The Impact Of Generation Y On Work Dynamics Business Essay

A new coevals is come ining into the workplace and doing singular alterations in workplace kineticss ( Tulgan, 2009 ) . Twenge ( 2006 ) states that “ socio-cultural alterations in recent decennaries, such as the rise of the civilization of dignity, diminutions in societal connection and additions in perceptual experiences of menace, have coalesced to make a comparatively alone coevals of immature people ” ( cited in Trzesniewski and Donnellan, 2009:1 ) .

Harmonizing to Ernst and Young ( 2010:2 ) , coevals Y people are the critical key to efficiency, competitory distinction and success in the economic recovery. Amble ( 2003 ) added that coevals Y workers “ convey a challenge to the ‘status quo ‘ , are reviewing moving as ‘catalysts for alteration ‘ , frontward believing and a manifestation of the religion the administration has in its long-run viability ” .However, Nayar, Chef Executive of HCL Technologies ( 2011 ) pointed out that most administrations have lost touch with how to efficaciously pull off and actuate their progressively younger work forces. Kvassay ( 2012 ) , director at KPMG ( cited in Snowdon,2012 ) , suggests that today, in times of the recognition crunch, employers should get down coercing themselves to prosecute with coevals Yttriums who can convey existent benefits in footings of public presentation, trueness and concern growing.

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Kvassay ( 2012, cited in Snowdon, 2012 ) admitted: “ No 1 has been making much believing about how we can pull off them otherwise ” .Austin et Al. ( 2005 ) further suggested that that to maximize current and future employee endowments and to maintain these employees engaged directors will hold to continually revisit and revise their workplace schemes. Amble ( 2003 ) added to this that the lone manner to give coevals workers what they crave is to understand what that is in the first topographic point ; what motivates them.In this thesis, I will analyze the alone features of coevals Y and critically analyze how this immature coevals may impact work kineticss ; I will place and measure the chief policies and processs which are used by employers to actuate and develop immature workers and in order to derive a competitory advantage. The chief focal point will be to determine what farther strategies an administration could implement and pull off to retain a extremely proficient coevals Y, as this “ will merely turn in the work force ” ( Tulgan, 2009 ) . Practical and strategic recommendations of the best manner to better HR schemes for actuating and developing immature people in the workplace in order to back up high public presentation within an administration will be given, along with a sum-up in the decisions. Furthermore, analyses on the possible stairss taken by administrations are besides discussed.

It is expected that this survey may be good to the directors as they would be able to look at different positions of researches on how coevals Y affect the work kineticss. This would enable a comparing to be made with their ain motivation and developing schemes which have been used to pull and retain immature employees in their administration and how effectual they are. Furthermore, the recommendations within this thesis may be good to better their HR schemes and efficaciously pull off immature people in the workplace.

Significance of the thesis:

The analysis presented in this thesis should give a realization that immature people play a important function in organizational public presentation and by developing effectual endowment keeping schemes administrations could carry through a competitory advantage. I hope that directors will see altering or bettering their HR and direction patterns one time they have seen the value of coevals Y in making a competitory advantage and set uping a profitable and sustainable place against the forces that determine their industry competition. By larning how best to actuate and develop coevals Y now, companies could be better prepared and would be more competitory in the labor market to run into the extremum of coevals Y consumption. Furthermore, pull offing immature workers can be a utile acquisition experience for directors, doing it a two manner procedure enabling larning to take topographic point.

I hope my thesis will demo directors how of import it is to remain loyal to their people. Furthermore, a message to directors may be to do certain your employees come to work every twenty-four hours feeling motivated and engaged ; remain true to your values and concentrate on what you do best and consequences will non do you wait for long.


Investigating the impact of coevals Y on work kineticss and placing effectual HR schemes in a assortment of industries that may be utilised to make an effectual working environment, have been the chief concerns of this thesis. The broader purposes of this survey would be achieved with the aid of the enumerated research aims below:Distinguish and compare differences and similarities of coevalss in the workplaceInvestigate the impact of coevals Y on work kineticssEvaluate how piquant coevals Y workers affairResearch what motivates coevals Y employeesConduct research in the signifier of interviews and/or questionnaires of directors in order to closely place and measure chief motivational policies used by employers to actuate and develop coevals Y employeesAnalyse and present the findings from the interviews/questionnairesPropose recommendations on how administrations may better motivation and developing schemes for coevals Y workers in workplaces


Research methods for this thesis have been chosen to look into the impact of coevals Y on work kineticss, to get information about schemes for actuating and developing immature people in work forces and, as consequence, to accomplish the purposes of the thesis.

