The Huckleberry Finn Controversy Essay Research Paper

The Huckleberry Finn Controversy Essay, Research PaperIt is my sentiment that the book The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn By Mark Twain should be taught in schools because this book is really good written and can learn many lessons.

I think that the people in today s universe, or possibly merely the USA, seek to be censor and shelter the kids. I think that it is incorrect to ban things, this book is purportedly incorrect because it says the word nigger a batch and has decease in it. I think that although the word nigga was used often in this book it showed the separation between the slaves and the proprietors and how Huck overcame this separation and saw through the societies positions on niggas.Racism is now a really large issue but when the book was written African Americans didn Ts have the rights they have today and racism didn t exist. Twain wrote this book non holding to worry about racism.

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In our twenty-four hours and clip they want to ban out the words like nigga but that truly would be incorrect because it wouldn t be realistic, people need to cognize what it was genuinely similar. Sheltering people from the truth Is the worst thing you can make. If childs don T learn about how bondage was so they won Ts genuinely understand where racism comes from.

In the book there is much force. & # 8220 ; It s a dead adult male. Yes, indeedy bare, excessively. He s been shot in de back. & # 8221 ; ( pg. 50 ) The book is better with force because it becomes more interesting to the reader. It becomes more of a existent life state of affairs than merely a fairy narrative universe where nil goes incorrectly, because in existent life things do travel incorrect and people do acquire shooting and killed. It is difficult to read these qisneodymiums of things with decease that are ghastly but it helps form feelings for the characters.

Besides it was necessary for them to happen the dead adult male so that Huck didn T have to worry about pablum taking his money. In the scene where Jim finds pablum we learn more about Jim and that he is a sensitive individual and was cautious non to upset Huck by allowing him see pap s organic structure.Many people could hold been offended by the stereotypes in this book. For illustration, & # 8220 ; I see it warn t no usage blowing words you can t larn a nigga to argue. & # 8221 ; ( pg. 78 ) In this illustration Huck stereotypes Jim as being a stupid nigga that can t learn anything. This is merely one of the stereotypes of the book. Another stereotype that Jim uses is that of the Frenchman that should talk English.

& # 8220 ; Is a Frenchman a adult male? Well den pa incrimination it why doan he talk like a adult male? & # 8221 ; ( pg. 78 ) There is no job with including stereotypes in the book because in existent life people do stereotype things. The writer could hold easy left these stereotypes out but he wanted the book every bit realistic as possible.

Although there is much contention about this book because of racism, stereotypes, and force, the book needs to be taught because at one clip ( and possibly today ) it is considered the first great American novel. Students can larn from Huck and his escapades of turning up and going a better individual. Over the period of the book Huck learned that slaves are people to and that they besides have feelings. Huck made what was to him the ultimate forfeit, traveling to hell, for Jim. This book has every ground in the universe to be taught in school and I can t happen one good ground it shouldn T.


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