The Identification Of Bacterial Biology Essay

Harmonizing to Bacteria are simplest but complex and sophisticated being as comparison with other micro-organisms. Bacterias are classified as procaryote beings due to miss of true karyon and nucleus membrane, it chromosome lies freely in the cytol. Morphologically, bacterium adopt fluctuation of form and size including irregular, round, elevated, level and punciform. However, bacteriums are grouped in three chief forms viz. rod -shaped ( B ) , spherical ( cocci ) and coiling ( spirillus ) , these bacterial cell forms are of cardinal important in designation and categorization of bacterial.

Bacterias can boom aerobically or anaerobically everyplace in the environment ; besides can be even in utmost temperature zones and high concentration of toxic chemical countries. Nutritionally, most bacteriums metabolised their indispensable food through several ways from the environment including feeding on host beings ( heterotrophs ) . Additionally, some bacteriums metabolised their ain nutrient with the usage of sunshine, H2O and CO2 through simple diffusion, and the ultimate end is to retain intracellular equilibrium ( Forbes et al. , 2007 ) .

Bacterias have been classified distinctively into Gram- positive and Gram negative being depending on the composing of their cell wall and ability retain basic gm discoloration and counterstain. Gram-positive bacteriums have thick peptidoglycan which enables it to take up crystal violet and reveals purple coloring material after gm discoloration. Alternatively, Gram-negative bacteriums have complex ( thinner peptidoglycan ) membrane with more than one bed and can non retain basic crystal violet discoloration during bleaching phase but instead necessitate counterstaining to uncover tap coloring material. However, few groups of bacteriums have waxy cell wall which does non pick up conventional gm stain easy but instead necessitate to be heated for some proceedingss for dye to perforate their cell wall. These bacteriums resist acid or intoxicant during the decolourization procedure ( Madigan et al. , 2009 )

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Bacteria prolifically reproduce asexually by binary fission when resources are available. During this procedure the cell divides ensuing in the production of two girl cells which are indistinguishable. Incidentally, some bacteriums can reproduce by methods like budding and even make discrepancy through recombination and exchange of familial stuffs, this can happen when bacterium goes through the procedure of junction, transmutation and transduction. In fact, this procedure makes bacteria more susceptible to some antibiotics ( ) .

Some activities of bacterium is of high good despite the fact that certain strains can be infective and besides destructive in footings of nutrient ( botching nutrient ) . Economically, being of bacterium has contributed significantly in nutrient procedures including readying of fermented nutrient such as yoghurt, soya beginning, cheese and vino severally. Furthermore, bacterial has keep pharmaceutical and chemical fabrication from fall ining ; these industries used bacterial in fixing antibiotic, vaccinums, steroid and agrochemical.

Common ( commensal vegetations ) flora populating in the intestine helps in the digestion of nutrient and besides synthesis of food such as vitamin B. On the other manus infective bacteriums cause assortment of diseases in animate beings and workss. Normally bacteria found in the normal vegetations such as tegument, oral cavity and bowel can be infective due to homeostatic instability of the immune system.

Accurate and unequivocal bacteriums designation is of import for accurate disease diagnosings ; administer certain antibiotic and giving other interventions of infections. It ‘s besides critical in hint back pandemic eruption associated with bacterial infection. In add-on designation of bacterium is employed in a broad scope of application such as condemnable probe, nutrient production and environmental surveies.

Chiefly, bacterial designation is the observation of some feature of unknown strain with registered bacteriums strain or specie for illustration Escherichia coli. A figure of specialized biochemical trials normally performed in bacteriums designation includes carbohydrate trial, enzyme trial and trial for specific end-products ( API 20E kit ) . These trials frequently based on combination of morphology and metabolic byproduct. Conversely, immunological trials, Protein and Nucleic acid sequences and typing method can besides be used in obtaining specific and accurate conformation of true individualities of strains of bacteriums in a specialised controlled research lab process. However, for the intent of everyday bacterial designations, these techniques are really expensive and clip consuming as compared to primary biochemical trial.

