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The foundation of every society begins at thevery least of its social domains, the family. Nonetheless, the aspect of twostrangers of different genders joining each other in matrimony is of greatinterest.

Because of this, women have set out to show the world what it reallytakes for two people to co-exist in a mutual relationship. The songs Respect by Aretha Franklin and It’s Raining Men by The Weather Girls can be observed in line withthese principles. From the analysis presented herein, it can be concluded thatcompanionship, intimacy, respect, and equality are fundamental to the survivalof any affectionate relationship.Companionship            Companionship is among the mostsignificant themes that can be highlighted from the two songs. As such, bothsongs admit to the fact that men need women and vice versa. To begin with, ArethaFranklin in Respect reminds her man that she has what he is in dire need of.

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The singer states that, What you wantBaby, I got, What you need Do you know I got it? On the other hand, shealso admits that she misses the love that only he can give her. Aretha continuesto mention the word home withreference to her significant other thereby insinuating that his arrival isamong the events that she anticipates the most day to day. Furthermore, thesinger states that she is willing to give her man all her money so long as herespects and loves her. In essence, this is a confession of mutual desire.            Similarly,The Weather Girls in It’s Raining Men suggestthat women need men for companionship. In verbatim they state, Get ready, all you lonely girls and leavethose umbrellas at home….It’s gonna start raining men. Apart from that, thetwo women continuously express feelings of excitement as they look outsidetheir window for the raining men.

Thetwo implicate Mother Nature as a single woman too who could not bear thefeeling of being lonely and thus decided to ascend to heaven to commission the raining of men. Therefore, both songsexpress the companionship aspect of relationships both in the past and in thecontemporary society.Intimacy            Notably, the artists use severalsexual illustrations to depict the value of intimacy in relationships. To beginwith, Aretha Franklin in Respect saysthat Ooo, your kisses (oo) Sweeter thanhoney (oo). Arguably, this proves her intricate desires to be intimate withher man. On the other hand, the second song—It’s Raining Men—is laden with provocative scenes and lyrics.

Forinstance, the men featured in this video are predominantly nude. Furthermore, theirbodies are well toned and their physiques equally appealing. From the way theystare at the camera, the male gaze becomes apparent. Similarly, The WeatherGirls use words such as Tall, blonde,dark and lean Rough and tough and strong and mean, which evoke sexual stances.Therefore, both lyrics admit that intimacy enhances relationships between menand women.Respect            Obviously, Aretha Franklin’ssong is about respect. The singer highlights the significance of couplesrespecting each other and how relationships can easily be ruined in itsabsence. For example, Aretha sings I’mabout to give you all of my money, And all I’m askin’ in return, honey, Is togive me my propers.

Furthermore, she threatens that Ooo, your kisses (oo), Sweeter than honey (oo), And guess what? (oo),So is my money (oo)….. Or you might walk in (respect, just a littlebit) And find out I’m gone. Therefore, this song—Respect—illustrates that at the core of every relationship lies theneed to value each other. On the other hand, It’s Raining Men provides no insight on the importance of respectin a relationship. As such, the only time The Weather Girls insinuate thatwomen need to be treated exceptionally well is when they state So that each and every woman could find herperfect guy. Apart from that, there is no other evidence of women requestinganything from men.

On the contrary, the song portrays women as subjective tomen since they glorify the raining of menas if they are miracles. Although this might depict the desire for love, itis not prudent for the songwriters to glorify men whilst shelving their owninterests. Therefore, Respect portraysthe need for men to acknowledge the worth of women and to be valued as equals, asIt’s Raining Men does not. GenderParity            In addition to that, the firstsong contains traces of issues pertaining gender parity. As such, ArethaFranklin in Respect states that And guess what? (oo), So is my money (oo). Arguably,the fact that women earn and keep own their money is a good indicator of genderparity in the contemporary world.

Therefore, Aretha Franklin suggests thatgender parity gives women leverage to ask for better treatment from men. Furthermore,she insinuates that financial independence offers women the power to walk outof abusive relationships if they are not rectified. On the other hand, It’s Raining Men offers no indicationof this whatsoever. Instead, The Weather Girls only highlight the joy men bringand neglect the challenges women face too.

In summary, the two songs Respect and It’s Raining Men provide a satisfactory illustration of the essenceof men and women cohabiting in love and romance. However, Respect makes a point to define the threshold of treatment beyondwhich women should defect, while It’sRaining Men solely focuses on the profound joy men bring to women.


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