The Importance of Having Dreams Essay

Dreams! Goals! Ideals! They all mean the same. These things are what fill every human alive. They are part of life and human nature. We all have the inbred desire for a good life. Dreams are vital to the life of every person.

Without dreams, there is nothing to plan or look forward to; therefore, no reason to live. Dreams are what keep each and every one of us going. The definition of a dream is ‘hope’; an inspiration; an aim. Every human being dreams, the dreams differ greatly from person to person, some being small while others unrealistically large.

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But why is it important?Dreams keep us going – motivating us to never give up on life. You may say you don’t have a dream, however, that’s impossible – just by wanting to have something can also be considered as a chimera. Whenever you start to give up on life your dreams will become your energy drink that will keep you going.

Living a life is like running a marathon. You run halfway and start to feel your muscles tensing then after a few runs you start to give up – exactly how life works. Life isn’t just filled with rainbows and gumdrops; it will never be filled with just happiness.Like in a marathon you will experience some bumpy rounds that will pulls you down, the bumpy roads that will cause you to think of giving up. However, in running a long distance race there will always be a place to get some refreshments, refreshments that will give you a boost [ think of Popeye when he eats spinach, he becomes macho and starts to save the damsel in distress ]. If you relate it with life, those refreshments are represented by your dreams – chimeras that power you up to never be trampled down by despair and urge to give up.Dreams give meaning to our lives and making us who we are.

Have you ever felt so lifeless as if nothing around you ever mattered? Or the feeling of boredom and uselessness that questions you at the back of your mind about your existence? Well I did, and it wasn’t a pleasant feeling. I felt as if I was being sucked in a pit of emptiness. I felt so empty, alone and weak. I even questioned myself why I was alive and it even came to the point when it didn’t matter to me if I die. Fortunately, does days didn’t last long.When the thought of my dreams came to mind I realized what life actually means to me.

It gave me a different view of life; telling me that I can’t die not until I achieve my dreams. Furthermore, our chimera makes us who we are. Everyone has a different dream and these dreams are what influence our whole lives. Without dreams a person has no motivation – there would be no point in going to school or getting a job, since no one would dream of having a career or family. Dreams are what motivates us and keeps us going through the hard times.We dream of something better than we presently have and it is a dream like having a successful job and a family; that motivate us to succeed in achieving our goals. “Men are born to succeed, not fail.

“, said by Henry David Thoreau. Our chimeras are there to make sure that we succeed in life. We created them to give us hope and to aim for a better life in the future.

We strive harder each day for the sake of fulfilling our dreams so that one day we can proudly tell ourselves that we have no more regrets in life. You wouldn’t want to die with regrets right?Since you might not be happy in your next life filled with regrets in not being able to achieve any of your dreams. Did you know that dreams can turn a lifeless criminal into one of the most hardworking man that you’ve ever met? Dreams are powerful things, especially when you believe and put your heart in them. Dreams change as we get older and some are less important than others, but no matter how trivial or small the dreams are, they are still important since it brings some sense into our lives, giving it some sort of purpose. Without these dreams our lives would be empty and meaningless.


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