The Most Beautiful Woman Essay

The most beautiful woman anyone in the town of Buzios, Brazil had ever seen. Tan, dark, flawless skin like it was painted by an artist. Long, flowing, black hair similar to the beautiful Pocahontas. She had the most perfect figure, as if it was sculpted by the most talented of men.

She only had one flaw that she refused to tell anyone about. She suffered with multiple personalities disorder. She had her loyal, peaceful, friendly personality, which she spent most of her time during the day as, and in the late evening, she locked herself away in her white marble home on top of the highest hill overlooking Buzios.Her most desirable home could be seen through any window in every house in the town. Her name was Aquamarine and the people of her town saw her as the most beautiful, loyal, honest, and happiest woman they had ever met in their lives. She spent most of her time by the peaceful, light blue seas of Brazil where she always felt her happiest.

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She loved the calming sound of the crashing waves on the white sandy beaches. The soft, blue-green color of the clear, warm water made her feel like there was no one else in the world besides her.It was her favorite color and she wore a piece of clothing or a special accessory every single day to keep the peaceful feeling with her at all times. Her favorite piece to wear was a blue-green chiffon scarf that she wore in a different way every time she wore it.

Aquamarine, when not at her favorite sandy beaches, was spotted in the town, usually at the local market. Everyone that was there always noticed her immediately because she wore all white everyday with her small touch of blue-green. Aqua was the most infamous woman in town because of her beauty.All the other women in Buzios were envious of her and would give up anything in the world to be her. All of the men were mesmerized by her beauty and would give up anything in the world to be with her and to have Aqua want them. Like any other day, Aquamarine was on her way to her favorite crystal clear beach, when she decided to pass through the local market as a shortcut to her destination. When she was almost to the end of the market, she spotted an outsider. It was a man that she had never seen before that moment.

With her curiosity at a new high for her, she stopped at a small table selling handmade stone necklaces in hopes that he would approach her and introduce himself. Within just a few moments, the mysterious man made his way to the same table, just as she knew he would. He looks to her and says that he is not from the local area, but he has heard rumors that the beaches in Buzios are some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Aquamarine verifies that the rumors are, indeed, exactly as he has heard. He claims he was on his way to the beaches when he stopped at the market.The traveler asks Aqua to accompany him on his walk to the beach. She agrees only because she was already on her way there. On their quiet stroll through the shady trails to the beach, the man finally reveals his name to be Percy and he is from a town many miles from Buzios.

He also admits that he only came to her town in search of an infamous woman that was supposedly the most beautiful woman in all of Brazil. Percy comes up with an exceedingly clever way to say that he thinks Aqua is the woman he has heard about. She agrees with him saying that she is the most envied woman in Buzios.They spend just shy of two hours together on the beach talking about themselves. Aqua explains mostly that she spends the majority of her time right where they stood in front of the quiet ocean and that she refuses to be seen at night for personal reasons. Percy doesn’t talk about himself much, which Aqua finds somewhat strange but decides to let it go.

It starts to get dark and Aqua tells Percy that she must go back to her home on top of the hill before it gets too late. He walks her back and says that they will meet again the next day at the same spot.Aqua agrees and resides to the safety of her home for the remainder of the night. The following day, they meet back in the same spot, just earlier in the morning. Percy and Aquamarine spend the full day together at the beach and discussed their lives with each other. They get so into their conversations that Aqua doesn’t realize it has gotten dark: her biggest fear. Only she knows that her other personality comes out in the late evening.

She tells Percy that she must run home immediately and he insists on going with her. Without thinking twice about it, she allows him to come.Just before she makes it back to her home, she feels herself changing. She stops suddenly in her tracks and Percy becomes concerned, wondering what could possibly be happening.

Through the darkness, Percy witnesses Aqua’s face and body start to change. She starts becoming less and less beautiful as the moments pass. She looks to him for the first time since the change and he realizes why she won’t be seen at night. She was cursed at birth that she would be the most beautiful woman during the day, but at night, would become the most undesirable person in the town.Aqua screams at Percy, cursing at him and telling him that he is a terrible person. She claims she only spent her time with him because she pitied him and wanted to make him love her just so she could break his heart like all of the other pathetic men that chased after her.

Shocked by her sudden personality, Percy stops dead in his tracks and just stares at her in disbelief. Aquamarine continues to yell at him, saying the most hurtful and rude things he had ever heard in his life. He is frozen where he stands and Aqua continues her race to her home and makes it inside without another person seeing her in that poor condition.

While standing in his thoughts, Percy becomes furious with what he has just heard. He never wants to spend another moment with her in his life. He realizes he must get revenge for all the pain she has caused him.

He quickly runs to the small hut he has been staying in for his journey to grab the special item he planned his trip around, the head of Medusa. He wraps it up in a blanket to protect the other people in Buzios, and runs back up the hill to Aquamarine’s white marble home. He leaves the blanket wrapped head outside the back door and quietly breaks into her home.Percy sneaks around the house in search of her bedroom.

Once he finds it, he attacks Aqua in her sleep and rapes her. Then he grabs her by her infamous blue-green scarf and drags her outside to where he has hidden the head of Medusa. He throws her up against the wall and unwraps his weapon. Aquamarine takes one look and it immediately turned to stone.

He then leaves her alone without a care for her. He wraps up Medusa’s head once more and runs back to the mysterious town he came from.The following several days, the people of Buzios wonder where the pure beauty could possibly be. No one ever thought to look up at her own home, so Aquamarine stayed as a statue outside her house for several decades. Eventually, all of the weather got to her, and she was broken up into thousands of pieces. After thousands of years, her pieces were blown all over the country of Brazil and people walked all over them not knowing their real story and what they truly were. Finally someone picked one up and decided to cut it open to see what was actually inside.After all the hard work they went through to break it open, they discovered a beautiful blue-green color on the inside, Aquamarine’s favorite color.

This stone was decided to be a birthstone for anyone who was born in the month of March, which s when Aqua was raped and turned to stone. The stone was named after Aquamarine after people all around the world heard her story. March’s birthstone represents beauty, loyalty, honesty, and happiness. The aquamarine stone can be found in in clusters of prismatic shapes, a sign that it is really a single crystal with may faces.


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