Therefore executing accurate, component and unequivocal bacteriums designation process is of import to place the disease causation agent which helps in doing accurate diagnosings of certain diseases and besides giving other intervention of infection.



This practical is taking to set up negative and positive reaction to different biochemical trial employed in bacteriums designation, besides to detect unknown groups of bacteriums and comparison with known registered bacteriums base on morphology analysis and other biochemical trial furthermore to get the accomplishment of biochemical technique of designation of bacteriums.



The consequences obtained from the experiment indicate fluctuation in growing as a consequence of favorable conditions provided for each being throughout the incubation phase. Difference in bacteriums colony visual aspect including form, lift, inch coloring material and texture were observed on the turning being and this can be attributed to type of bacteriums use in the experiment. ( Greenwood et al, 2001 ) stated that bacteriums thrive good when placed in an appropriate alimentary ambiance maintained under right chemical and physical environments. This suggests that, the cell division taking to the generation of cell settlements on the growing medium was under suited status.

Harmonizing to ( Madigan et al, 2009 ) , gram staining method reveals the cell morphology of assorted bacteriums such as the rod, coccus and sh. Gram staining can besides help in grouping bacteriums into gram positive and gram negative utilizing the cell wall composing. This confirms the observation discovered under the microscope, some bacteriums exhibit the features of gm positive and gram negative. Out of 10 beings inoculated in this practical, one was observed to be mycelium and the remainder were observed as rod shaped bacteriums.

The being A, Band D were identified as gm positive bacteriums as a consequence of similarities in their characteristic. The being A, B and D were linked to bacillus due to the visual aspect of settlements present and other biochemical trial. Large settlements, irregular borders, level lift with xanthous settlements were observed for the three beings. Besides, gram positive rod form bacterial were viewed under the microscope with the assistance of gm discoloration technique. Again these beings were tested positive for the undermentioned trials ; endospore, gelatin because the medium was still liquidised, sucrose and lactose tends to turn the medium from its original coloring material to deep yellow, and accelerator forming bubbles due to the release of O, but negative for oxidase. Additionally, these beings reacted positively to citric because they utilised C as their energy beginning. There were some grade of growing on the home base and this concludes that these beings are aerophilic.

Based on morphological analysis, being observed on agar home base label F was associated with Escherichia coli, the ground being that, the unknown being formed medium sized settlements with round form, smooth texture with xanthous coloring material settlements and convex elevated. Additionally, based on microscopic analysis carried out with gm discoloration, the unknown being displayed gram negative rod form bacterium. The unknown being was catalase positive due to the presence of bubble formation which indicate the broken down of H peroxide to let go of O, oxidase positive, indole positive, citrate negative, Methyl red positive, glucose positive, and voges-proskasuer negative, therefore these consequence suggested that, the bacteriums found on home base F can be confirm as E.coli.

Organism I was nevertheless identified as Salmonella bacterium because of the undermentioned observations, being gram negative rod, tested positive for catalase as a consequence of bubbles formation ) , reacting negatively to gelatin since it solidifies, once more this being shows negative response to oxidase, urea, indole, glucose, lactose and sucrose.

Enterobacter was identified in home base G due to distinctive characteristic shown, the unknown being appeared to be Gram-negative rod which forms pick round settlements, smooth borders, elevated with smooth texture. Besides based on farther trial carried out, this being appears positive for catalase trial due to the look of bubble, gelatine and oxidase consequences were negative ; carbohydrate compounds test consequences including sucrose, lactose and glucose were negative and urea appeared to be positive. The being came out colourless to indole which indicates negative consequence. For cross milk trial, the being was able to bring forth acid which turn the medium from bluish to yellow with steadfast precipitation.

Klebsiella was besides identified in home base C, once more due to peculiar characteristics expressed from the bugs, gram- negative rod was observed, and this being formed little gluey ruddy settlements that were round, little elevated with smooth borders. The enzyme catalase was able to degrade H peroxide and release O by organizing bubbles. However, gelatin remains liquid while oxidase synthesis turns to be negative. Urea was bend to tap as a rhenium


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