THE interest towards project management and gave


IF YOUHAVEN’T FOUND IT YET KEEP LOOKING. DON’T SETTLE.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 -SteveJobsAs a Performance Engineer at Wells Fargo Enterprise GlobalServices, India and a Test Analyst at Cognizant Technology services, I juggleddifferent roles of  team player, teamlead and a mentor at an early stage of my career. This exposure strengthened myinterest towards project management and gave me an opportunity to hone mytechnical, communication as well as leadership skills. My analytical skills andpassion for problem solving  alwaysallowed me to make the most out of the material available or tasks allocated,in terms of acquiring knowledge. Rapid developments in the fields ofInformation management left me fascinated with MIS. In order to acquire thenecessary technical expertise in the areas of project management and dataanalysis, I seek to pursue formal training in MIS. I know that Masters atUNOmaha is a natural first step to prepare myself to meet the demandingstandards of this rapidly changing industry.

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After graduating as an electrical engineer, my commendableknowledge in Information Technology concepts secured me a place at one of theworld’s leading IT consultancy, Cognizant Technology Solutions. Rigoroustraining at Cognizant helped me gain adept knowledge in performance testingconcepts along with soft skills. I chose to be always  involved with projects where communicationand coordination among multiple teams played a crucial role in the quality ofdeliverables.  This exposure was a majorcontributor in my transition from a student to a software professional.

Myquest to learn new tools enabled me to learn 6 different performance testingand monitoring tools in a span of less than a year. I had a wonderfulopportunity to work with one of Cognizant’s prestigious clients “The HartfordInsurance”, an American insurance company, which acquainted me with differentstages of software life cycle. It helped me discover my inherent aptitude inproblem solving and enthusiasm to confront challenges.This in turn enabled myparticipation in cross-functional meetings for issue troubleshooting.

Apart from the project deliverables, I have always been aninnovative contributor to the project. As part of process improvement, Iautomated different processes. This yielded 50 to 70% savings on the effort inthe project. Being a single resource in the project for over a year, I wasinvolved in end to end performance testing life cycle and successfullydelivered the project with minimal involvement of manager. While handling theactivities of the projects, I volunteered to mentor new joinees and this leadme to become the go to person for all the new joinees.  In the later years, I led a team of 5 from off-shoreand completed a project without compromising the quality of deliverables.I  received an award of recognition fromthe client for my dedication in work and contribution to the project. Thebusiness processes and management have always amused me.

With an increasinginterest towards management I have organized multiple team building activitiesand held extensive training sessions in the team.As a person, I admire creative works and am passionate to doany work that involves creativity.  Iinvest my free time in creating art from scrap and my projects revolve aroundrecycling.

I am a novice triathlete, an amatuer violinst and a photographyenthusiast. Being an active part of Cognizant’s Outreach club, I haveparticipated and organized multiple social events. Being an associate at Cognizant, Project planning, projectdeliverables and training the new joinees in parallel was a mammoth of a task.However, with experience and gradually acquiring familiarity of the domain, Imade significant progress towards project management over the last 4 years andsuccessfully delivered 3 projects with additional process improvement add-ons,taking up tasks that allowed me to punch well above my weight.

My proactivecontributions towards the process improvement in the projects were thoroughlyappreciated by the clients. This experience shaped my confidence in embracingproject management. It was imperative that I invested in educating myselfformally, to make effective contributions befitting my passion for project management.Ranked amongst the Forbes America’s Top Colleges, University ofNebraska Omaha offers one of the premier MIS programs in the region. I amhighly impressed by the extensive curriculum, accomplished faculty members andthe diversity of the student body representing over 100 countries. Although mycurrent job honed my skills and knowledge, attending graduate school paves wayfor advanced and structured learning. I believe attending MS in MIS program atUNO will enable me to carve a niche for myself in the industry along withdeepening my expertise and strengthen my skills far better and support me in myfuture endeavours.



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