The Introduction To Hbl Commerce Essay

Stragtegic Human Resource Management helps an organisation achieve productiveness and effectivity, by sharing the overall vision of the organisation, sharing ends and aims, and doing certain that Human Resource is non merely a section, but the whole organisation speaks of HR as the nucleus division, which means that organisation is employee centered.

Strategic HR changed a figure of things in HBL. It updated the manner programs were made, switching to strategic programs, from a one-person show to conveying everybody on board, promoting thought coevals and sharing proposals, different sections sharing their programs of what to look for in the approaching twelvemonth and democratic determination devising by naming a Strategic Planning Division and naming member from the Board of Directors that goes through each program and so the CEO pass oning the sanctioned program to the departmental caputs. By this, the program became non merely an nonsubjective, but more of a bible.

At HBL, after the denationalization, a figure of enterprises were taken, from right size and acquiring rid of unenrgetic employees, to presenting aureate handshaking strategies, from traveling to public presentation direction system to investing immature blood that brings in originative thoughts. Concepts like employee battle and occupation rotary motion became portion of the policy, organization-wide wagess plans were introduced.

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An inevitable alteration in civilization was besides accomplished, it from the senior status based to public presentation based civilization. Overall construction of the organisation was besides made flatter, taking extra degrees and bureaucratism. A

Introduction TO HBL

It is the premier Bank in state established in 1941 holding a registered caput office in Karachi. It was nationalized in 1974, but late on 26th February 2004 it has been privatized by Government of Pakistan and is taken over by Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development ( AKFED ) . They acquired 51 per centum of portions of HBL.

It is one of the largest Banks of Pakistan with 1439 subdivisions, holding entire assets of Rs. 1,139,554,000, 5 million entire figure of clients assisting in bring forthing Rs 13 million net income presently.

Brief History of HBL

HBL established operations in Pakistan in 1947 and moved its caput office to Karachi. Our first international subdivision was established in Colombo, Sri Lanka in 1951 and Habib Bank Plaza was built in 1972 to mark the bank ‘s twenty-fifth Anniversary.

With a domestic market portion of over 40 % , HBL was nationalized in 1974 and it continued to rule the commercial banking sector with a major market portion in inward foreign remittals ( 55 % ) and loans to little industries, bargainers and husbandmans. International operations were expanded to include the USA, Singapore, Oman, Belgium, Seychelles and Maldives and the Netherlands.

On December 29, 2003 Pakistan ‘s Privatization Commission announced that the Government of Pakistan had officially granted the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development ( AKFED ) rights to 51 % of the shareholding in HBL, against an investing of PKR 22.409 billion ( USD 389 million ) . On February 26, 2004, direction control was handed over to AKFED. The Board of Directors was reconstituted to hold four AKFED campaigners, including the Chairman and the President/CEO and three Government of Pakistan campaigners.


HBL has a broad array of clients, belonging to a broad scope of concern divisions, from persons to corporate, from Islamic banking to commercial banking. They are divided into three chief classs, as follows:

Individual Customers

Car, Home Loans

Recognition, Debit Cards

Deposit Histories


Telephone Banking


Common Fundss

Salary Plus

Business Customers

Corporate Banking

Commerical Banking

SME Banking

Global Treasury

Investing Banking

Cash Management

Zarai Banking

Asset Management

Islamic Banking

Deposit Histories

Financing Merchandises

A A A A A A A Murabaha

A A A A A A A Diminishing Musharaka

A A A A A A A Ijarah

Trade and Value added Servicess


To do our clients prosper, our staff excel and make value for stockholders


“ Enabling people to progress with assurance and success ”


Our values are the cardinal rules that define our civilization and are brought to life in our attitudes and behaviour. It is our values that make us alone and unmistakable. Our values are defined below:

A· A A A A A A A A Excellence

This is at the nucleus of everything we do. The markets in which we operate are going progressively competitory, giving our clients an copiousness of pick. Merely through being the really best – in footings of the service we offer, our merchandises and premises – can we trust to be successful and grow.

A· A A A A A A A A Integrity

We are the taking bank in Pakistan and our success depends upon trust. Our clients – and society in general – expect us to possess and firm adhere to high moral rules and professional criterions.

