The Introduction Of Indonesia Tourism Essay

Indonesia, which is the largest archipelago in the universe, consists of 18,108 islands. It has five large islands, and other 30 smaller groups which spread along the equator, which gave Indonesia a tropical clime throughout the twelvemonth. The most populated and largest islands are Sumatra and Java. The other islands which are besides as of import and celebrated as Sumatra and Java are Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and Irian Jaya. The capital metropolis of Indonesia is located in Java, Jakarta, which has about the same size as Singapore ( Jakarta = 750.

28 km2 and Singapore = 707.1 km2 ) .Since Indonesia is located across the equator, the state has a tropical clime throughout the twelvemonth. It consists of 6 months of dry season, and 6 months of raining season, though it is non ever exactly 6 months. West seashore of Sumatra, West Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and Papua receive the highest rainfall due to the cragged country of its topographic point.Winds are moderate and by and large predictable, with monsoons normally blowing in from the South and E in June through September and from the Northwest in December through March. Typhoons and large-scale storms pose small jeopardy to seamans in Indonesia Waterss ; the major danger comes from fleet currents in channels, such as the Lombok and Sape passs.

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( ‘Climate of Indonesia ‘ 2009 )

Tourist Destinations & A ; Types of Tourism

Indonesia consists of 32 states and each state has particular attractive forces to pull the visitants, and this are the account of three major tourer finishs in Dutch east indies:


Jakarta is the capital metropolis of the Republic of Indonesia, a state composed of more than 13,000 islands with a population of over 180 million. Consisting more than 300 cultural groups talking 200 different linguistic communications, the Indonesia population exhibits marked diverseness in its lingual, civilization, and spiritual traditions. ( ‘Jakarta Tourism ‘ 2006 )Peoples who come to Jakarta normally want to bask the epicurean metropolis life.

Jakarta provides many great shopping promenades, bars, luxury eating houses and best service hotels. Jakarta besides offers historical touristry for the visitants such as: Taman Ismail Marzuki Art Center, Jakarta 1945 Museum, Keong Mas, Sunda Kelapa Harbour, National Museum, Ancient Inscription Museum, and Jakarta History Museum.


With a repute as being one of the most beautiful and diverse musca volitanss in Asia, Bali attracts about 1,000,000 visitants a twelvemonth, from all around the universe. Geographically, Bali lies between the island of Java and Lombok. Bali is little, stretching about 140 kilometers from E to west and 80 kilometer from north to south. Slightly off Centre, and running east to west, is a twine of volcanic mountains.

The tallest and the holiest is Gunung Agung, and the tallness 3,142 metres above the sea degree. ( ‘Bali Tourism ‘ 2006 )Bali offers many attractive forces for the visitants to do them come once more and once more. First is from the escapade touristry in Bali such as Grajagan, Uluwatu, river kayaking, and rafting activities. For the faith finishs, Bali has Pura Luhur Temple, Gajah Cave, Besakih Temple, and Tanah Lot Temple. Bali besides has many cultural attractive forces such as The Dramatic of Kecak Dance, Ngaben, and Barong Dance.


Yogyakarta Particular Region ( Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta, DIY ) is officially one of Indonesia ‘s 32 states. Yogyakarta is one of the first cultural Centres of Java. This part is located at the pes of the active Merapi vent. This state is one of the most dumbly populated countries of Indonesia.

Gamelan, classical and modern-day Javanese dances, wayang kulit ( leather marionette ) , theatre and other looks of traditional art will maintain the visitant spellbound. ( ‘Yogyakarta Tourism ‘ 2006 )Yogyakarta is celebrated for its civilization. Visitors normally come to Yogyakarta to see and bask its cultural touristry such as Sonobudoyo Museum, Imogiri, Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat Palace The Kraton, Kalasan Temple, and Prambanan Temple.

Tourism Characteristic

Domestic Characteristic

Indonesia is a state with a mix of interesting civilizations, alien nutrients, and beautiful topographic points. That is why it is rather a waste if the universe ne’er knows about Indonesia, and by so here comes the function of Indonesian premier curate to hike the touristic values of Indonesia, and brings out the best of Indonesia in the eyes of the universe.

The section which controls over the touristry and civilization in Indonesia is called Ministry of Tourism and Culture, which is presently seated by Jero Wacik. The vision and mission of this ministry is to:


Imagine a national individuality, integrity of state in multiculture, people ‘s public assistance and international cooperation

Mission # 1

To transport out preservation and civilization development based on cultural value.

Mission # 2

To develop publicity and touristry finish in order to obtain competitory advantage.

