The importance of human resouce management and business strategies Essay

The human resource direction section in organisations has acquired increased strategic accent, the importance of its alignment human resource direction ( HRM ) and concern schemes is well-acknowledged. To hold an effectual HRM section is indispensable in order to be able to run into the market demands with skilled and qualified employees at all times. Technology and HRM have great influences against each other, HR experts have to be flexible to follow engineerings that allow the reengineering of the HR section, and besides fix to keep organisational and work-design alterations caused by engineering, and are able to keep suited managerial clime for advanced and knowledge-based organisations.

Technological progresss are enforced chiefly by high outlooks from human resource professionals for sweetening in velocity, cost and effectivity.

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The information engineering in human resources direction application, will be helpful for the re-definition and optimising human resources direction operation flow.This besides raises the on the job efficiency, improves the class of service, and therefore increasing the information and professional human resources direction platform ‘s productiveness. Surely, in every bit much as information engineering has contributed to the growing of human resource direction, it is besides of import to foreground that human resource direction will continually to turn in all branching.But the information engineering besides to a certain extent steady developed certain map for the human resources.This research will analyse all facet of the use of engineering in human resource direction and how chances are still at that place to help the progress of human resource.


Understanding of HRMDe Cenzo and Robbins ( 1996: p8 ) defined HRM as the portion of the organisation that is concerned with the people as a whole and renders support in all facet to them.

Sequel to this, is the definition given by Bratton and Gold ( 2003: p7 ) , that HRM is the strategic attack to pull offing employment dealingss with accent to the capableness of the employees so as to prolong competitory border. Last, Alan Price ( 2004: p32 ) gave a instead accurate HRM ‘s definition as that portion of the organisation responsible for enrolling capable, dynamic and committed people, so as to pull off and honor their attempts which will take to competences for the organisation.The most of import portion of the organisation is human resource direction. Having a human resource direction is non merely the fact but holding an effectual one cheapness is able to aline the organisation ends into action is the most of import thing.

Finding revealed by Evan et Al ( 2002 ) shows that human resource direction is a nucleus portion and plus of any organisation because it is really of import in the sustaining of concern success. Cross ( 2000 ) , shows that human resource direction inter-connects all people in the direction and development of the organisation. Likewise, human resource direction is the driving force of the organisation.Harmonizing to the concern lexicon, human resource direction is defined as an administrative activity associated with planning, enlisting, choice motive every bit good as developing people through work.

( hypertext transfer protocol: // )Information engineering on the other manus takes a proactive definition which looks at theToday, human resource direction is now faced by many jobs which is fast doing it less effectual in many ways.PRESENCE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY IN HRMThe importance of engineering ca n’t be ignored sagely because of the many advantages it gives to employees every bit good as the overall success it provides for human resource direction which every bit translates to the overall organisational construction in a positive manner. Information engineering, by no uncertainty has helped to value the work force as a relevant plus that defines the overall organisation ‘s civilization and doctrine.The usage of information engineering in human resource direction can be seen visibly in the manner and operation of human resource direction.

Today, the preparation and choice method is done via the usage of information engineering and this is fast doing the overall procedure more effectual than of all time as a whole. Jerman-Blazic, ( 1996 ) stated that the usage of cyberspace and information engineering offers much quicker entree to latest scientific and technological inventions of the companies and research establishment. This peculiar true because human resource will continually pay attending to transmutation of employees in the organisation merely as engineering would be driving tool to attach to this aim. Acquiring and garnering fresh cognition whether auxiliary or bing 1s can merely be attained via information that is technological in nature. Further to this, this research worker feels that information engineering offer consciousness and it is the driving force of alterations every bit good. This observation can be seen by the research conducted by Lindstrom, Moberg & A ; Rapp ( 1997 ) which says:“ With Internet and ( more loosely ) Information-and-Communications-Technology ( ICT ) development in the full swing for the last two decennaries, organisations have been provided with ‘a whole scope of new possibilities for executing work and structuring organisation ”In another reappraisal, “ new engineering may besides be required for implementing a low cost scheme if the engineering can better efficiency ” ( Mondy, Noe & A ; Premeaux 1999, p148 ) .