A· A A A A A A A A Customer Focus

We understand to the full the demands of our clients and accommodate our merchandises and services to run into these. We ever strive to set the satisfaction of our clients foremost.

A· A A A A A A A A Meritocracy

We believe in giving chances and advantages to our employees on the footing of their ability. We believe in honoring accomplishment and in supplying excellent calling chances for all.

A· A A A A A A A A Progressiveness

We believe in the promotion of society through the acceptance of enlightened on the job patterns, advanced new merchandises and procedures, and a spirit of endeavor.


Brief Introduction

Human resource, being the pulsation of any organisation, is its most cherished plus. And developing dramas a critical function in tapping and developing its potency to the uttermost. With this cardinal factor in head, HBL pioneered its first preparation plan in 1946, in which Muslim young person were recruited after an extended circuit of taking academic establishments.

There are 78 employees in the HR section. Harmonizing to Adnan-ur-Rehman Khan, Senior Manager, Human Resources at HBL “ Worldwide, the pattern is of holding 100 to 1 ratio, i.e. to hold one employee of HR section per 100 employees of other sections. In Pakistan, nevertheless due to low importance of HR as a strategic map, it is okay to hold 1000 to 1 ratio alternatively. ”


A· A A A A A A A A Bank is a service industry, mechanization can non be done. Every activity has to be managed by human existences, a peculiar section is hence ineluctable.

A· A A A A A A A A Trust and trueness can merely be ensured by human existences. Banking involves money, which is why guaranting trust is highly of import.

A· A A A A A A A A Housing 13,000 people is non an easy occupation. HR section at HBL trades with the factors associated with human existences like guidance, behavior direction, motive and occupation satisfaction.

A· A A A A A A A A Since the organisation is “ heterogenous, complex and big ” a proper HR section exists to pull off the diverse demands of big internal clients ‘ .

A· A A A A A A A A Catering to administrative and long term strategic demands of employees. Support maps are required in order to assist employees work towards organisational ends.


Internal occupation poster:

This is the most traditional method which most of the companies are following in which CV ‘s are being collected from company ‘s web site and other beginnings and so after the filtration procedure desired persons are called for the interview. HBL really grooms and trained their employees in different sections and whenever there is a vacancy they ever prefer their trained employees. This adds a batch to the current employees ‘ assurance and morale, which they have a better opportunity to be promoted and therefore strive to accomplish higher than outlooks.

Entry degree hiring: fresh alumnuss for MTO ‘S and non MTO ‘S:

MTO admittance plan is being conducted in 6-7 certified universities, pupils who have a GPA above certain degree can use. They are being passed through showing and interview procedures and so HR squad engage them. Non MTO ‘s are selected from B class universities are passed from a proving procedure which is being outsourced, so they are besides passed through an interview procedure and are shortlisted.

Mid calling:

CV is being selected from the database of bank which points out the basic accomplishments required for the occupation. After this HR squad selects campaigners who can execute these needed undertakings really efficaciously. These campaigners are preferred to already hold a calling of at least 8-10 old ages so that they can understand the occupation demands decently.

Cross map hiring: A

Hiring from different sections is besides preferred as one of the enlisting method at HBL. For illustration while engaging for retail banking they besides look into corporate banking ‘s section. Similarly engaging for HR section can be done from conformity and audit divisions.


The bank ‘s Training Division has gained renown for its excellence and efficiency and was called upon to help in preparation forces for other upcoming baking establishments. With the transition of clip this aid became a testimony of the bank ‘s valuable part towards set uping and developing of other commercial Bankss within the state where several trained Habibians went to work with senior, in-between and junior degrees. Word of its accomplishments spread far broad which led to many international Bankss directing their forces to HBL for preparation.

Soon HBL manages fully fledged instruction installations and support staff at Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. The preparation plans are conducted with the latest AIDSs and equipment and affect extended preparation to new recruits, and bing staff with specialised classs that cater to the different cell of forces on subjects of Management, Marketing, Selling, Accounting and Finance, Banking Law and Practice and Internal Procedure. Speakers from other esteemed institutes are besides invited to present talks.