Mission # 3

To develop civilization and touristry resources.

Mission # 4

To develop clean authorities and public answerability ( ‘Vision & A ; Mission ‘ 2006 )What they do is fundamentally:a. explicating national policy, implementing policy, and proficient policy in civilization and touristry country ;b.

implementing authorities matter as harmonizing to its country ;c. pull offing the ministry belongingss ;d. supervising the execution of the responsibility ;e. presenting study rating, suggestion, and consideration to the President of the Republic of Indonesia. ( ‘Position, Duty, Function, and Authority ‘ 2006 )Since by making that are non plenty to advance Indonesia to the universe, they created one subject called ‘Visit Indonesia ‘ , it can be found in ‘http: //

info ‘ .They have launched ‘Visit Indonesia 2008 ‘ with the subject of marking 100 old ages of Indonesia ‘s rousing on 26 December 2007.The figure of Visit Indonesia Year 2008 stigmatization took the construct of Garuda Pancasila as the Indonesian manner of life, but it was performed by absolutely modern attack. The 5 norms draw by 5 different colored lines and symbolized the Indonesian Unity in Diversity. This logo trade name was formulated into dynamic figure and colourss as the execution of Indonesian Dynamic which is developing. The types of letters of logo trade name is driven from the Indonesian elements which absolutely by modern attack. ( ‘Logo Visit Indonesia Year 2008 ‘ 2006 )

International Characteristic

The Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report 2009 release a statement about universe touristry. From the statement, Indonesia has place in 81th.

( ‘World Tourism: Indonesia ‘s Rank is 81th ‘ n.d. )

Reading from the sentence above, we will recognize that Indonesia really needs to pay more attending on the touristry subdivision as it has a batch of potencies to be explored. Different from the neighbouring state, Singapore, it is in top 10 after Switzerland, Austria, German, France, Canada, Spain, Swedia, US, and Australia.The figure of tourers geting at Soekarno-Hatta, one of major and busiest International Airport in Indonesia, in January 2009 is 92,136. ( ‘Tourism Statistic ‘ n.

d. )

International Airport


Soekarno-Hatta92136Ngurah Rai173919Polonai11248Batam81601Juanda10665Sam Ratulangi1981Minangkabau3757Tg. Priok5911Tg. Pinang9909Other79369Entire473165Although Indonesia ‘s clime is tropical, but the conditions is unpredictable, sometimes it can hold a really humid conditions so all of a sudden it rained to a great extent. But the best clip to see Indonesia is from April to October. ( ‘Best Time to Visit Indonesia ‘ 2009 )

Current & A ; Future Target Market

The current mark market for Indonesia touristry now is Japan, Australia, Korea, Taiwan, and a figure of Europe. ( ‘Jambi and Visit Indonesia Year: Sumatra ‘ 2009 ) They normally go to Bali or Jakarta because it celebrated with the natural beaches, beautiful scenery, great shopping Centre, and many others.

China, India, Russia and Middle East are the future mark market for Indonesia touristry. Minister Wacik besides aiming 6.5 million foreign tourer visitants for 2009, merely somewhat more visitants than the figure achieved in 2008 ( 6.433.509 ) ( ‘Tourism Indonesia ‘ 2009 )

5. Potential Finishs

Mentawai Island

Mentawai Island is located in center of Indian Ocean and it takes nine hours travel from Padang ( West Sumatera ) to make at that place. Mentawai Island is a nature topographic point for people who want to take a interruption from metropolis state of affairs.

It is besides the natural home ground for 16 endemic species and some of them are classify as rare species such as Simakobu monkey.Mentawai Island has some best beaches which offer one of the highest moving ridges in the universe from three to four metres. There are besides four plunging topographic point in Mentawai Island such as Siberut, Sipore, Pagai Utara and Pagai Selatan. The best moving ridges are during dry season which is started from April until October.World ‘s best breaker is one of the particular attractive forces that Mentawai Island offers that can do this island go one of the possible finishs.

Nikoi Island

Nikoi Island is located at 8 kilometers off the east seashore of Bintan Island.

Nikoi Island besides near with Singapore, it ‘s merely take two and a half hours from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal.Nikoi Island can be one of the Indonesia ‘s possible finishs because it offers many attractive forces such as seafaring, snorkelling, nature find, and a broad scope of non-motorised H2O athleticss. Nikoi Island besides provides professional teachers to learn the visitants sculpture and picture, cookery, and yoga. All of the installations in above brand Nikoi Island more particular than the other islands.


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