The History and Life of Jesse Owens Essay

Jesse Owens was the best path jock at the 1936 Olympics due to his four gold decorations in the 400 metre relay. the 100 metre elan. the 200 metre elan and the running board leap or the long leap. Now non merely did he run but he showed that he was besides versitlie and could leap. He besides won a gold by the aid of three others to win the 400 metre relays. Now a short sum-up of his life will be discussed. One of the greatest track-and-field jocks of all clip. He was born James Cleveland Owens in Danville. Alabama. and educated at Ohio State University.

However he competed in interschool path meets while go toing high school. stand outing in the running wide leap. the 100-yd elan. and the 220-yd elan. As a member of the Ohio State University path squad in 1935. he established a universe record of 26 ft 83 in. For the running wide leap ; the following twelvemonth he set a new universe record of 10. 2 sec for the 100-m elan. A member of the U. S. path squad in the 1936 Olympic Games. in Berlin. Owens won four gold decorations.

He won the 100-m elan in 10. 3 sec. bing the Olympic record ; put a new Olympic and universe record of 20. sec in the 200-m elan ; and won the running wide leap with a spring of 26 ft 5I in. . puting a new Olympic record. He was besides a member of the U. S. 400-m relay squad that twelvemonth. which set a new Olympic and universe record of 39. 8 sec. Despite Owens’s outstanding athletic public presentation. German leader Adolf Hitler refused to admit his Olympic triumphs because Owens 2 was black. Owens went on to play an active function in youth athletic plans and subsequently established his ain public dealingss house.

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Jesse proved you could do it if you merely put forth some attempt. Jesse became a lifetime function theoretical account merely from one summer olympic games. Owens merely demonstrated what every immature black child in America wanted to go when the arose to his type of illustriousness. Jesses’ to going the best at this olympic games was a pretty tough route. He was pushed back because of the colour of his tegument. now there was no manner in snake pit the he used this as any type of an alibi when he didn’t come in first.

Jesse foremost started to see that he had endowment when he was in high school. He sees that he has a endowment that non everyone else was blessed with to hold so he worked at it really hard in. fact harder than anyone else around him. So while he did this it allowed him to stand out even more than he of all time dreamed. Fittinglly he Owens virtually all the records at Ohio State University. There of class was a down side at his university though because of prej- udice people.

Then the graet depression didn’t aid at all. fewer than 15 per centum of the American young persons seeked a grade conditions they were black or white. Although there was a little figure of black college people. If Jesse wouldn’t have made himself the premire athletic chance the would hold ne’er been thought of as one to go on or prosecute his instruction. In American civilization. segregation. bias. and racism were still ideas and patterns that were really much a portion of mundane life merely as they are today.


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