Methods used:

A· A A A A A A A A On the Job preparation

A· A A A A A A A A Coaching/Mentoring

A· A A A A A A A A Group Discussions

A· A A A A A A A A Outdoor preparation

Wagess and Recognition

For them “ wage ” is the cardinal component of employee battle. Two elements of wage:

A· A A A A A A A A Annual wage

A· A A A A A A A A Performance-related benefit

Performance is more than merely accomplishing fiscal aims. As a bank they pride themselves at their alone civilization and values Every employee receive a values evaluation that reflect how employee live at their values and civilization, which influence their public presentation related awards. . Those with the lowest value evaluations would have no one-year public presentation related fillip, even if they achieve all their fiscal marks. The evaluation standard is as follows

A· A A A A A A A A ” Angstrom ” is a function theoretical account.

A· A A A A A A A A ” B ” is an model.

A· A A A A A A A A ” C ” lived value with more clip.

A· A A A A A A A A ” D ” needs to larn values.

These evaluations denote your fillips every bit good as wage increases. These evaluations are strictly awarded on the footing of public presentation and as reference earlier for that cardinal public presentation indexs ( KPI ) plays a important function. Along with these evaluations they besides give wagess for some peculiar accomplishment as late they have arranged a 3 twenty-four hours vacation trip to Malaysia for their remote banking employees for executing significantly good.


HBL manages its work force by “ non engaging everybody. ” S. Ali Raza Zaidi, VP, Personnel Division said “ Now a yearss, there are companies that deal aid in presenting services, which helps in maintaining our work force under control. Take recognition card gross revenues for illustration. These companies go for aggressive gross revenues and telemarketing. There are non our employees, but bring us concern and charge a fee for the service. In this manner, HBL is besides outsourcing some of the services, for which we do n’t necessitate to really employee people. However, if supervisor is needed, that must be a company ‘s individual. ”


They motivate their employees to be brave and bold plenty to raise their voice against the system and for the system. There is a leading board on cyberspace to which every individual is accessible and writes whatever he thinks should be done to better the organisational effectivity and so he is called to explicate his thought in forepart of Board of Directors.

This farther elaborates the openness that is rather seeable in the civilization at HBL, where every employee is given assurance to talk what they feel is right and raise voice against anything that is bad, namelessness is of premier importance and HBL makes certain the whistle blowers remain behind the drapes.


Motivating the employees is of primary importance to any organisation. HBL follows below standards:


The wage and employee benefits your bank provides serve a major function in recruiting, retaining, and actuating staff. While salary and benefits are non the “ most ” of import facet of your occupations, they decidedly contribute to recruiting, retaining, and actuating superior employees. The quest to counterbalance employees reasonably is an on-going challenge. If your bank wages employees excessively small, you may put on the line estranging and losing valuable employees. If you pay excessively much, you may be unwisely disbursement company resources. How much your bank can afford for employee wages can find the quality of endowment you attract to your organisation.


Performance plays a important function in actuating the employees. Performance of the employee can be judge by the employee himself. As in the beginning of the twelvemonth marks are being set for the employees public presentation so by the terminal of the twelvemonth employees themselves can see that what they have achieved and what more they can gain with their public presentation.

Passage to Strategic HRM


Strategic Human Resource Management patterns enhance employee productiveness and the ability of bureaus to accomplish their mission. Integrating the usage of forces patterns into the strategic planning procedure enables an organisation to better accomplish its ends and aims.

With the coming of today ‘s economic system where services contribute to a major portion of the GDP and the fact that the service sector is basically people centric, it is critical that the “ people foremost attack ” be accepted by the organisations for sustainable concern scheme. The pattern of SHRM demands a proactive and custodies on attack by the direction every bit good as the HR section with respects to the full range of activities runing from staffing and preparation and development to mentoring and pay and public presentation direction.

