The May 2013, purpose of this

The purpose of my research paper is to show you why basketball is the best sport. I believe this should matter to everyone because of all the influence the sport has. Basketball has played an enormous role in who I am today and I myself am proof on how it can change the way you look at things and how it can change you just by watching and keeping up with what’s happening in the sport.

I have backed my statement up with 11 articles and websites that show why basketball is the best sport.veetowers89. “20 Reasons Why Basketball Is the Best Sport of All Time.” Vee Fires, 7 May 2013, purpose of this argument is to give the reader reasons why basketball is the best sport.

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I know this because it says this in the title itself and because it is the main point in the blog. The author is writing this to try to persuade people who believe that other sports are better than basketball. They use pathos to appeal to your emotions by using words that show exciting action like dunking, and alley-oops. This blog is biased because the author loves basketball but he provides facts for his bold statements.The blog is the author that loves the sport of basketball.

They provide 20 different reasons why they know basketball is ” exciting and entertaining.” The blog says, “It gave us Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Lebron James”. I believe this was included because these guys have impacted so many people’s life without even meeting some of them. This blog showed me that the author has a love for a sport that they don’t even play.This blog was short but it provided relatable and solid facts to support it. I believe the article is effective because it’s not all serious and it’s good at making you laugh while you read it.which I think makes it a strong persuasion piece. The only weakness of the article is that some of the facts are very biased and have little to none evidence to back it up other than him saying it’s the best.

He also said, ” Every single play is exciting…” I disagree with this because from experience I can say this is not true. Sometimes playing can be very boring and long if the opposing team is awful or if you’re a team is getting blown out the gym.zacher, sam. “Points in the Paint: Why Basketball Is the Best Sport.” The Chicago Maroon,www.chicagomaroon.

com/2014/05/01/points-in-the-paint-why-basketball-is-the-best-sport/.The purpose of this article is to show you how basketball is special in so many ways and to prove anyone who thinks basketball is not the best sports wrong. The intended audience is for those who know and like the game but also don’t believe that basketball is the best. I think this is the case because they used things like, “Dirk Nowitzki’s game relies on one thing: the fadeaway jumper, which requires playing in open space. “, which only people who know the game would know and understand.The articles is an Op-Ed piece because it is an opinion piece that was published by the Chicago Maroon.  The author wasn’t biased to me because most of the things he said were facts and the only time he was biased were in his evaluation and a little in his summary.

The author used mostly logos and pathos in his article. I think he used logos when he was trying to prove a point in the article like when he says,” James Harden is a guard who takes lots of shots and relies on drawing contact when getting into the lane, exhibited by his 27-point performance on 22 free throws in December. In contrast to him is Steph Curry, another high-volume shooter whose bread and butter is ball handling and pull-up threes, which require creating space. Again, here are two players who play virtually the same position with completely different uses of strength and skill.” He uses pathos more in his final statements to show why you should love basketball the most and how it can reflect you specifically in areas of the game. One thing he wrote was,” Basketball allows for more creativity than baseball or football because of the range of playing styles—there are so many areas of the game to personalize, like shooting form, ball-handling moves, defensive style, court vision, and more. In baseball, the only real space to get creative is in swinging a bat, and in football, it’s even more difficult to personalize different skills. In soccer, you can’t customize much at all, and hockey only really allows for skating and shooting in different ways.

” Here the author appealed to your emotional side by saying the game could be personalized to you and you could have your own special skills.The articles main point is that basketball is the best sport because it can be personalized to you in a variety of ways. The author also concludes that basketball is a sport for the fans because you can be right in front of the action. He says, “Lastly, the nature of the basketball court’s boundaries makes it the only major sport other than hockey that allows fans to sit directly adjacent to all boundaries, creating the closest, most intimate sort of atmosphere for fans to lose themselves in the action.”I believe this was a very strong and convincing piece with little to no weaknesses. It appealed to your emotions and your logical side which I think is the biggest part of an argument when you’re trying to convince someone of something. I also think it provided many good points on why it’s right about basketball. The most convincing one, in my opinion, is when he says, “Since basketball doesn’t require too much of a financial burden, it’s played on all levels of social class, which can help unite people from different communities.

