Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary The Johari Window Benefits To An Esl Essay

The Johari Window Benefits To An Esl Essay

The Johari Window -Benefits To An Esl Teacher Essay, Research Paper

The Johari s Window was introduced and conceived by Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham and besides was used in an information session at the Western Training Laboratory in Group Development in 1955. The word & # 8216 ; JOHARI is derived from the names of them. ( JOSEPH LUFT, HARRY INGHAM = JOHARI ) .

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As an ESL instructor, this conceptual theoretical account can be used and implemented for depicting, measuring and foretelling facets of interpersonal communicating particularly during learning and larning activities in the schoolrooms as it gives us the chance to research and understand ourselves and those around us ( pupils ) .

The Johari s window represents four informations between a individual and those around him or her. There are four Windowss or window glasss in it and are called Arena, Blind Spot, Fa fruit drink and Unknown. ( Figure 1 )


Arena is besides called as Open Self, Public ego and Agenda ( Figure 2 ) . All of them are in the same country. It represents about all the information, behavior, attitudes, feelings, desires, motives, thoughts etc. It is besides the part of entire inter personal infinite devoted to common apprehension and shared informations. This little window or window glass is known by ego and besides known by others. For illustration, instructor and pupils ; a instructor knows his/her pupils ; behavior, attitudes, feelings, desires, etc and pupils know their instructor ; what she/he likes ( behavior ) /ability/performance.


Fa fruit drink is besides called every bit Private Self or Hidden Self ( Figure 2 ) and it is the 2nd quarter-circle of the Johari s window. It refers to what is known to a individual but hidden from others. In this window glass, one has to be witting of what to unwrap to others. . In other ways it is the things you know about yourself that others don & # 8217 ; T know. A individual in this window glass, merely uncover to people he/she trust or trust on. This country is peculiarly utile in order to protect confidential points such one s secret.


Blind Spot is besides called as Blind Self ( Figure 2 ) is the 3rd window or window glass in the Johari s Window. It holds information known by other but unknown by ego. It means that everybody knows a individual ( such as his/her attitude, feeling, knowledge etc ) but the individual does non cognize about himself/herself. For illustration, between instructor and pupils in the schoolroom, a Blind Spot instructor does or says something that she / he feels is e

njoyable but pupils take it otherwise. The Blind Spot instructors feel that the pupils like the manner she/he Teachs but in fact pupils know that the teaching/lesson is uninteresting. So, to avoid such incompatibility, we need to be cognizant of this 3rd window and willing to make some actions to better our public presentation in instruction.


This is the concluding window and it refers to what is non known to a individual and besides to others. This little window or window glass is unknown by ego and besides unknown by others.

As an English as a Second Language ( ESL ) instructor, there are several benefits of cognizing the little Windowss in Johari s Window. They are as listed below.

a. The ESL instructor will obtain more information/knowledge about their pupil through category engagement or treatments ( giving thoughts and sentiments, and having provender dorsums from his/her pupils ) .

b. ESL instructors are able to detect and cognize their failings straight so that they should better their public presentation or techniques or scheme of learning during learning and learning activities.

c. The instructors will understand and so increase the ability of the instructors to get by with the jobs faced by the pupils as there are freedom of look and common trust between them

d. Every pupil in the schoolroom has a alone and different personality so that cognizing this conceptual theoretical account will let instructors to use assorted larning methodological analysiss based on their pupils personality.

e. Through this window, it will better the relationship between instructor and pupils. Students will be more confident with their instructors and experience more comfy and promote them towards a better acquisition.


The Johari s Window plays an of import function to instructors as it can be used to measure pupils interpersonal place and analyse particularly during learning and learning activities. Knowing our pupils and us will surely make a contributing environment of instruction and acquisition activities efficaciously.


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