Adnan-ur-Rehman Khan, Senior Manager, Human Resources “ We ‘re non a little house, we ‘re in fact one of the biggest Bankss of Pakistan, holding experience that ranges to decennaries. With so much experience, the one thing which we learnt is that people are your most of import, and unreplaceable plus. You want pecuniary additions, you can non disregard the human resource of your house. This is impracticable today, as it is in future. If you ‘re to travel in front, and truly carry through the vision, you have to swear your people. Invite them on the same platform, listen to their jobs, and promote them to talk their bosom out. This basically means that you welcome them on the large tabular array, demo them the large image, portion your mission, and handle your people like your stakeholders. Merely in this manner, by handling people as your strategic component, you can acquire the competitory border against rivals. ”


Planing procedure

Strategic Planning Division is made up of Board of Directors which evaluates old public presentations, current market tendencies and prognosiss future possible on a annual footing. BoD evaluates several proposals and modified ends.

All the nucleus sections of HBL are involved in the scheme preparation, the formation of following old ages ‘ scheme is a combination of inputs and proposals from sections like Marketing, Operations, IT, Finance and Human Resource.

Harmonizing to Adnan-ur-Rehman Khan, Senior Manager, Human Resources at HBL “ The scheme is non merely what the following twelvemonth would be like, it is more like carry throughing the vision, which can non be done without coordination of each section, duty and committedness of every employee of each division. The scheme is made when each section is on same page, one platform. This is what strategic planning agencies. The procedure, though extended, merely goes through with considerable consensus. The Strategic Planning Division votes on the proposals, and suggests recommendations if needed. After traveling through the extended procedure of planning and strategizing, the program takes the form of a ‘bible ‘ . ”

Policy devising is done by feedback procedure i.e. input, procedure, end product and feedback. Input is provided by the BoD and top direction, and so they are circulated in the organisation. Employees work harmonizing to these policies and so their pros and cons are observed for the hereafter policy devising.

Significance of strategic planning:

Planing out the hereafter of any concern is the best manner to vouch success. It seems hard in get downing, but as the clip goes by, a scheme is what helps a concern move in the right ( planned ) way. At HBL, one time approved strategic plans become “ bible ” for the whole organisation, every section is given peculiar ends to run into ; every section comes up with its ain scheme on how to accomplish those ends.

SBUs are besides encouraged to come up with their ain concern scheme, since each concern division has better understanding on make up one’s minding the action program to run into marks. Harmonizing to Adnan-ur-Rehman Khan, Senior Manager, Human Resources at HBL “ every division is allowed to come up with its ain scheme to run into the set marks, top direction is flexible in this respect. ”

Types of Strategic Goals

Strategic ends are pecuniary and non pecuniary. Monetary ends are extremely centralized and cascaded down to concerns and construe these ends to SBU ‘s and non pecuniary ends are transferred to back up maps and support maps interpret them. Performance direction system reviews the public presentation of SBU ‘s and support maps, if any disagreement is found, departmental caputs are taken to undertaking.

Monitoring Performance Management System

Advancement of execution of strategic ends is continuously monitored, if any disagreement is found between public presentation degree and set ends, it affects public presentation assessment procedure. If everything goes every bit planned, public presentation direction finally helps in the public presentation assessment of employees. Performance Management ‘s nucleus aim is manage endowment, motive, committedness of the employees towards the organisation and its vision.

They have really strong rating procedure in which the rating is started right off from the 1st twenty-four hours of fall ining to the bank. Right from the first twenty-four hours the immediate supervisor of an employee has a meeting with him and they both discusses about the ends, aims and what is being expected from him. They have cardinal public presentation indexs through which the public presentation of each and every employee is being analyse. With the aid of this cardinal public presentation indexs and the treatment with the supervisor the employee had a clear thought and route map that what he has to make and what is expected from him. The ends are being set by the common apprehension between the employee and his supervisor. This rating is being done on the semi yearly footing. On the footing of this rating employees get their wage rise and evaluations. The more evaluation points you earned the more pay increases you will acquire.

Communication of Goals

Chief executive officer communicates these ends to direct newsmans i.e. departmental caputs which are farther communicated to functional caputs who set their several marks. For illustration: the functional caput of retail banking sets their mark to roll up the sedimentations of Rs 25 million and now it is to be increased to 35 million by 2013. Retail banking allocates ends to its farther 20 parts after a meeting with their several caputs. Regional caputs might necessitate more resources so HR section arranges for that every bit good ( Example quoted by S. Ali Raza Zaidi, VP, Personnel Division, HBL ) .