“, because I believe that something that can bring all social classes together is something that can change the world on a much larger scale if all the perfect moves are made.T, The Infallible. “Don’t Put That On The Internet.” The 8 Reasons Why Basketball Is the Best Sport, 1 Jan. 1970, blog about why basketball is the best sport.

It starts by saying it is the easiest to play with friends because you only need one other player to play a game. The purpose of this blog is to inform people that basketball is the best sport as a whole. I believe the intended audience is people who doubt that basketball is the best sport. This type of writing is a blog entry because it consists of short entries and bullet points.The author is biased because they are basing some of their facts on personal experience and opinions instead of backing them up with facts. I would say the author uses many pathos fallacies because they try to sway your mind by saying things that most people also believe. An example is when the author says, “The Super Bowl is sweet but when the commercials are usually better than the games something is wrong.” This statement is not necessarily true but when most people think of the Super Bowl, they think of the halftime show or the commercials and whether it was good or not.

To summarize the text, the author’s main points were that basketball is easy to organize, the games can be very engaging because you can be as close as floor seats, and that basketball player is the best physical specimens on the planet. The author says, “Whether its high school, college, or pro if you are sitting within the first 15 or 20 rows you can read the player’s body language and often hear what they are talking about.” The author also talked about basketball postseason being the best because all the others are irrelevant. One of the points they make is, “Soccer might put up a fight except that there are so many tournaments I have no idea which is most important (world cup, UEFA, Euro cup, premiership), “and also,” Hockey might come close but when the Frozen Four is on ESPN2 the debate is over.”This blog has many holes that people could exploit because they are backed by mostly opinions but I also believe that some of the things said can be proven and backed up with facts. The author uses the strong voice that makes you feel like they are telling you your opinion is wrong and that you should change it, I believe this helps the author greatly because you can’t win any arguments if you asking someone to change their mind.Pina, Michael.

“How Stephen Curry Is Inspiring Young Players All Across the NBA.” Bleacher Report, Bleacher Report, 12 Apr. 2017, article is to show h=that basketball is the best sport because it has players like Steph Curry who has inspired and influenced so many people around the world and people currently in the NBA. The articles main point is that Curry has changed the way the game of basketball is played and that he’s being used as motivation by many people around the world.This is a scholarly article because it was written by a professional sports writer. The author is a writer for Bleacher Report which is a respected source for all professional sports. There isn’t much biased in this article except when the author stated that Curry is the best player in the world. That debate is based on opinion and there are many players that can be in that.The fallacies most used are pathos and logos because while the author tries to appeal to your emotions by using players like Kobe Bryant, who is his own breed and inspired people in a totally different way, to make you think that if Kobe is inspired by Curry than you should too, the author also used logic and facts in the article.

The article uses many other players to show how Curry is changing the game and how his work ethic is showing that is you put the time and effort in then you will be rewarded. One of the examples is when the article interviewed Anthony Brown. He said,” “I think the biggest thing is just working hard, but knowing that the results aren’t going to come right away,” he said. “Curry has probably been working on his ball-handling and shot for years and years and years, and his first few years in the league, it didn’t show.

But over time, there was a point where it kind of clicked, and that’s the biggest thing.” This shows how Curry is motivation and hope that their work will pay off if they keep at it.This article was very strong because it had many facts and appealed to people’s emotions by using idles like Kobe Bryant and Victor Oladipo. I don’t believe there were any weaknesses in this article because everything said was backed by many facts and even if the statement had some biased it wasn’t enough to exploit.Tackmann, Corey. “Why College Basketball Is the Best Sport…

Ever.” Bleacher Report, Bleacher Report, 11 Apr. 2017, article is short in length but it has valid points about basketball, specifically college basketball, that need to be said. To summarize this article is to say that college basketball is the best because it is the most energetic and coaches are the most needed to win. He uses the Minnesota Gophers to back this up. He says,”No, the Gophers aren’t winning any more games, but damn it, they look like they know what they’re doing.

Just Tubby’s presence makes the team better. All of a sudden good high school players want to play in Minnesota and other teams can’t just overlook the Golden Gophers…All because of the coach.” The main points of the article are that basketball has the best coaching, atmosphere, and hype plays out of all the sports. The articles are biased because the author uses his own opinion and experience to back up his statements. The intended audience is people who want to have an interest in college basketball and for those who think basketball isn’t the best sport.

