The Impact of Nanotechnology in the Environment Essay

The Impact of Nanotechnoloy in the Environment            The improvements in technology and recent innovative advancements have paved the way for the creation of better and effective measures to address the increasing needs of man. Nanotechnology is one initiative that continues to shape the 21st century in its effort to cater to advanced production capabilities. Despite these efforts, there is a corresponding impact seen in the environment and its surroundings.

Due to this, careful considerations must be made before such program can take into full course.            Realizing its impact particularly in the environment, many scientists are becoming skeptic about furthering its application. EurekAlert mentions that “Twenty percent of the scientists responding to the survey indicated a concern that new forms of nanotechnology pollution may emerge, while only 15 percent of the public thought that might be a problem” (p.1). Moreover, there are risks associated with health and public security that makes experts cautious about going full scale.            In response to the large responsibility concerning the application of Nanotechnology, many government agencies, private sectors and NGO’s have been addressing the need to increase safety and practice.

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For example, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety (NIOSH) are among the dedicated group that ensures such objectives are attained. Their responsibilities revolve around (1) risk management, (2) coordination of policies to related sectors, (3) regulation and (4) monitoring (U.

S. Food and Drug Administration, 2008).            With all of these, there are prescribed measures and policies that need to be made to create a safe working environment under such conditions and exposure. These practices comprise of (1) engineering controls, (2) appropriate work practices, (3) use of protective clothing during contact, (4) use of respirators, and (5) proper cleanup and disposal of residues and wastes (NIOSH, 2008). Ensuring that these actions are made under specific guidelines and consideration, it will create secured surroundings for people and ensure that proper groups and organization are accountable for such acts.Works CitedDerra, Skip. Nanotech’s health, environmental impacts worry scientist and public in ‘EurekAlert’February 2008.

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