Policy Making and Risk Management

Board Human Resource Committee ( BHRC ) includes president, president and one independent board member. These three members issue recommendations on HR Initiatives and policies. Similarly there are commissions of conformity and hazard which deals with the affairs like conformity with authorities policies on employment, ethical issues, affairs like sexual torment and the similar.


Transformation from Public to Private

In 2003, under the authorities of General Musharraf a committee called Pakistan Privatization Commission was formed, under the leading of Shaukat Aziz HBL, along with many other companies, was privatized and 51 % of its portions were sold to Aga Khan Fund for Economic and Development ( AKFED ) .

Right Sizing of Workforce:

Earlier when HBL was a public organisation its civilization was unenrgetic, many people under burdened, all duties were shared mistily. When it went private one of the strategic determinations taken was of right sizing. From 31000 employees all over Pakistan, in 1997, the figure was shrunk to around 10000 and it stands at 13000 as of 2012. The right size did non make an ethical issue because the nature of the organisational retention was changed.

Work force cut down to 13000, which increased the productiveness degree and motive because the less-productive employees were laid off which increase single work burden but non so much as to over burden employees and helped organisation cut down cost of extra employees that were non lending plenty.

From Annual Confidential Report to Performance Management system.

Initially HBL used to make the public presentation assessment on one-year footing and this procedure was called one-year confidential study which was as the name suggests kept confidential to the top direction merely. After denationalization bank moved towards public presentation direction system which was by nature more transparent, unfastened to input from assorted sections and was reviewed on a uninterrupted footing to do certain that the public presentation of employees is in line with the schemes made at the top.

Paradigm Shift to Growth-Oriented

Harmonizing to Adnan-ur-Rehman Khan, Senior Manager, Human Resources “ While some organisations are purely concern oriented where the lone thing that affairs is money, on the other extreme there are people centric organisations which are chiefly concerned with its work force, HBL took a midway attack. The organisation believes in public assistance of its employees by imparting their attempts towards accomplishing pecuniary ends. Bank ‘s civilization is such that it ‘s the people who bring in net incomes so it should be people who are benefits the most from the net income which can non be done without organisational growing in the footings of greater market coverage. ”

Organizational Transformation by presenting Golden Handshake Scheme

When the organisation realized that the current work force could non come with many originative thoughts and lacked physical efficiency and could non get by with altering market tendencies due to resistance to alter, HBL introduced aureate handshaking strategy. Under this strategy 25/55 regulation was established i.e. the employees with 25 old ages of experience within the bank and 55 old ages of age were offered 5 months cumulative wage and their services were recognized as an award to HBL.

Inducting Young Blood

Previously discussed aureate handshaking strategy helped HBL to invest immature blood. Since young person is more inclined towards updating themselves with latest techniques, unfastened to alter, hold superior physical strength and more originative head, this scheme helped increase efficiency in the organisation. This immature blood equipped with the originative head and greater penetrations of recent market tendencies helped te bank to turn in the face of ferocious competition.

Tracking Employee Demand and Supply

Management at HBL is alert on approaching vacancies, and how to make full them up. Whenever an employee is about to go forth, he must function the one month notice period, the company foremost looks at the internal pool of campaigners, those who are most eligible to be promoted. If there is no replacing available in the current employees, the bank goes the through the external enlisting procedure ( mentioned above in enlisting procedure ) .

Employee Engagement

Job rotary motion and transportation is done every 3 old ages harmonizing to the policy. The assignment should be changed for this intent. Cipher is allowed to work more than three old ages on the same place, he is either promoted or his occupation is changed, occupation rotary motion is a cardinal policy at HBL.

Job rotary motion plan is besides there for Management Trainee employees who are being rotated to different sections after every 6 months. HBL derives following benefits from their occupation rotary motion policy:

A· A A A A A A A A Explore the Hidden Talent Job Rotation is designed to expose employees to a wider scope of operations in order to help directors in researching their concealed endowment. In the procedure, they are moved through a assortment of assignments so that they can derive consciousness about the existent on the job manner of the organisation and understand the jobs that harvest up at every phase.

