

Perhaps we no longer strange to Wendy Kopp, author of the book: “A Chance to Make History”. Her book is one treasure trove of ideas has been and will be done to change the decline of American education. In these ideas, my personal favorite is the idea of transformational teacher. Why did I choose it? I find this to be the most practical idea compared with the remaining ideas through each chapter. It is not far-fetched as changing school district, or whole school system, but it is an idea has been done quite well.We do not need to wait for a storm to change the school district, there is no need to use some big funds to change the principal system. All that we need is the dedicated teachers have been equipped new teaching skills, it is also similar to the companies training their employees when there are new updates in the system.

Transformational teacher is the most important thing that we need now to change education with limited funds. With new teaching skills to bring excitement for students, help students navigate the future and take the shortest path to success.Think about it, even if you change everything, then who will be the most accessible to students, who impart their knowledge? The answer is still the teacher, but not the average teacher, we need the best teachers. It doesn’t mean that we pick out the good teachers, all teachers need to be updated with new skills to become the best teachers. Learn, learn more, learn forever, even the scientists did not stop then why teachers stop. In this essay I want to talk about the skills and the influence of transformational teacher for the future of our country.The successful communication through better results, I will show you the success of our transformational teachers.

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Megan Brousseau change a class with 60% student was below grade level in English to be a class that all students pass Regent Exam with an average score of 81% by nine months. (P. 14).

What is the secret of Megan? With the slogan “Your choices + your actions = your future,” law “be prompt, polite, and prepared,” she took her students to the destination is “make history. ” Do you can think those slogans and rules can make her students have incredible results?Please, folks, to achieve the result like that, Megan had to spend a lot of enthusiasm. She used the new method to convey ideas to students through an excerpt from a classic movie. She spent time helping each group, each individual starts from early morning until lunch time, including weekends she also spent time tutoring her students. She helps students realize why they fail in the exam, and help them make a list of things to do to get better results. (P. 20-24).

Maurice’s Thomas, our TFA teacher who was beginning to teach eleventh grade history at the same time with Megan.Circumstances are unfavorable for him and his class, his students do not have the knowledge that they should have learned from grades 9 through 10. Around the school is full of crime, poverty, and teen pregnancy. Half the girls in his class have baby or kid. How do all the students in his class graduation and go on the road to college? He persuaded the students to pursue future in a speech “I have a dream”.

He has planned to change it all, he doesn’t want his students to remain in the vicious circle. He teach them critical thinking by means of discussion.He removes grade their 6 reading skills and show them the research, analyze and synthesize skills.

He leads his students to visit the university every month, to make them aware of the attractiveness of the college. He helps them register the college and guidelines can receive financial aid. Finally, he uses visual tracking to make his student invest in their own progress.

(P. 25-26). What he did is just amazing. His class and almost all grade eleven almost molting. From the poor students with low levels in all aspects, they have become students can afford to get into college.

It was a miracle for only 12 months, it seems that he gives his students 12 years of knowledge and a big dream to drive. Base on Megan and Maurice, I can see the important factors to become a transformational teacher is planning, hard work, skills to handle the situation, and a spirit for students. You need to develop a plan to their goal as soon as you know the level of students and other factor that affect your students.

You need to work hard to help students regain the lost knowledge from previous years, imagine that you are taught general knowledge combined in grade 9 10 and 11 in one class.You need the skills to conduct all such situations such as problem of student family, or a teen pregnant… You need an especially important factor that is hard work, make yourself work hard, make your student work hard, it is the only action can make a miracle come true. Finally, you need a spirit for students, do not ever give up on your students, there is always has a way to solve the problem. Addition of TFA teachers, I also see a lot of teachers with similar teaching methods have achieved success beyond expectations. I found Ms.Maddox from “Coconstructing Meaning” by Jessica L.

Hoffman. If Mendoza of TFA leads the student elementary school in the classroom trip, Ms. Maddox uses the imagination of the students to enrich lessons.

Maddox’s strategic use of reconstructive talk to intentionally scaffold student’s construction of meaning in the text that was more definite. Mendoza brought the world into the classroom, Maddox brings the imagination of students worldwide. I think both methods are good and can be common for elementary schools. When people achieve their dreams, they will stop?No, they will be directed to another dream. By chapter 2 I noticed that, the goal is no longer a testing the Transformational teacher, it has become Transformational whole school. They succeeded with the school led by Reid Whitaker, a TFA teacher. They have turned the “academically unacceptable” to “exemplary” for 2 years, and 100% of sixth Graders demonstrated proficiency on the state reading and math exams. Listen Where have also a few schools that are similar switch.

(P. 51) Of course changing the whole school indispensable Transformational teachers.With transformational teacher, just a matter of time, and whole school issues will be time and money. We can afford to change some cases, but not enough money to spread nationwide. Similar to changing the whole school, then changing the whole district school even more difficult. I know they had a success, perhaps there will be two three.

But think of how many opportunities to perform as the first success. Wait a second storm wipe out everything? Or wait for the economy to recover, and we can make every dream of education reform.I just feel the first idea is the best idea now can be done directly and apply in the future. We can add the training TFA education system for students who want to become teachers, so when they graduate they are already a TFA teacher I find the information from “The end of school as we know it” by Campbell, MacGregor that the education system is gradually removing the district school instead of online learning.

Currently there are 250,000 children in the United States attend schools entirely online, and it seems they want up to half of the 55 million students in the United States.The government is withdrawing money for education, you can see through budget cuts and there are quite a lot of teachers were laid off. Try to think if you want more money to change schools or the entire district has been accepted or no. Overall I found “A chance to make history” is a very good book, shows us there are people who are trying to develop education.

Those people who spend dedication and time to change the future of the country. For me they are very admirable. I chose the idea transformational teacher not mean I blame the remaining ideas. That’s because for me, the TFA teachers are more than enough for me to go to my dream.


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