The acceptance of information engineering assists closely in the cost analysis of any intending undertaking that the human resource is set abouting since there are improved efficiency in all branching. The procedure of human resource planning requires some degree of technological application which will be incorporated into the overall strategic execution of the company. Mondy, Noe & A ; Premeaux ( 1999 ) besides concluded that alining information engineering to human resource direction supports the overall execution of program every bit good as carry oning analysis.

Similarly, in clip and labour direction, the usage of information engineering ca n’t be ignored because it is advantageous. IT enables the assemblage and application of employee clip and work information. It enables the trailing of employee in a scientific manner that allows for easy analysis. It besides enable human resource directors or senior forces to cognize which employee is really executing and the 1s that are non executing and demo betterment. Drucker ‘s work ( 2001 ) besides added to this position by back uping that IT tracks employee ‘s performance.. It is a known fact that many organisation differ in their attack to human resource planning and patterns.

E-HRM IN THE TODAY ORGANIZATIONErnst finds that “ electronic human resource direction ( e-HRM ) is a web-based tool to automatize and back up HR procedures. The execution of e-HRM is an chance to depute the informations entry to the employees. eHRM facilitates the use of HR market places ( e-recruitment ) and offers more self-service to the employees ” ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. )The demand to garner and hold conceptual cognition in this modern universe is fast going a necessity and therefore the acceptance and usage of information engineering in human resource is no longer a new thing. When human resource and information engineering are brought together, we see that there preparation leads to what we call e-HRM. A term used to denote the acceptance of information engineering in the human resource direction section or policies.

Information engineering and human resource direction is now known as “ e-HRM ” ( Zhang & A ; Wang ) . IT has brought about revolution in organisation through the acceptance merely as houses are now holding corporate web site which is now switching the manual signifier of making occupation to the computerized one such that error are eliminated to the minimum degree. Consequently, the procedure of engaging new employees has been disputing and rather tasking. Tim Knox, in his article entitled “ adept schemes for engaging best employees ” suggests the usage of information engineering of engaging possible campaigners to the occupation. The traditional position should be discarded and give manner to the claims of Tim.

Today, many companies through the human resource section are now using employee through the Internet and other technological agencies. This is assisting to cut down the demanding circle of holding to be so physically in all the procedure that requires attendings. Kanungo ‘s ( 2006 ) work can be used to back up this statement as he labelled out that IT is so relevant and of import besides in the net income accretion of the company. Knowledge direction is really important and of import for garnering cognition that will be utile in all branchings and surfaces of the organisation. Since human resource section works with all sections, there is a demand to understand that information engineering is really indispensable and of import as good.Similarly, remembering Jens et Al ( 2010 ) work, one is able to see that HRIS and eHRM is used merely at the professional and bureaucracy degree. This position is therefore misdirecting because non all human resource directions are runing at the bureaucratism degree.

Supporting this claim is the work of Mukama ( 2003 ) . HRIS would merely profit the organisation and has nil to make with bureaucratism.


Information engineering in human resource direction plays a major function non merely by the use but besides by the execution and rating.

It is a know fact that IT has helped to travel human resource direction frontward to a degree in which organisational activities are now less demanding and easy to utilize. There is now a pressing demand to understand the function and usage of information engineering in all facet of the organisation every bit good. This is because many literature reappraisals on this research subject focused on information engineering in the overall organisational context while others focused on Human resource information system ( HRIS ) and e-HRM. The human resource direction has more than adequate maps and therefore the usage of information engineering should applies ; research workers on this subject should bear this on their head ever.This research focused on all countries that information engineering is doing impact in the human resource direction, nevertheless, there is still a demand to farther research on impact of IT in developing state as it is obvious that are non seting fast to this tendency.

Word counts excepting mentions: 1,589.


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