The live to kill insects and consume

Thedifference between us humans and cannibalistic worms is that we try to have anend goal that allows us to find meaning in life.

The worms however, do not haveany motive or purpose in their life. Their end goal is to survive, we on theother hand, strive to achieve an end goal. Worms have a repeated cycle by doingthe same thing every day without gaining each day or having any goals. Ushumans try to gain each day by improving on the next, to achieve that end goal.

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This shows that humans and worms have different ways to live their lives. However,in some way there are similarities between us humans and cannibalistic worms.One being that both live the best that they can and that they live how they wantto live. Taylor states that, “The point of living is simply to be living, inthe manner that it is your nature to be living” (Taylor, para. 26).

He showsthat no matter who we are whether it be worms or humans, we always try to livehow we want to. Worms live to kill insects and consume them to survive, andthis is their nature of living. Us humans live life any way that we want to tryto achieve something in the end, and this is our nature of living. We live lifegoing through many different complex situations that as we age eventually leadsto our death. As well, worms go through life and once they are an adult andhave mated and laid eggs where they also eventually die soon after. Therefore,there are some similarities and differences between us humans and cannibalisticworms. 


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