The Lost One Essay

Once upon a time there lived a group of friends. They were in middle school. Some were related others not really. They names are Caela, Tanay, Daniel, Nazja, and Celesse.

Celesse and Tanay were like the best of friends and still are. Caela and Tanay are best friends. Daniel and Nazja aren’t really good friends but they don’t argue like they hate each other. Now they are all in middle school and the see each other from time to time.At other times Nazja doesn’t see them because she’s in the sixth grade and the rest are in the seventh grade.

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Another thing Celesse does not go to Clark Middle School she goes to Begich Middle School. The only time all of them see each other is when the sports season comes around. Well they all have cell phones so they text in their free time. Caela is very smart and bright is always ready to learn. Celesse may be a bad girl on the outside because she doesn’t let anyone knock her down.Tanay is just like Caela, but Tanay shoots her highest of the high and when she needs help she goes in for lunch with her teachers.

Daniel’s not super good and does everything but he is very average so he’s in the middle. It does not matter what you call them but thy are known as the Y. P. G.

It stands for Young People’s Group. The Y. P.

G. don’t let no one knock them down no matter who or what stands in their way they’ll break it down. Well all’s well that ends well.


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