The Major Aluminium Smelters Commerce Essay

Aluminum Bahrain has been clip after clip rubric as one of the major aluminum smelters in the Earth and is recognized for its proficient power and far above the land high quality aluminum. Alba implements steadfast ecological steering rule, uphold high path testimony for security, and is extensively regarded as one of the height ten performing artists on a cosmopolitan degree.

It ropes abundant group of people tilting programmes and social actions that encompass highlight its place as one of Bahrain ‘s taking fabrication organisations that traces dedicated towards maintaining its commercial social errands. Alba ‘s induction marks the beginning of Baharin ‘s attack to spread out its fiscal base and diminish its trust on oil. The aspire was to put up a production that would offer expensive export net incomes, enlarge the state ‘s ownerships and generate counsel and service gap for a immense figure of Bahrainis. Alba was accordingly integrated by Charter in 1968 and magisterially get down operations in 1971 as a 120,000 dozenss per annum smelter.

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Alba at present industry extra than 880,000 metric dozenss per annum of the maximal class aluminium, with goods numbering criterion and Tingots, bulge notes, rippling block, propertzi slab, and liquefied aluminium. Approximately 50 per cent of production is supplied to Bahrain ‘s downstream aluminiums commercialism, with the remainder sell abroad to local and planetary patronage in the Middle East, Europe, Far East, South East Asia, and North America.Alba works encompass five decrease lines, three dramatis personae houses, a devoted C works, a 550,000 mtpa coke calcining works, a H2O desalinization works, 11 fume managing workss, a marine workstation, and a 2.225 MW power works, dwelling of 4 power Stationss. The works in add-on features a 10 hectare ‘green ‘ oasis, with more than 7,600 trees and bushs, a fruit and vegetable garden and a fake lake.Alba ‘s early accomplishment recognized a program for other non-oil fabrication to travel after, including a booming downstream aluminiums industry. In the present twenty-four hours, Alba is a main giver to the societal, fabrication and financially feasible development of the Kingdom of Bahrain ; do usage of over 3,000 people, of whom around 90 per cent are Bahrainis.

The complete works map to the Environmental Management System standard ISO 9001:2000 and the Cast houses and Selling are besides in service to the ISO 9002 Quality Management System. In recent times, Alba Cast house was better to the 2008 version of ISO 9001, facilitate Alba to be the first metals industrialized company in Bahrain to obtain this most of import progressThe company has win a figure of honor including the foundational Shaikh Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa Award for Industrial glare, the International Millennium Business Award for Environment Achievement from the United Nations, protection awards from the British Safety Council and The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, and a GCC – broad award for single resources enlargement and nationalisation of the labour force.The stockholders of Alba are Bahrain Mumtalakat Holding Company ( 69.38 % ) . SABIC Investment Company ( 20.

62 % ) and the common Public ( 10 % ) .



Over the past 40 old ages, Alba has maintained consistent accent on broadening its engagement in corporate societal duty enterprises and beef uping its certificates as a strongly committed corporate citizen. Building upon its repute as an ground tackle of Bahrain ‘s economic system, Alba has succeeded in carving out a successful place as a go-between for optimistic alteration in the larger community.

Alba achieves this end by seeking meaningful and sustainable plans through its societal investings and by developing schemes that enrich the quality of life for its stakeholders. This focal point is given touchable way through a structured attack that takes into history the followers:Greater community battle to maximise the impact of the Company ‘s societal platform.Committedness to Bahrain ‘s societal, cultural and economic development to underscore Alba ‘s position as an industrial leader amongst companies in the Kingdom.

Employee public assistance plans as a key to developing a productive work environment.Support for diverse sporting activities to assist transfuse a vigorous criterion of life at both the concern and countrywide degrees.Alba ‘s duty to commerce social duty persists to be advancing across the corporation. It relics a cardinal component of the managerial ethnicity, and workers separate it to be a important medium for intensification headship in the community, and for strengthen its position as a compassionate organisation.

Environmental and Economic Issues

As the universe faces unprecedented environmental and economic challenges, we look at the hereafter with optimism because we believe that every challenge has the potency of turning into an chance.Global Corporate Duty: Energy efficiency is at the bosom of turn toing challenges of clime alteration.

Our planetary corporate duty that goes with our function as manufacturers of this alone metal of the hereafter lies chiefly in confronting the challenge of clime alteration. We portion this duty with every concern take parting in the planetary economic system. The International Aluminium Institute states that the aluminum industry is traveling with the remainder of the universe to battle clime alteration. With our huge versatility, smart utilizations of aluminum will be significant in happening solutions across applications.

Environment: Since 1990, we have invested more than US $ 589 million in environmental preservation undertaking. Alba has earned international congratulations and acknowledgment for being ferociously dedicated to set into pattern topmost ecological rules transversally the organisation. Producing high quality merchandises should ne’er be at the cost of the environment has been one of the company ‘s guiding policies. Our legion environmental enterprises speak for themselves.Safety: Safety is intrinsic to our work civilization.

It defines how we do our work, and shapes the manner we conduct our operations. Safety steps are on a regular basis updated to run into our altering demands. Everyone at Alba is inducted and trained in wellness and safety patterns by OHSAS 18001 certified safety forces. Our important accomplishments in safety reflect the success of the company ‘s long-standing committedness to make a safe working environment and doing safety a steering rule in all countries of work. Wining esteemed international safety awards like the RoSPA and the British Safety Council for four back-to-back old ages is another testimony to our grim chase of occupational safety.

