The interview at Wenger Christ school. In

The blind side is an American inspiration movie released in2009 and it’s based on Michael Lewis’s 2006 book “weakness: the gameprocess” adapted from. The main character of the film is Michael O’Harewho was a homeless black teentransform to an All-American first-round draft pick. In the past 17 years ofMichael’s life, he has lived in different foster homes and he will have escapedand looked for his mother every timewhen he is sent to a new home. Michael has never met his father and her motheris a drug addict.               One day, Michael’s friend’s fathertook Michael and his son to go for an interview at Wenger Christ school. Inorder to get his son into the school, he took Michael with him, he tried topersuade the coach that Michael would be an asset and beneficial to theschool’s football program based on his tremendous size.

Michael successfullygets enroll in Wenger Christ school but he couldn’t fit in the new school withhis little formal education he had. He could hardly blend in with hisclassmates and most of his teacher believe he is unteachable.              Onthe eve of Thanksgiving, Leigh Anne met Michael in shorts and trembled in abitter cold winter. When Leigh Anne finds out Michael is homeless, out ofsympathetic to such situation, she invites Michael to her home for a stay. Fromthis point, Michael started a new life with Tuohy family, they took him in,they clothed him, they fed him, they paid for his private education, the mostimportantly, they showered him with love that he has been craving for. DespiteMichael’s poor academic performance, Leigh Anne found he scored 98 percentilesin protective distinct.

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All things in their being are good for something, LeighAnne is fully believing that Michael has his own potential to fulfil his dream. However, things are not going smoothly as theyexpected. Although based on Michael’s tremendous size and physical strength hasan advantage in the field, but he is lacking the basic knowledge of theAmerican football. In a consequence, his performance in the field wasn’t idealas expected.

Leigh Anne doesn’t give up on Michael, she uses her own way to tryto explain and analyze how important his role in the game. S.J, the son ofLeigh Anne begins intensive football training with Michael. With the help andmotivation of Tuohy family, Michael started to identify his role and masteredthe skills of American football. He begins to play well and useful to hisfootball team in Wenger Christ school.  There comes another challenge to Michael’s life.Out of circumstances of Michael’s low CGPA on his academic, he might not beable to obtain the first-class scholarship for the National Football League.Therefore, Leigh Anne hires a private tutor, Miss Sue, to assist Michael’shomework.

With the dedicated of Miss Sue and the determination of Michael, hehas a huge improvement on his grades which he scored 2.52 in his final CGPA.Hard work and effort never betrays, Michael got the golden opportunity to signwith the University Mississippi. However, a call from National CollegiateAthletic Association (NCAA), asking Michael to assist with an investigationwhich is they suspected the intend of Tuohy family adopted him. NCAA suspectsthat Tuohy family is funding Michael to ensure him to play football and win thechampionship for University Mississippi which is Tuohy’s alma mater.  Michael drowning in the confusion, he questionedLeigh Anne if she helped him through hard time for their own gain. Leigh Annelets Michael knows that he can always count on her for support, whatever hedecides to do in his life as long as he is happy.

  He realized Leigh Anne sincerity and herunconditional love towards him. Michael return to assist with the investigationof NCAA and clarify the reason he chose University Mississippi has no uncertainterms with Tuohy family. University Mississippi is his choice because this isthe school his parents go to then so it be. Michael goes to UniversityMississippi as he wished and leads his college football team to victory aftervictory.

At the end of the films saying that Michael becomes a NationalFootball League player later on.  Dimension of Positive Psychology  According to Martin E.P. Seligman, the rangeof topics within positive psychology is quite large. However, Seligman’s conclusionis that happiness has three dimensions that can be cultivated which arepleasant life, good life and meaningful life. An individual which fulfillingthese three dimensions will be able to achieve the stage of “full life”(Seligman & Csikszentmihalyi, 2000).

An individual living a full life willbe able to feel and savor positive feelings about the past, present and futureto obtain abundant gratification. In the movie of “the blind side”, the maincharacter Michael O’Hare had fulfilled all these three dimensions of positivepsychology therefore he had achieved the state of “full life”.              Thefirst dimension of positive psychology is at the subjective level which ispleasant life. It focusses on positive subjective states or positive emotionsuch as happiness, satisfaction with life, joy, relaxation, love contentment,optimism, hope and intimacy. It is also involving the pleasure of positiveaffect and personal well-being.

Seligmanprovides a mental “toolkit” to achieve what he calls the pleasantlife by enabling people to think constructively about the past, gain optimismand hope for the future and, as a result, gain greater happiness in thepresent. It can be shown in the movie whenTuohy’s family begin to treat Michael as part of the family and vice versa,they showered him with agape love which is selfless love, oriented towardsgiving and not taking. For example, Leigh Anne reading bedtime stories toMichael because she knows that his mother has never read any to him, she istrying to express a love of mother to him.              Thesecond dimension of positive psychology looks at the individual level which isgood life. It focuses on a study of positive individual traits, is that a traitrefers to something more enduring and permanent in one’s behavior over time andrelatively stable such as honesty, courage, wisdom, persistence, determination,creativity, humility, integrity and etc. These positive individual traits aregoing to lead an individual to an increased drive for greater success.