The survey will be based on qualitative and quantitative research methods, incorporating both primary and secondary research. Primary research will dwell of several semi-structured interviews with directors of the leisure administration. These points will be raised and elaborated on throughout the thesis to assist analyze the impact of coevals Y on work kineticss and the importance of HR schemes to make an effectual working environment. Participants will be asked to expose how they think coevals Y affect work kineticss in their administration and remark on the acquisition environment for all staff, on HR schemes of motivation and developing immature workers.A survey will be built on the work of Maslow ( 1943 ) , Zemke et. Al. ( 2000 ) , Tapscott ( 2009 ) , Sujansky and Ferri-Reed ( 2009 ) , Tulgan ( 2004, 2009 ) and many other research workers. The theories that will be introduced and compared in the thesis include Adams ( 1963 ) Equity Theory and McGregor ‘s ( 1960 ) Theory X and Y.

The diehards, the babe boomers and coevals Tens are non included in the survey because the importance of the research is placed on the coevals Y, the fastest-growing section of the work force ( Tulgan, 2009 ) .


A big sum of literature exists on how to recognize the four coevalss, every bit good as how to actuate and develop coevals Y employees. Arguably, in the twenty-first century higher competitory concern universe, motive theories are required to be revisited in order to find whether the theories continues to run into the demands of directors endeavoring to actuate coevals Y. Hammill ( 2005 ) states that motivational theories and their application to leading demand to be studied to better prepare for the coevals Y workforce.A Therefore, I will mean to clearly specify my apprehension of how to better motivation and development schemes to efficaciously pull off coevals Y in the workplace.

This thesis is centred around the probe of stuffs in text on how coevals Y impact on work kineticss, the motive factors, the schemes, tendencies and obstructions that the directors face in motivation and retaining immature employees in administrations. The mention stuffs will consist of books, diary articles and studies from the library at university and an cyberspace.Harmonizing to Evans ( 2012 ) , touristry is a critical beginning of local employment and gross for Blackpool ; for illustration one of the leisure organisations represents 80 % of coevals Y employees.

This administration was chosen for primary research as it was really interesting to analyze what motivates immature people every tourer season when the company operate, to come back to this employer.Primary informations will dwell of five un-structured interviews with directors of different sections in the leisure administration. The interviews back uping this thesis will be face-to-face semi-structured, three of these were conducted in January 2012 and two in October 2012 as a portion of the research. The respondents for these interviews will be a pull offing manager and line directors from different sections of the administration. Research will be chiefly depended on persons ‘ committednesss, permission and support from single directors. The interviews will take topographic point at a clip and topographic point nominated by the participants, each enduring between 30 and 45 proceedingss.

Theoretical model:

While specifying the theoretical model of my research, I will try to look into old research done on the issue of generational surveies and peculiarly concentrating on coevals Y at the workplace.The theoretical model will dwell of three different parts.

In the first portion I will depict the common features of coevals Y and predating coevalss by comparing them, which are largely based on articles.In 2nd portion in order to carry on a comparative analysis, I will analyze two content motive theories: Adams ( 1963 ) Equity Theory and McGregor ‘s ( 1960 ) Theory X and Y, based both on text-book literature and articles, and how they can be applied to coevals Y. This portion besides includes suggestions on how to modify the theories to accommodate the demands of coevals Y in 21st century workplace.Having completed thorough scrutiny of motive theories, I will so analyze the schemes used by directors in different administrations.


Well begun is half done.


The methodological analysis that will be applied by the research has been chosen in order to get information about the impact of coevals Y on work kineticss and the importance of HR schemes to make an effectual working environment.

For the intent of this thesis and in order to accomplish the aims I will utilize both primary and secondary informations. The literature reappraisal will be opened by specifying the different features of coevalss in workplaces.The thesis will be written with uniting apprehensions of the prevailing motive theories, Adams ( 1963 ) Equity Theory and McGregor ‘s ( 1960 ) Theory X and Y and old researches with the consequences of the interviews. I will show those theories and constructs that are, in my sentiment, most interesting and valuable for the intent of this research. Suggestions on how to modify the theories to accommodate the demands of coevals Y in 21st century workplace will be given every bit good.

Qualitative research interviews with directors from the leisure administration will be adopted for primary informations aggregation. This method is chosen because unlike with other methods, the interviewer has the chance to examine or inquire follow up inquiries. The qualitative interviews will be used to understand the sentiments and values of the directors on the impact of coevals Y in the workplace and addition cognition about schemes used for actuating and developing immature workers. The interviews back uping this study will be face-to-face semi-structured. Face to confront interviews are chosen because it offers a greater grade of flexibleness in comparing to other methods of informations aggregation such as telephone or web interviewing. Making face-to-face interview with directors of the leisure administration will do it possible to explicate the intent of the interview and promote the respondent to co-operate and clear up inquiries, besides it will be easy to rectify misinterpretations and follow up on new thoughts in a manner that was merely non possible with other methods. Furthermore, interviews are one manner to roll up informations and to derive cognition from persons.

The general scheme for the interviews is to get down off with wide inquiries and follow up on the interviewee ‘s responses, to summarize his/her significances and to avoid coercing my significances on the interviewee. Research will be chiefly depended on persons ‘ committednesss, permission and support from single directors.Afterwards, I will analyze the primary informations in order to polish the decisions.Secondary informations will be used from commissioned and non-accredited diaries, the World Wide Web ( World Wide Web ) , textbooks, newspaper publications and studies such as Deloitte, 2007 and Robert Half International, 2008.

