The mantle of mistakes Essay

A error is made, the effects pour frontward. For each error, there is the attendant necessity to expiate, but, if one corrects their error before it is excessively late, they may be able to hedge that expiation. In William Shakespeare ‘s Romeo and Juliet, one is able to witness how terrible errors that are neglected, and left unfulfilled, lead to the tragic devastation of the two supporters. Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet, the two supporters, are from two different households, who have past competitions and do non tie in with one another. Romeo and Juliet hastily marry each other, but because of their ill-fate, they finally meet their death.

Their decease is caused non so much by their ain defects as by legion obstructions in their way, which are created by other characters. The characters that induce the most dramatic and critical affect upon the immature twosome ‘s decease, are Tybalt, the Nurse, and Friar Laurence.The hot-blooded and ferocious cousin of Juliet, Tybalt, bears a score against Romeo, which necessarily leads to a series of bad lucks. When he confronts Romeo at the Capulet ‘s party, he is dishonoured in forepart of a whole orgy because of Romeo. Later on, he pursues Romeo to take retaliation, “Boy, this shall non pardon the hurts, that 1000 hast done to me” ( Act III, Sc I, ll 65-66 ) , and mistakenly slays Mercutio, Romeo ‘s friend. Romeo so slays Tybalt to revenge his friend ‘s decease, and, runs off. Meanwhile, the Prince, who is the leader of the metropolis, announces that Romeo is banished from Verona, “Immediately we do exile him hence” ( Act III, Sc I, ll 187 ) .

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This causes Juliet to cry for her hubby. Her parents assume that she is sad because of Tybalt ‘s decease, and make up one’s mind that she should acquire married to the County Paris instantly, which is a great misinterpretation. Above all, her male parent threatens to disinherit her if she does non get married Paris. This forces Juliet to take drastic steps, and imbibe the potion that Friar Laurence provides her with, which is followed by the decease of Romeo and Juliet. If Tybalt did non prosecute Romeo and originate the struggles, neither Mercutio nor Tybalt would hold met their terminal, and Romeo would non hold been banished. If Romeo did non acquire exiled, Juliet would non hold gone to such drastic steps to hedge her matrimony with Paris. If Juliet did non take Friar Lawrence ‘s potion, Romeo would non hold killed Paris, or imbibe the toxicant, and Juliet would non hold committed self-destruction.

In other words, if Tybalt did non do the error of ignoring the Prince and Lord Capulet ‘s rigorous orders, the deceases of the guiltless characters would non hold occurred.Besides the infantile behavior of Tybalt, an grownup that should take duty for the calamity is the Nurse. The Nurse is the individual who has been taking attention of Juliet since the twenty-four hours she was born. Unfortunately, even she makes errors. She helps the two marry each other. She even goes every bit far as to state Romeo, that, “For the dame is immature and hence, if you should cover dual with her, truly it were an sick thing to be offered to any dame, and really weak dealing” ( Act II, Sc four, ll 163-166 ) , intending that she makes certain that Romeo knows, that he better mean that he wants to get married Juliet. The Nurse helps Juliet to acquire to her nuptials, which is really foolish of her, since she does non even think the slightest spot about what would go on if the two were to get married. After Romeo is banished, the Nurse does non back up him any longer.

Furthermore, she does non understand that Juliet ‘s love for Romeo is echt, and non some infantile infatuation. She betrays Juliet, even though she is a wise and experient adult female. She encourages her to bury about Romeo and get married the County Paris alternatively, “I think it best you married with the County” ( Act III, Sc V, ll 225 ) , which discourages Juliet greatly, since the Nurse was the lone individual Juliet could seriously confide in.

This treachery by the Nurse leaves Juliet entirely to do her ain determinations. The Nurse is supposed to be one of Juliet ‘s best friends. Now when it is of import for Juliet to hold person support her, she is disheartened. She besides knows of the secret matrimony between Romeo and Juliet, yet she does non advise others of it. As a consequence, the Nurse thinks she is assisting Juliet by taking her on that way, but, in truth, she is merely assisting her towards her decease. That is an mistake that could hold been easy resolved, but, she does non even cognize she made that mistake in the first topographic point.

Otherwise, if the Nurse continued back uping Juliet, she would hold confided in her, and the Nurse could hold stopped the whole calamity from go oning.Similarly, the fleeceable and slightly close Friar Laurence plays a large portion in the decease of the immature twosome. He is a Franciscan Friar and is well-known throughout Verona. The Friar does all his actions, without even somewhat believing about the consequences.

He is present throughout Romeo and Juliet ‘s lives ; he unites them, comes up with a program to maintain them together, and is an ally throughout their calamities. Nevertheless, Friar Laurence ‘s foolish actions in get marrieding Romeo and Juliet, making thoughtless programs, and his fright of perpetrating wickedness, all contribute to the deceases of them. For case, after the decease of Mercutio and Tybalt, and Romeo ‘s ostracism, Friar Laurence is still non cognizant of the effects of Romeo and Juliet ‘s matrimony. Alternatively, he continues his attempt in reuniting Romeo and Juliet. The program he concocts for reuniting them is really hazardous, and severely thought out. Juliet is willing to perpetrate self-destruction if the Friar does non assist her, so, to pacify her, the Friar gives her a potion to imbibe, and that potion, would maintain her in a death-like province for 42 hours.

Meanwhile, he sends a missive to inform Romeo of the program, but it ne’er reaches him. Friar John, the individual who is supposed to present the missive, says this to Friar Laurence, “I could non direct it-here it is again-” ( Act V, Sc two, ll 14 ) . This tells the reader that Friar Laurence does non state the courier the importance of the missive beforehand. Besides, Friar Laurence does non stay by his understanding with Romeo, “Sojourn in Mantua ; I ‘ll happen out your adult male, and he shall mean from clip to time” ( Act III, Sc three, ll 168-169 ) , which means he would advise Romeo of occurrences via his manservant, Balthasar. Furthermore, the Friar contributes to the decease of Juliet by his fearful behavior in the grave. He does non soothe her at seeing her love dead and he besides does non give her hope for future life other than life among holy nuns, “I ‘ll dispose of thee, among a sistership of holy nuns” ( Act V, Sc three, ll 156-157 ) . After that, he abandons her, as he does non desire to be seen or caught in the thick of all the play.

This is really irresponsible, cowardly, and selfish, particularly since Juliet threatens to kill herself in the presence of Friar Laurence earlier in the drama. In short, because of Friar Laurence ‘s short-sightedness and errors that he overlooks, he dooms those he tries to assist. He puts the nucleus of the calamity into gesture, all get downing with heedlessness, haste and legion bad determinations.

He tries to delight everyone, but ends up delighting no 1. Therefore, if the two did non cognize Friar Laurence at all, this would non hold ended as a calamity.In brief, from the really beginning, the immature twosome is destined to decease. Almost every determination that the three characters make, leads up to the deceases of Romeo and Juliet. The deceases are the mistake of the people who do non recognize their errors earlier, and now grieve. These characters are Tybalt, the Nurse and Friar Laurence.

They assist destiny in wining to non let Romeo and Juliet to be together. All of them make considerable errors by non believing before moving. If the Nurse had continued back uping Juliet, Friar Laurence had thought carefully and Tybalt did non keep a score, these deceases would non hold occurred. The result would hold been wholly different.

The mistakes and senseless determinations that they made, became the sorrow of their whole lives.


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