Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary The Juror Essay Research Paper I have

The Juror Essay Research Paper I have

The Juror Essay, Research Paper

I have sustained some of the most dismaying tests of this century.

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Over me I have felt hurt, desolation, sorrow. However none of

them were every bit nailing as Annie & # 8217 ; s. Have you of all time heard about

Annie? Oh yes Annie Laird, one of the most sort jurymans I have of all time

met. In George Dawes Greens The Juror, He sumarized the events

and, exhaustively explained the hurting and anguish Annie had to travel

through. The suffering in which her life revolved after adverting those

icky words? I need a small exhilaration in my life? 1, good, if Annie

needed to add a touch of exhilaration to her life she should hold tried

Disneyland non jury responsibility. What I am about to air is what happened in

our small tally with the rabble. Truly that has a spot of disgusting wit because I

can & # 8217 ; t run. If you keep on reading you will understand the hazards of

functioning for jury responsibility? Who will protect you? ? 2

Before I met her, Annie was an undecorated artiste who had merely

transferred out of Manhattan and into the state. To a little bungalow

by a lake. Her kid, Oliver, who loved to sit his motorcycle, moved in as

good. I have to state that when I met Annie for the first clip it was as

Juror N? 224. She was a twinkle amah. Who would hold thought a

icky psyche such as the instructor would seek to harm her? I confess that

her kick in the undermentioned yearss impressed me. This clip the test was

against Louie Boffano. He was the caput of the rabble. He and his right

manus The Teacher were every bit bad as they come. The instance was the

slayings of Salvadore Riggio and his grandson. Mr. Boffano was

being accused of telling them. By this clip Annie and I already

cognize the instructor, but we acknowledged him as Zach Lyde. He had a

really savory attack toward Annie ; he bought three of her graphicss

for 12 thousand dollars each. However, how were we to

imagine that he was portion of the rabble? By the clip that dark had

semen, Zach Lyde was holding dinner at Annie & # 8217 ; s house. Oliver stayed

at a friend & # 8217 ; s house ; Juliet & # 8217 ; s house. Then came those atrocious words

from the instructor? Annie, listen to me now, you & # 8217 ; re in danger and

your boy is in danger? 3 After this, catastrophe struck Annie & # 8217 ; s life. From

this minute on Annie would experience edginess and hurt. Her

house was bugged, her friend & # 8217 ; s house was bugged, and she could

non state anyone. All she had to make was to bring on the other jurymans to state

merely two words: ? non gui

lty? 4

Annie & # 8217 ; s life was suffering ; whomever she told would be put in

dangerous hazard. The instructor was listening in, on everything they were

stating. During the test Annie tried everything to drop out of it.

However who could she speak to? Even the justice could be on their

side. The instructor frequently made his point clear to Annie. He would

normally kill person to demo her she would be following if she slipped.

Annie implemented all her rocking powers to pull strings the jury. At

the terminal, and I heard it clearly, came these exact words:

? As to number one in the indictment, slaying in the 2nd grade,

make you happen the suspect guilty or non Guilty?

Not Guilty? 5

Well now the test was over, but Zach wasn & # 8217 ; t wholly ready to

allow Annie travel. After Slavko Czernyk, the investigator engaged in the

followup of the instructor, had died, it came to the governments that

something incorrect was traveling on. This became Annie & # 8217 ; s chance.

She spoke to Zach and during their conversation she taped him

stating? I might fling old Louie? 6 She later took it to

Boffano, who was bloody huffy about the topic and wanted the

teacher killed. Incorrect thought Annie ; what were you believing? The

instructor got word of Annie & # 8217 ; s treachery and blew up Boffano & # 8217 ; s auto, killing

him and his associates. He besides murdered Juliet and made it look like

self-destruction. Annie merely so understood where he was traveling following ; he was

after Oliver. But how could he acquire to Oliver if he was in Guatemala,

where she took him for his ain safety. Then a call ; told her that the

teacher knew her boy was in Guatemala ; she had to salvage him. The

pursuit was on & # 8230 ;

It was a long pursuit affecting planes, autos and approximately 10s dead

people. At last the instructor had done it ; he had found Oliver. Though

Annie strived to acquire at that place foremost, it was he who had done it. At least that

was what he thought. As intelligent as he was, he ne’er imagined that

Annie would be at that place, waiting for him. When the instructor was about to

shoot Oliver, Annie? came out of the dark, like she was made of it

? 7 and shot him to decease.

I must travel now. It is clip to get down a new test, run into a new juryman, and

populate a new escapade. I must state before I go that I am really happy to

hold met Annie, and to hold carried her on top of me. For those of

you who don & # 8217 ; Ts know who I am, you merely might be sitting on me right


? Isn & # 8217 ; t it ironic? ? 8