Employees Support

Alba remains committed in intensification its standing as a caput in wellness, protection and environment. Alba is one of the most preferable employers in Bahrain. This goes back to the accent we put on employee development through specialised preparation and instruction to supplying an environment for ego growing and accomplishment.

The company regards this focal point to be lone of the key facet behind its end towards superior sustainability and accomplishment in mounting safe milieus for workers and the community at big. Alba recognizes that committedness to employee public assistance provides one of the most indispensable foundations for accomplishing productiveness. Thus, preparation remains an of import focal point for greater authorization, and Alba ‘s employees are continually.


Alba – Aluminum for the universe


Mahmood Hashim Al-Kooheji


Fawzi Ahmed KanooOsama Mohammed Al ArrayedhAbdul Aziz Al HumaidYusuf Abdulla TaqiDavid MeenDr. Talaat AidaferShaikh Mohammed Khalifa Al KhalifaMultaq Hamad Al Murished

Executive Management

Tim Murray – Chief Executive OfficerIsa Al Ansari – Chief Operationss OfficerAli Al Baqali – Acting Chief Finance & A ; Supply OfficerJean Baptiste Lucas – Chief Marketing OfficerBasem Al Sharqi – Chief Support Functions OfficerAs solitary of the universe ‘s prima aluminiums smelters, Alba as a corporation is devoted to widen its range and being in the concern.

Our dealingss with other research organisation and concern organic structures are enthused by the demand to bring forth appraisal and create consequences.These consequences are non for all clip experimental although can be calculated by the force per unit area they generate, the brunt they provide and the authorization they set free in alter the Earth we exist in. We distinguish those aluminiums as the metal of the chance plays a key in place in this procedure.

There subsists an tremendous bid for the metal from industry across the financial scope. We are devoted to prosecute in diversion our duty along with our equals in the concern to cheer survey and enlargement and wider relevancy of aluminiums crosswise industries.

Management Letter

2011 was a explosion through twelvemonth, one in which Alba be successful in run intoing all of its mark, with an EBITDA and Free Cash Flow at US $ 582 million and US $ 606 million, correspondingly. This achievement can non be taken for settled, bearing in head the a batch of working confront that the corporation faced in 2011, every bit good as the low LME and were capable to augment our grosss to US $ 2,349,000 in malice of the intuition the European market has faced given that the last one-fourth of 2011.Alba prolong to work for the unexcelled concentration of its stockholders by assign to put in untreated enlargement and invariably to pay back hard currency to its stockholders, whilst keeping a beefy balance sheet.

In fact, for the 2011 fiscal twelvemonth, Alba paid Fils 0.067 a portion.2011 patent the first centennial of Alba ‘s change into a salable unit throughout a dual listing on the Bahrain Bourse and on the London Stock Exchange and has set the phase for superior prominence on prosecuting resonance concern domination, increased clarity and fabrication best patterns. As a consequence, Alba has launched its Code of behaviour to extra brand stronger for honestness and to confirm the concern as a candidate for moral values.Affable gratefulness goes every bit good to Alba ‘s board of managers, its disposal squad and its full staff, whom devoid of their proficiency and duty Alba would non hold been competent to change its challenges into such stimulating chances.


SESF actively participants in advancing environmental issues throughout the company and besides in the larger communityFundamentalss growings are strong, though the possible for medium-volatility will stay a concern due to relentless economic conditions.The Company should hold an of import function to play in the public assistance of society and that we have to responsibility to pass on, take part and collaborate with local governments and with-non-governmental organisations interested in the public assistance of the society.To promote all the employees to accept this duty and take portion in treatments and activities designed to work out community jobs in the best involvement of society and Alba.

The Company will carry on the concern in a safe, ethical, professional, environmentally sustainable and socially responsible mode.The Company will recite the effect of execution of this Standard, in combination with the other stages, when issued, to conserve an inclusive image.Standards concern but non yet efficient up to the day of the month of issue of the Company ‘s pecuniary statements.


Aluminum Bahain ( Alba ) praised the part of its work force in raising the company ‘s profile and in playing a cardinal function in beef uping its repute as one of the universe ‘s prima aluminum smelters.The Company assesses its gross agreements against specific standards to find if it is moving as chief or agent.

A degree of coaction and employee battle, in developing and encourages employee ownership and committedness.It is critical to take the local and cultural context into consideration when developing policies. Company policies are most efficaciously embraced when they are concise, clear and accessible.

The benefits of the committedness to a construct of namelessness and non-retaliation have been shown clearly throughout the organisation in footings of trust, ownership and committedness.Alba ‘s finding to enlarge the planetary footmark of its merchandise portfolio gained impulse in 2011 with the gap of gross revenues offices in Zurich, Switzerland and in Hong Kong. These offices will tap into the turning demand for primary aluminum from clients in Europe and Asia.Alba determined the optimal energy beginnings and engineering solutions for the new proposed pot line every bit good as expression at solutions for future energy demands. Alba remains determined to cut down its operating costs, achieve extra hard currency nest eggs per annum of US $ 30 million in 2012 and better procedures through the uninterrupted axial rotation out of works broad Six Sigma.

The direction squad is confident that STAR plan accomplishments will enable Alba to be among the lowest cost aluminum manufacturers in the universe.


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