AlthoughMichael doesn’t understand the basic rules of American football but still henever gives up and had intensive football training with SJ until he masteredthe skills of American football and figures out his own roles in the field. Notmerely that, Michael couldn’t hardly read and learned in different wayscompared to other students, as a result he showed poor academicperformance with low CGPA. In order to obtain first-class scholarship for theNational Football League, Michael determined to improve his grades with thehelp of his private tutor, Miss Sue. Hard work paid off, Michael not onlybecomes an outstanding football player, he also had a huge improvement in hisacademic performance which his final CGPA is 2.52.

Michael showed that he isusing his determination to obtain gratification in the important areas in hislife.               Atthe societal level which is meaningful life is also one of the dimension ofpositive psychology. It focuses on the development, creation and maintenance ofpositive institutions.

In this area, positive psychology addresses issues suchas the development of civic virtues, the creation of healthy families, thestudy of the healthy work environments and positive communities. Positivepsychology may also be involved in investigations that look at how institutionscan work better to support and nurture all of the citizens they impact. Inshort, meaningful life also seek for belongingness of a sense of social supportsuch as positive relationship. While this dimension could be found in the film,when Leigh Anne put all her heart to help a homeless black teen, Michael, topursuit his dream without any terms. At first, out of sympatry as a humanbeing, Leigh Anne invites Michael to her home a stay. But as time passed by,she takes charge of his life, ensuring Michael has every opportunity tosucceed. As soon she finds out his potential which he scored 98 marks inprotect distinct, she tried her best to motivate and coach him on how to usehis talent in the football team.

Apart from that, Leigh Anne hired a privatetutor, Miss Sue, to assist Michael’s homework to improve his grades to the pointwhere he would qualify for the first-class scholarship. Leigh Anne using herown strengths to help Michael transform from a homeless teen to the first-roundpick of the Baltimore Ravens in the 2009 National Football League draft, asense of social support had come from Leigh Anne.            Positive Coping TheoryCoping is aresponse aimed at diminishing the physical, emotional, and psychological burdenthat is linked to stressful life events and daily hassles (Synder & Dinoff,1999, p. 5).

There are three types of coping styles which are emotion-focus coping,problem-focus coping, and avoidance. Emotion-focusedcoping is directed at regulating emotional responses to problems (Lazarus & Folkman, 1984). There are two subtypes underemotion-focused coping which are cognitive and behavioral. Cognitiveemotion-focused coping are the ways of thinking that attempt to draw attentionaway from the more painful elements of a situation by reinterpreting thesituation, using positive thinking to block out negative emotions, or by theuse of selective attention (Compton, 2005). Behavioral emotion-focusedcoping involves doing something to regulate one’s emotions, such as exercise,meditation, or simply venting anger (Compton, 2005). At the beginning of themovie, Michael performed behavioral emotion-focused coping. He wrote out aletter and threw it into the rubbish bin.

The letter he wrote was expressinghis emotions, such as he felt suffer because he did not understand whatteachers taught in school. In the middle of the movie, Leigh Anne drove Michaelback his home to get his clothes, but his mother had moved. The house was emptyand forbidden to enter. He cried at the corner. This shows he released hisnegative emotions into crying.

 The othercoping style, which is problem-focused coping, involves the use of realisticstrategies that could make a tangible difference in the situation that causesthe stress (Compton, 2005). There are two subtypes underproblem-focused coping which are changing situation and changing self. In thismovie, Michael performed changing self’s problem-focused coping. At the beginning, he had no idea whatlecturers taught during lessons. Most of his teacher believes that he isunteachable, except his science teacher, Mrs. Boswell who figured out thatMichael learning way is different compared to other students, he is poor atreading part but he is excellent in listening part.

Since then, she tried touse different ways to assist Michael’s homework. As a result, Michael had ahuge improvement on his academic result.  The another coping style is avoidance, which means aperson attempts to run away from stress, refuses to confront difficultiespresented by life events, or attempts to deny their impact and importance (Compton, 2005). In the movie, Michael had used avoidance coping todeal with some situations. When the principal informed him the death news ofhis father, he avoids eyes contact and try not to reply or replied with shortsentences. He avoided answer Leigh Anne questions that were related to himselfand his family. Not merely that, Michael showed avoidance when he invited toassist with an investigation which the National Collegiate Athletic Association(NCAA), suspected the intend of Tuohy family adopted him. He ran away from theinvestigator, Jocelyn Granger, when she triggered Michael with some sensitivequestions during the investigation.

