The is deeply depressed because his father,

The tragedy, Hamlet, is set in Middle Age Denmark. The protagonist, Prince Hamlet, is deeply depressed because his father, the king, recently passed away. INSERT QUOTE ABOUT HAMLET’S FATHER. As this is occurring, Denmark is currently ruling Norway. His mother, Queen Gertrude, is now remarried to his uncle, Claudius. This angers Hamlet very much. One night Hamlet is visited by the spirit of his father. Citizens of Denmark were told that the cause of King Hamlet’s death was a fatal snake wound.

Truthfully, he was murdered by his own brother, Claudius. The terrifying ghost persuades Hamlet to seek vengeance on Claudius. Hamlet keeps his plan of revenge quiet with the exception of his best friend, Horatio.

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The stress of this secret causes Hamlet to go into an insane and slow deterioration of his stability and mental health. Hamlet pretends to be a mad man and puts on an act. At one point in the play, Hamlet contemplates suicide. People begin to notice Hamlets illogical behavior. He is very fond of Ophelia,  daughter of Polonius the chief counselor and when Hamlet has an outburst on Ophelia she is frightened by his behavior. Hamlet continues with his plan to take Claudius down by putting on a play in which Hamlet’s father is poisoned in ear. Claudius reacts angrily and now is aware that Hamlet is aware that he murdered his father. Hamlet plans on killing Claudius but instead murders Polonius when Hamlet catches him watching him.

As soon as Ophelia hears of the death of her father she is also driven to insanity and drives herself to her own death and drowns in a stream.Claudius was planning on having Hamlet go to court for the murder of Polonius, but insteads try to convince Hamlet to move to England to escape the pain of the recent events in his life. What Hamlet is unaware of is that Claudius is planning on having him murdered by sending two men, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. Hamlet stops this by killing them and proceeds to go back to Denmark. When he first goes back he sees Horatio at a graveyard whereProtagonist: Hamlet, the protagonist is a round and dynamic character. With character traits of impulsive, enraged and mournful, he is one of the many dramatic and intense characters portrayed in Shakespeare’s work. He evolves throughout the play. Hamlet begins as a very miserable and indignant thirty year old man.

From the shock of his father’s death, the sadness of his mother’s quick marriage to his father’s brother, Hamlet’s feelings develop from melancholy and sorrow to the desire to avenge his father’s death. As Hamlet is descending into madness the people in his life change their view on him. They begin to notice his erratic behavior and it concerns them. Ophelia is very concerned and scared for Hamlet’s sanity. Horatio is the only one who knows about Hamlet’s plan so he can understand the madness Hamlet is going through. One question that is brought up through the whole play is : Is Hamlet actually descending into insanity or is it all an act? The way he acts with certain people is different from the way he acts when is he talking to himself in private or is doing a soliloquy. He does not treat Ophelia well and argues with her. But, with Horatio he is more civil.

 INSERT QUOTE You need to prove this. You need to address whether he is flat or round. What kind of character is he? How do other characters view Hamlet? For example, Ophelia’s perception might be different than Claudius, Gertrude, or Horatio. What kind of man is Hamlet?Antagonist: The antagonist in the play is Hamlet’s vicious uncle, Claudius. He is evil and deeply sinful. He murders his own brother, King of Denmark by putting poison in his ear while he is asleep and quickly marries his widow, Queen Gertrude. He is vindictive and lacks a moral compass.

Claudius purposely tries to get Hamlet killed towards the end of the play. He convinces him to go to England and sends two men, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern with him. He orders them in a letter to kill him and not let him leave the island. At times throughout the novel, Claudius tries to act as a father figure  INSERT QUOTE Prove he is vindictive? How specifically does he attempt to sabotage or prevent Hamlet from reaching his goal (seeking vengeance). Be specific.Central Theme: Death renders the ultimate seek of vengeance for Hamlet and Symbolism: Towards the end of the play Hamlet and Horatio go to a graveyard and find the skull of a young boy who Hamlet had known named Yorick.

Hamlet professes about the boy Yorick and how fond of him he was. The skull ultimately represents death and the inevitable endpoint for humans. This is almost a turning point for Hamlet he realizes that death is unavoidable and one day it happens to everyone. Poison is mentioned and used very much throughout the play. It is the cause of Hamlet’s father’s death and is the root for the reasons of Hamlet’s vengeance on Claudius.

It represents the infidelity and betrayal that takes place in the play.  The number three also plays a major role in Hamlet


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