A· A A A A A A A A Individuals Explore Their Interests: Sometimes, employees are non cognizant of what would wish to make until they have their custodies on some specific occupation. If their occupation is rotated or they are exposed to different operations, they can place what they are good at and what they enjoy making.

A· A A A A A A A A Identifies Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes: Job Rotation helps directors every bit good as persons identify their KSA ( Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes ) . It can be used in finding who needs to better or upgrade his or accomplishments in order to execute better. This helps in analysing preparation and development demands of employees so that they can bring forth more end product.

A· A A A A A A A A Motivates Employees to Cover with New Challenges: When employees are exposed to different occupations or assigned new undertakings, they try to give their best while efficaciously covering with the challenges coming their manner.

A· A A A A A A A A Satisfaction and Decreases Attrition Rate: Exposing employees to different undertakings and maps increase their satisfaction degree. Job fluctuation reduces the ennui of making same undertaking every twenty-four hours. Furthermore, it decreases attrition rate of the organisation.

A· A A A A A A A A Align Competencies with Requirements: Alliance of competences with demands agencies directing the resources when and where they are required. It assesses the employees and places them at a topographic point where their accomplishments, competences and quality are used to the highest possible extent.

Career guidance when needed

Employees who are non able to execute or desire to go forth the organisation voluntarily they were given inducements which were added in their benefits. In other instances where employees with good public presentation are be aftering to go forth the organisation so they are provided with proper calling guidance by the HR director himself and his reserves are besides sorted out to maximal extent.

Employee as household

To actuate the employee ‘s non pecuniary benefits are besides at that place which includes assemblages, trips to foreign states, field daies, visits, tiffins and formal dinners. This helps the employees feel like portion of the household, instead than merely workers. This is indispensable in footings of relationship edifice, and increasing communicating between the top direction and other employees.

Corporate Scheme

Harmonizing to Adnan-ur-Rehman Khan, Senior Manager, Human Resources “ HBL follows the scheme of variegation, since it deals with different clients, in different markets. We have a different group of clients for Islamic Banking, different for Corporate Banking. We sharply look for new divisions that have a high potency of growing. For illustration, we were the innovators of Zarai Banking, which made our portfolio diverse. ”

HBL is A suppose to be a heterogenous, complex and big organisation therefore there are multiple schemes used. Centralized attack is used for fiscal traffics is used.

Top direction is flexible in this respect that every map can invent its ain concern scheme.

Core Divisions at HBL

HBL ‘s innovator division is Agri funding. They are market leaders and other Bankss are following HBL. The division trades in supplying husbandmans with necessary funding.

Second nucleus division at HBL is Retail Banking.


Seniority based civilization to public presentation based civilization

When the bank was Public limited, the civilization was more inclined towards “ publicity comes with age and trueness. ” The passage to Private limited company ensured that the civilization be changed public presentation based. The senior status now holds less weight as compared to existent public presentation, when it comes to public presentation assessment.

Employee Work hours and Overtime issue

HBL has a really rigorous policy against overtime. Overtime is non appreciated much. Timings are followed purely. Every employee is supposed to go forth the office at 5.30 PM, the usual off clip of the organisation. If an employee is sitting tardily and working, he is obliged to reply as to what took him to register overtime. The civilization is such that when more than 95 % employees leave on clip, including the top direction, employees are by and large demotivated to remain tardily every bit good.


Customer reactivity delivers an first-class client experience. As a planetary research reported, 81 per centum of Bankss with strong capablenesss and competences for presenting client experience excellence are surpassing their competition. An effectual client response scheme enables a bank to present the highest criterions of client attention at a clip when the client most demands it. That degree of attention makes an of import part to client satisfaction and long-run trueness.

Head of resourcing alternatively of caput of enlisting. Outsourcing worker services,


The intent of an organisational construction is to assist in making an environment for human public presentation. It is so, a direction tool and non an terminal in its ain. Although the construction must specify the undertaking to be done, the regulations so established must besides be designed in the visible radiation of abilities and motive of the human resort available. By analysing the organisational construction of HBL presence of the undermentioned elements can be found in its construction.

