The Human Being and Living The Good Life Essay

This paper contains the different definitions of what it means to be a human being and populating a good life.

In this paper we will take a expression at Hobbes and Augustine’s definition of the human being and the good life. Both of these philosophers give illustrations of what they think the good life is. and the desires of human nature. In this paper I will speak about Augustine and his idea of how in order to populate a good life. one needs to seek God to happen true felicity. I will besides speak about what being a human being and populating the good life agencies to Hobbes.

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and his idea of how human equality is the ticket to felicity and the good life. I think Augustine offers a more accurate description of the human being and the good life because I agree that true felicity can’t be found in earthly things. I believe there is much more to life than happening felicity and dignity in success. money. celebrity. popularity.

and etc.Life chasing after mercenary points won’t conveying you happiness because you will ever experience like there is something more you want and desire. the mercenary points won’t satisfy you. Augustine’s definition of the human nature is one that is a God-seeker. Augustine agrees with Plato that the human nature has a head to believe and take. He besides believes that human existences have the free will to take between good and evil. He believes that the human existences hunt for ultimate fulfilment and felicity. He believes that the good life is a life following God.

Augustine believes that the lone manner to happen ageless felicity and live a fulfilled life is following God because human existences are born as natural evildoers ; merely when we find God. the emptiness in our bosom is filled with ageless love and felicity. His definition of the good life is non one free of enduring. problems. or sorrow.

but one with religion in God. He believes that the grace of God is what will do us happy and a relationship with God is true felicity.He believes that when we seek mercenary being it finally leads to desperation. He believes that a individual that chases mercenary points is one who is selfish. because that individual is ever believing about what the world/ another individual can make for me ; A reverent individual is one who appreciates the universe for who it is and another individual for who he/she is. A godly individual finds the life fulfilled.

He believes that because human existences are all evildoers. chasing after mercenary points will merely take to more wickednesss and dependence. it won’t give us the ultimate satisfaction and fulfilment. Augustine portions his personal experience with us about how he chased after mercenary points and stole for merriment.

but it was ne’er plenty to carry through him. He talks about his lecherousness and hunt for love. but he didn’t happen true love.

fulfilment. or felicity until he found God.Human existences are the same. they chase after celebrity. money. popularity. success.

and material points. but they will ever experience the nothingness. emptiness. and unrealized.

Materialistic felicity is merely impermanent. Ultimate fulfilment and felicity requires religious being and non touchable being. Hobbes believes that the definition of human nature is a individual who desires felicity. Hobbes believes that felicity is comparative to the person.

There is no cosmopolitan felicity. Hobbes believes that human existences are egoistic. self- preservative. and desire power. Hobbes believed that the province of nature would take to the province of war because there are no Torahs in the province of nature. human existences have absolute freedom and the absolute freedom will take to a changeless province of fright.

Hobbes believes that human existences are egoistic and self-preservative because they think about themselves before believing about others. Hobbes believes that the basic constituents of human nature are fight. self-doubt. and glorification.

We do whatever we can to support what we have. which makes us diffident. We all seek to hold the repeat that others admire. which makes us seeking of glorification. Hobbes believes that human equality is the good life.

He believes that worlds are equal in footings of organic structure and head. We are equal in organic structure because we all have the ability and strength to kill each other. We are equal in head because of prudent and practical intelligence ( cognition gained through experience ) .

We all portion the ability to larn from experience. That is why for Hobbes. everyone deserves the same rights and all rights. He believes that the lone manner to make felicity and the good life is equality because human existences are of course competitory. If everyone and everything is equal. so the competition will non be at that place because everyone is acquiring all the same things and same rights and there is nil to contend over. so there will be peace.

I think Augustine gives a better description of the human being because I agree that trailing after mercenary points can’t make full the empty nothingness that is felt in the bosom. merely the love and clemency of God can make full that empty nothingness. I believe that God created us and we won’t experience that everlasting love or felicity until we find God once more. and I believe that merely He can make full that empty nothingness in our Black Marias.

The mercenary points can convey impermanent felicity and joy but that felicity and joy will finally travel off. and you feel that emptiness once more. I agree that all human existences are born as evildoers and we go after mercenary points like money. celebrity. popularity.

success. love. and etc.

. and even when we do hold all those mercenary points. we ever want more.Human existences are selfish and adequate ne’er seems to be in our vocabulary. I can talk from my personal experience because I desire for money. success. love.

celebrity. and popularity every bit good. Even though I have a parttime occupation and I’m doing adequate money for me to pass on nutrient. day-to-day necessities.

apparels. amusement. and enjoyment.

it still doesn’t seem plenty. I ever want to do more money. because to me there is no such thing as excessively much money. I desire for success because being successful agencies you can do tonss of money and acquire tonss of celebrity and popularity. I like to experience loved. whether it is by friends. household. or a important other.

Like Augustine. I realized that all these mercenary points brings me impermanent joy. felicity. and fulfillment but it doesn’t last because it still doesn’t feel like it’s adequate to do me experience satisfied. It wasn’t until one of my friends get downing conveying me to church. and I learned about God and the love and clemency He has shown us and given us ; it was so that I realized that I need God in my life.After happening God and accepting Him.

I felt the emptiness in my bosom that I tried to make full with mercenary points and impermanent felicity. was eventually filled with ageless felicity and fulfilment. I knew that the good life and populating a life following God didn’t mean that I wouldn’t be confronting problem or that life was traveling to be easy. that I wasn’t traveling to confront tests. enticements. or agonies. but I knew that a life following God meant felicity and religion and trust that God will be at that place for me no affair what.

Having that religion in Him made me make full fulfilled. I besides began looking at things otherwise. alternatively of believing about myself and the things I can acquire from money.

celebrity. popularity. or success. I began believing about how I can give to others and society with the success or money or celebrity I have or will hold. I began to believe of the things I can make for others or for society. alternatively of what others or the society can make for me. I became more altruistic alternatively of being selfish.

Even though my life isn’t perfect and I still face agonies and trails daily. I feel fulfilled because I have God in my life ; and I wasn’t able to experience this manner or happen this felicity when chasing after the mercenary goods. That is why I believe Augustine’s definition is an accurate 1. We can pass our full life seeking for felicity and we can hold all the money in the universe. or all the celebrity and popularity in the universe. and we can experience loved by our important others and household members and friends.

but we will still experience unhappy. empty. lonely. or something is losing. God entirely can make full that emptiness and solitariness. no 1 or nil else can make full it. That is why I believe that even though following God may non be perfect and easy. that everlasting felicity and ageless love is worth it.

Hobbes is right that the human existences desire felicity and is selfish and competitory and want popularity. However. I disagree that there is no cosmopolitan felicity. There is cosmopolitan felicity for whoever finds God. I believe that because we were all born as evildoers. accepting God as our Jesus and knowing that He loves us even after all the wickedness we commit. we’ve committed.

and we will perpetrate. will makes us experience loved and accepted by our Heavenly Father. That is the fulfilment we need. We can happen ageless love and ageless felicity in our Heavenly Father.

That is why I believe that in order to hold a good life. one has to seek God and live for and through Him.


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