The Iron Curtain Essay Research Paper Anthony

The Iron Curtain Essay, Research PaperAnthony DiMarco DiMarco 19 November 2000Mr. MisslerEnglish 11 HImagine what the universe would be like if we were all & # 8220 ; under the Fe curtain. & # 8221 ; In his preface to the novel Brave New World, Aldous Huxley envisioned this statement when he wrote: & # 8220 ; To do them love it is the undertaking assigned, in contemporary totalitarian provinces, to ministries of propaganda? .

& # 8221 ; Thus, through hypnopaedic instruction ( brainwashing ) , and compulsory attending to community assemblages, and allusions to prominent political dictators, and soma rations to do everyone easy controlled, Huxley bitterly satirized totalitarian propaganda and political technique to indicate out the jobs of a dystopian society, which on the outside appears to be a Utopian society.The manner the fascist and totalitarian governments used mass propaganda techniques to brainwash their people was about indistinguishable to the manner Huxley described the hypnopaedic instructions in his novel. He besides thought, nevertheless, that the contemporary totalitarian provinces & # 8217 ; methods were still & # 8220 ; petroleum and unscientific. & # 8221 ; For illustration, in the novel the different categories had been brainwashed since birth to believe that they all contributed every bit to society. Therefore, the people wouldn & # 8217 ; t travel against the World Controllers because they had ne’er been trained to believe anything otherwise.

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In add-on, they didn & # 8217 ; Ts have any cognition of a society in which they could compare themselves. This was apparent in the stating & # 8220 ; History is bunk. & # 8221 ; Similarly, the totalitarian dictators attempted to command but failed because they weren & # 8217 ; t able to carry the full universe to believe like them. In add-on, communism attempted to rewrite history, but the society in Brave New World took the following measure and forgot about history wholly. The lone people who had entree to any cognition of the yesteryear were the 1s who had the power: the World Controllers.

Therefore, they were able to make a stable society.Since the hypnopaedic thoughts in the society were continuously repeated throughout one & # 8217 ; s life-time, compulsory attending to community assemblages, such as the Solidarity Service, were purely enforced. The chief intent of the Solidarity Service was to advance societal stableness. The people were driven to this thoughtDiMarco 2by singing vocals like the First Solidarity Hymn, which began, “Ford, we are 12 oh, make us one.” ( 95 ) During this clip, people were besides devouring haoma rations, which made them brainsick and caused them to acquireemotionally involved in the service. During this clip, the people had an binge, which brought them together as one being. During this clip, the people would bury their ain individualities.

In comparing, the political mass meetings Hitler and other fascists held served a similar intent. Merely as people would intone & # 8220 ; Hail Hitler & # 8221 ; at these mass rallies, people in the novel would besides intone their graven image & # 8217 ; s name, Ford, during the Solidarity Services.Although these utilizations of political sarcasm are apparent, the most obvious are Huxley & # 8217 ; s allusions to the outstanding totalitarian dictators. Bernard Marx, for illustration, was used as an allusion to Karl Marx, the laminitis of socialism.

Socialism & # 8217 ; s chief thought was that no 1 had single belongings. Likewise, the hypnopaedic adage & # 8220 ; Everyone belongs to everyone else & # 8221 ; kept the society from going attached to one peculiar person. Huxley besides included allusions to other totalitarian dictators to demo how the society in the novel was closer to a fascist dystopian society alternatively of the perfect universe they perceived. For illustration, Lenina, who Bernard dated, was an allusion to Lenin, the laminitis of the Communist Party.

Contrary to socialism, communism is a society controlled by a few elite. Likewise, the Ten World Controllers controlled the society in Brave New World. Finally, Benito Hoover alluded to Benito Mussolini, a dictator of Italy, in the novel. Mussolini & # 8217 ; s name was included to reenforce the thoughts of socialism that were brought out in the novel.In decision, Huxley satirized political tactics and leaders in his treatment of hypnopaedic instructions, in community assemblages, and in allusions to certain political figures.

It is about impossible to conceive of our universe & # 8220 ; under the Fe curtain. & # 8221 ; Huxley, nevertheless, was able to determine a realistic society through his wide cognition of fascist thoughts. I think Huxley used fascist thoughts in his novel because he believed that a fascist Utopia was closely related to the Utopia of his novel. But besides I think that there may be a deeper motivation in Huxley? s book, that he may hold been demoing how incorrect fascist thoughts are and the effects of demuring these thoughts and populating under the? Fe drape? of fascism.


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