Passage towards flatter organisation

Another alteration in the private limited company was the remotion of extra degrees in the organisational hierarchy, this helped in cut downing the communicating spread between employees and direction, and among the equals and co-workers of the same appellation.

Centralized Decision Making

By looking at the organisational construction of HBL would be found that the construction at HBL is a critical 1. All the determinations are made at the top direction degree and the subsidiaries have to obey these determinations. This tendency in the determination devising shows a form of rigidness in construction of HBL.

Downward Communication

Communication is the procedure by which information is exchanged and understood by two or more people, normally with the involvement to actuate or act upon the behaviour of others in the organisation. Downward communicating is the message and information sent from top direction to subsidiaries in a downward way. Directors can pass on downward to the employees through addresss, messages in company publications, information cusps, tucked into wage envelops stuff on bulletin boards, policy and process authorizations.

The same form is followed at HBL. No uncertainty it ‘s a really traditional attack but it can make jobs because it ignores the receiving system of the communicating because the issuer of policies and processs does non guarantee communicating. In world may the messages communicated downward are non understood absolutely.

Chain of Command

The concatenation of bid is an unbroken line of authorization that links all individuals in an organisation and shows who reports to whom. By analysing the organisational construction it can be found that there is a scalar rule followed with in the Bank because each and every individual knows to whom can one study. The authorization and duty for different undertakings and responsibilities are different, every bit good as everyone knows the consecutive degrees of direction all the manner to the top.

Authority and Duty

The concatenation of bid illustrates the authorization construction of HBL. Authority is the formal and legitimate right of the trough to do determinations, issues orders and allocates resources to accomplish organisational desired results. By analysing the concatenation of bid of HBL, one can come to the decision that, as there is scalar form followed at the organisational apparatus of HBL therefore it is implied that everyone in his place knows that what is one ‘s authorization and what is the duty and A the A authorization it allocated.


Deputation is the procedure, which directors use to reassign the authorization and duty to place below in the hierarchy. Most organisations today encourage directors to depute authorization to the lowest possible degree to supply maximal flexibleness to run into client demands and adapts to the environment. But at HBL no such system prevails the directors try to maintain as much of the authorization as they can and if some authorization is delegated it is certain that it will be misused.

Performance direction is manual. Normally the supervisor of an employee evaluates the employee ‘s public presentation, and sends his recommendations to his ain supervisor ( or in most instances, the departmental caput ) . The manual system is still widely used and the organisation is loath to travel towards an machine-controlled system due to the costs associated with the computing machine packages, foremost for purchasing the package, so developing every employee how to utilize the package to his advantage and besides for the care and uninterrupted updates. However, the organisation showed desire to travel to the machine-controlled system in future.


Strategic human resource direction brought a figure of

benefits to HBL:

Lending to the end achievement:

By implementing strategic human resource direction HBL has been able to carry through its several ends like stand outing their staff and thriving their clients. It has been able to make so by properly pass oning these ends to all the sections and diminishing the communicating spread between the top direction and the employees.

Supporting and successfully implementing concern schemes of the bank:

Schemes made by the bank like right size of the work force, concentrating on the growing of the company and switching to public presentation direction system were all being successfully implemented at HBL with the aid of employees understanding the importance of the strategic human resource direction.

Making and keeping a competitory advantage for the company:

Agri funding is HBL ‘s nucleus concern and they are considered to be innovators in this class. Every other bank in Pakistan has followed their footfalls in this country of concern, hence agri funding is suppose to be a competitory advantage for HBL which was created with the aid of right way among motivated employees.

Bettering the reactivity and invention potency of the company:

Responsiveness is the most of import factor of service when we talk about Bankss. It focuses on the fact that how rapidly bank resolves clients ‘ questions and jobs or how it deals with them. SHRM at HBL has helped bettering responsiveness factor among employees by authorising them to react to a certain job so and at that place. It has besides helped in increasing the creativeness among employees which finally helped in increasing the invention procedure in all over HBL. Formal preparation systems has played a critical function in bettering the responsiveness factor among employees.

Increasing the figure of executable strategic options available to the company,

Participating in strategic planning and act uponing the strategic way of the company as an every bit entitled member of top direction,

Bettering cooperation between the HRM section and line directors:


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