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The research articlebasically stresses upon the development of syntactical complexity of writing ofthe two people learning German as their second language with English as a firstlanguage.

The study was conducted over the period of four semesters with theuse of developmental profiling techniques. The main focus was to compare thepaths of those two individuals and check if there were any similarities anddifferences between them. This studystudies variation in terms of frequencies of the selected complexity features(coordinate, nominal, and nonfinite verb structures) using corpus analysistechniques with semi?automatic corpus annotation. The results showed thatin the first half, basically, there was an increase in the frequency and rangeof syntactical complexity features for both the individuals but in the secondhalf they diverged and there was a significant difference between theirwritings.

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The article also gives some suggestions for the future to make thingsbetter.This examination includes to the longitudinal examination of L2 headwayby solidifying developmental profiling and corpus examination methods. Itsupplements the right presently small collection of “concreteobservational affirmation …

that inter-language many-sided quality in momentlingo era increases as person inter-language sentence structures make, and thatthe increases are noteworthy vis?à?vis the mapped a course of moment lingoheadway”. It supplements and fine?tunes comes around since of a pastreport, giving in?depth developmental profiles of two central understudies withrespect to particular syntactic complexity, an under-explored zone to date.These progressive levels of examination have driven to more noteworthyunderstanding into similitudes and contrasts between person formative waystaken in the same guidelines context.At long final, understudy corpus investigate ought to take advantage ofadvancements in the NLP field, which grant dynamically strong parsing andcomment devices. Such a marriage of LCR and NLP can quicken the taking care ofof a parcel of lingo data, which can provoke more fast propels in longitudinalSLA to ask approximately. In expansion, with more corpus examination resourcesmade open to tongue teachers, they will have the capacity to organize theirclaim small understudy corpora, quickly recoup understudy developmental profilesas diagrams, and offer those with their understudies for the reasons forcharacterizing learning targets, feedback, and evaluation.


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