The influence of Milton Trager on massage therapy Essay

The influence of milton trager on massage therapyIntroductionWe have always had of the unique power of healing through massage.  From history and Mr. Trager’s bibliography we find out of how from curiosity he nurtured and developed it in his studies.  Mr. Milton studied medicine, physical therapy, psychiatry and meditation.  Over a lifetime of practice he evolved his work into extraordinary approaches to mind and body.  His approach has influenced how people practice in many fields of mind, body, medicine, body work and somantic movement education.

  Many people by passion are interested in the  therapy fields.He trained people who developed his concepts and more were interested and attended classes to learn and experience the long, immediate and dramatic effects he had.  He taught manner of working or work ethics conduct codes and principles and a special manner of being that provides a practitioner the healing impact …Marrone (1991, p.14).  Through this and interest developed by people and his clients he revolutionized and rejuvanated the massage therapy field.

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  Through his work many people have changed their lives, since change is desired by everyone to improve quality of life, existing environment work and career; Mr. Milton Trager influenced this field by imparting knowledge and practicing perfectly.  It is by his approach to life and handling of human body that had a greater impact on the society. In addition to want he initiated by developing  a curriculum structure of conduct to be used for training people and tutors in institutes.  This method is most efficient and has been used for long period and it is evident through Trager institute which concentrated to training people in this field.

 His methods practices and manner of work has been adopted by many other training institutions.  Through the application of his principles in body work, concepts like hook up, softness holding patterns pauses, mentastics and weights on human body brought so many changes in people’s life and in the massage therapy field because they are the guidelines and specific practices… Marrone (1991, p.46). Having identified potential techniques  and useful tactics he developed them and continued teaching advanced trainings to pass on the skills and practices to students. Being a doctor helped him specialize in many different fields hence developing the field and widening the scope with research to enable students and other scholars access his findings and as a result it has been adopted . This is has been the greatest impact since the skills and knowledge is being practiced and taught even after his death.ConclusionHe has positively impacted how the over massage therapy should be done through practices and education.  He is the father of the massage I can confidently say since he revolutionized how massage through the wider knowledge it can be done and practiced.

The results of his specialty  and profile as a doctor is evident in the society since many people have been healed, more practitioners have emerged and others are aspiring to be massage therapists as a result of practices and approaches he discovered. More specialized trainings named after him are offered….. Marrone (1991, p.

146).By personal involvement in this field, he has a great positive impact on individuals who have gained more from his techniques and approach. The whole experience and view on massage therapy mostly by men was changed from what they always believed to an opportunity for economic empowerment especially  from people who are from a conservative society.REFERENCE LISTMarrone, R. (1991).

Body of Knowledge: An Introduction to Body/mind Psychology. London: Suny Press.;


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