Ethical Considerations:

Mishna et Al.

( 2004 ) suggests that more ethical issues originate when the research is more qualitative such as an interview as opposed to a standard questionnaire ( cited in Barnard, 2011:149 ) . Harmonizing to Fisher ( 2007: 63-64 ) , one of the chief rules that should be followed is the “ right to privateness ” : no one potency participant has to experience forced to reply a inquiry or in general to take part in research. This is the ground why, in the debut of my interview I will asseverate that I am merely inquiring for cooperation, that nil is compulsory. I will seek to avoid seting force per unit area on possible participants.Furthermore, presenting the intent of my thesis at the beginning of the interview will demo my desire to inform possible participants on my significance to be certain that I get the participant ‘s permission for their responses to be used in the research.

However, personal inside informations such as the personal informations about the age or the socio-professional position will non be used in the research.Furthermore, participants will be informed that it is possible non to reply the personal inquiries if seen as missing in discretion.I will guarantee that the exchange of true information by the participant will non harm him/her in any signifier.


Restrictions of the survey will emanate from the challenges that I may confront while carry oning the research.Time is the major restriction that I will hold. Time restraints of the semester necessitate less clip for composing this thesis and it may be a barrier for an ideal research survey.The primary research requires a figure of face-to-face interviews from the directors of the leisure administration.

I understand that some directors are reasonably busy due to their nature of work and that will do it hard to reach them. By reaching participants in good clip, it will let agreements to be made.A deficiency of clip and resources will restrict an interview group and available respondents to largely merely babe boomers and coevalss X director ‘s interviews. With increased clip, resources could be drawn to enable a greater sample size such as interviews with immature employees of the leisure companies, which may be more representative of the existent population.If the interview takes topographic point in a public topographic point with some distractions, this could forestall good elaborate responses, whereas a quiet room such as meeting room may supply better responses.Additionally, there is the possible that non all directors who will be asked to take portion in the interview, will be willing to take part, this may ensue in cut downing the sum of information to analyze and may hold an impact on the overall decisions. If I provide alternate ways of making the interview, it may increase the opportunities of them taking portion.

For illustration, the possible participants are busy people with clip restraints ; hence if I offer them the option of interrupting the interview in to little parts, this may be more appropriate for them.Other restrictions include some possible subjectivism from the research if the decisions that are planned to be made in the thesis, are made merely from the findings and analysis. This thesis will establish its findings on the replies from the interviews of directors of leisure industries and non any other directors, for illustration, retail or transport administrations directors. This may besides be a beginning of subjectivism for the thesis.

Boundary lines:

The prevailing motive theories that I will present and compare in the thesis are Adams ( 1963 ) Equity Theory and McGregor ‘s ( 1960 ) Theory X and Y. I will show those theories and constructs that are, in my sentiment, most interesting and valuable for the intent of this research.Additionally, the diehards, the babe boomers and coevals Tens are non included in the survey as the importance of the research is placed on the coevals Y, harmonizing to Tulgan ( 2009 ) , the fastest-growing section of the work force. However, I would wish to mention to those coevalss to indicate out the differences and possible similarities as it plays an of import function in how coevals Y affect work kineticss.

In the qualitative research I will non utilize structured interviews in order to understate my influence and my obtrusiveness on the participants.

Structure of the thesis:

The thesis will be written in study format and include a cover page with a rubric, name of the author, competition page, recognition, executive sum-up, debut, the literature reappraisal, methodological analysis, informations analysis and findings, decision and recommendations, mentions and appendices.


This portion of the thesis includes the debut, the research subject, the purposes and aims of the survey, and the significance of the thesis.

Literature reappraisal:

This portion in thesis reviews the research subject of the impact of coevals Y on work kineticss.

This portion will foreground the impact of coevals Y and their function in organizational public presentation, motive factors, theories of motive, schemes that are used by administrations to actuate and retain coevals Y workers, the obstructions and the benefits that administrations and employees gain from using the motive schemes. The literature reappraisal concludes by giving a conceptual model of the survey.


In the methodological analysis subdivision consideration will be given to an account of the aims of the thesis, the methods taken by the research, the schemes and the informations aggregation methods used ( interviews ) .

Interviews Analysis and Interpretation:

This portion of the thesis will give a elaborate analysis of the findings of the survey. The responses from the interviews will be analysed in inside informations.

Decision and Recommendations:

The decisions and recommendations subdivision will foreground the consequence of research on the impact of coevals Y on work kineticss and discourse the schemes for actuating coevals Y which could be adopted or improved on by administrations, in order to make an effectual environment. The schemes will be discussed in relation to the factors that contribute to employees ‘ determination to remain or discontinue a occupation. This portion of the thesis will give the findings and recommendations for farther surveies.


I will guarantee that all work is completed and submitted on clip in conformity with thesis timetable ( see Appendix 1 ) .


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