  Top-down TheoryTop-downtheory is more related to a general tendency to evaluate and interpretexperiences in a positive way (Compton, 2005). Inthis movie, Michael said that when he was still young, his mother will havetold him to close his eyes when she took drugs or something bad happened. Afterall those passed through, she told him to close his eyes and said “The past isgone, the world is a good place, and it’s all going to be okay.” (Hancock,2009).

Although his mother took drugs, but he did not follow the path of hismother. He interpreted those bad experiences hehad as a lesson to himself, so he would not make the same mistakes that hismother did. Besides that, in theself-evaluation test, Michael scored very low in other fields but 98% in theprotective instincts field. Most of the lecturers in school thought that was aweird and bad thing.

But only Leigh Anne interpret this as a positive characterthat Michael had. During the football practice, Michael did not play it well,always got scolded by his coach. Leigh Anne “used” his 98% protective instinctand turned this into football playing strategy, which was assumed his teammatesas his family. Thus, he managed to play well in his football playing.          Hope Theory            Hope theoryperceived an individual’s ability to create method to reach one’s desiredgoals. Hope theory says that hope is actually the result of two processes: (1)pathways, or believing that one can find ways to reach desired goals; and (2)agency, or believing that one can become motivated enough to pursue those goals(Synder, Rand, & Sigmon, 2002).

 Pathway thought represent the perceived abilityto find several routes or ways to one’s desired goals. With little formaleducation Michael had, he couldn’t cope with the classes in Wenger ChristSchool. While most of his teacher believes that he is unteachable, except hisscience teacher, Mrs. Boswell believes that he is not stupid as other teachersthought, she knows that Michael’s learning method is different with the rest ofthe students in class.

Mrs. Boswell found Michael is good in listening whilepoor at reading and writing part, that’s the reason he couldn’t answers theexam papers. Hence, Mrs. Boswell finds other ways to assist Michael which ishaving verbal exam with him. As a result, Michael’s grades have an obviousimprovement. Apart from that, Leigh Anne found that Michael needed 2.5 CGPA to bequalified to get the first-class scholarship for the National Football League butMichael’s current CGPA is too low. After discussing with her husband, Mr.

Tuohy, they decided to hire a private tutor who is Miss Sue to assist Michael’shomework. As a result, Michaels successfullyget the opportunity to sign with the university he desired for. These examples fromthe movie shows that an individual can achieved desired goals by the way ofhope theory which is pathway. An individual should generate multiples pathwaysfor their desired goals, if a path gets blocked one should consider the otheroption.              Nevertheless, pathways areuseless without the associated agency-inducing cognitions (Snyder, Cheavens,& Michael, 1999; Snyder, Michael, & Cheavens, 1999).

These agencythoughts are reflected in the positive self-talk that is exhibited by high-hopeindividuals (e.g., “I can do this” or “I will not give up”; Snyder, LaPointe,Crowson, & Early, 1998). High-hope people are sustained by their agencythinking when confronted with challenging situations or impediments (Snyder,1994, 1999). For example, from the movie, American football spring game isaround the corner, Michael still couldn’t master the skill of it, he felt verydistressed and upset about his performance.

While Leigh Anne came to visitMichael for his football training, she motivates Michael with his excellentresult of protective instincts. She told him that the football team members areimportant as his family, he must fully use his potential to protect the team inthe game just as he protected Tuohy family. Michael keeps the words from LeighAnne in his mind during his training and he begins to play well and contributeto his football team.

However, pathway and agency should be working together inorder to generate the effective result.       CONCLUSION            At the end of this movie, Michael scored GPA of 2.52 withthe love and support from Leigh Anne and her family, his teachers at school andMiss Sue, his private teacher hired by Leigh Anne. Besides, he gets enrolled oneof the best universities, which was Ole Miss University.

Now, due to thosepeople who had helped him got through his hard times, he was able to pursue hiscareer as a footballer in his future. The contribution he made was undeniable. Inmy opinion, he is a very different boy compare to the others. He has a generousheart, open minded attitude that allowed him to transform from a shy person toa more communicative person. On the other hand, he showed tolerance andforgiveness toward his drug addict mother and friends, showed kindness to thechildren even though they ran away from him for the first time. He is hard-workingperson, as a footballer and a student.

Because of his positive characteristics,he became a successful person at the end. There are several things that comesinto my mind when I watched this movie. The first thought was, never judge abook by its cover, because we never know who the real person is.

The secondthought was, racial discrimination does exist all around the world. We as human beingshould take this seriously. The third thought was, human being should practicepositive attitudes when dealing with difficult situations meanwhile maintain ourdaily routine. Last but not least, the sculpture of these words “with men thisis possible, but with God all things are possible” showed us having faith is necessaryand beneficial in each one ‘s life.


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