The article is an Op-Ed piece because it’s an opinion piece published by a trusted source for sports. The author appeals to your emotions so he uses pathos.This piece is overall a decent piece but I used it to add more facts to my argument. I don’t believe this piece could by no means be used to solely back up an argument especially because it has more opinion statements than facts.the6thJayhawk. “Why Basketball Is More Appealing Than Football.

” Rock Chalk Talk, 18 Aug. 2014,www.rockchalktalk.

com/2014/8/18/6030521/why-basketball-is-more-appealing-than-football.”8 Reasons Why People Love To Play Basketball.”, 26 Oct. 2015,www. i combined these two sources)One of the biggest rivals to Basketball is Football. Many people believe that watching and playing football is and will always be better than basketball. Football has even been given the name ” America’s Sport” which is not true if you look at recent trends going on. First people are starting to dislike football because Colin Kaepernick started a protest like no other by kneeling during the National Anthem.

This caused a panic in the U.S and people started freaking out because they assumed he was disrespecting the country and the army, which wasn’t true at all. Rating went down and fewer people started going to the games. This caused people to look elsewhere for entertainment and they finally realized America’s actual sport, Basketball. This article’s purpose is to shed light on the debate between football and basketball and why people love basketball as a whole.

They provided five solid points on their blog to back them up.  They wrote in the form of a blog and they did five different bullet points. The author used mostly pathos to convince you to see things the author’s way. The author wasn’t very biased even though it was a blog. This was surprising to me at first because usually, blogs are someone ranting or very biased. This article’s main and best points were that basketball was not expensive, it was accessible, basketball is more gender-neutral, and it was easy to learn.

The author says, “basketball can be played anywhere.” This statement is true for the most part. If you live in a decent populated place then there surely a park, rec, or gym around you that is for open to the public. The same cannot be said about football. Most fields for football are schools and locked off from the community.

Football is also expensive. You have to buy cleats, girdles, and pads. In addition to that, it’s recommended that you buy more padding because how physical the sport is and how easily someone can get hurt therefore those who want to further protect themselves have to spend even more money. Basketball is a physical sport but most things are provided and the extra things you can buy don’t cost much at all. The author of why basketball is better than football touched on the subject of gender in the sports also. They said, ”  basketball is played by both men and women — at an elementary school level, in HS, in college, in semi- and professional leagues. Yes, the men’s games tend to be more athletic, faster paced, etc. But it’s always encouraging to see women competing not necessarily alongside them, but on an even scale as them.

And they don’t need to break all sorts of sex/gender norms to play it.” this is also another reason why basketball is better. It’s for everyone to play and it doesn’t leave one gender out.My evaluation of these blogs was that they were strong and used many relatable facts to back themselves up. I believe both could be used as a good base of an argument and used as good sources.

I do think that voice was a weakness. I feel as if it was more of an informative voice instead of an energetic voice that makes you want to change your mind to agree with them.Doherty, Tim.

“Michael Jordan: The Greatest of All Time.” Bleacher Report, Bleacher Report, 12 Apr. 2017, article is in my paper to add more light on the subject that basketball players are great in many ways and how they can change many people’s life. The article starts off with one of the most controversial topics in basketball; Who is the best to ever play? This is a worldwide debate and there is no clear answer.

The author even says this when they said,”It’s hard to compare players from different eras.” This article, however, covers points that people should consider. The author also talks about how dominant of a scorer Jordan was saying, “By any calculation, Jordan is the greatest scorer the league has ever seen. He won a record 10 scoring titles, and boasted a career average of 30.1 points per game, the most in NBA history.” In Jordan’s era, this was unbelievable and Jordan showed why he is the best almost every night this year.The purpose of this article is to show that Michael Jordan is the best basketball player ever.

The author uses mostly logos in their reasoning to back them up. The article has a little biased but most of the statement are facts or backed with facts. This is a scholarly article because it’s written by someone who professionally writes about sports and it has a lot of good reasoning behind their main statement which is ” Michael Jordan was the best to ever play Basketball.”This article is strong and it could be used in many arguments but I believe it had one weakness. Every time they brought up a point about something good Jordan did they unintentionally brought up ways people could argue against them.

The author said, “Jordan was also among the greatest winners in NBA history.” Then, however, they would say, “Russell may have won more championships.” I believe this was just something little that could backfire on them.


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