Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary The Historical Background Of The Company Commerce Essay

The Historical Background Of The Company Commerce Essay

GrameenPhone ( GP ) is the largest cell-phone operator in Bangladesh. GP was given the cellular licence in 28th November 1996 by the ministry of Posts and Telecommunications.

Subsequently in March 26th 1997, they offered their service in Dhaka metropolis and bit by bit covered the full state. GP, in coaction with Grameen Bank, is taking to put one phone in each small town to lend significantly to the economic upheaval of those small towns. GP ‘s basic scheme is coverage of both urban and rural countries.

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In contrast to the “ island ” scheme followed by some companies, which involves linking stray islands of urban coverage through transmittal links, GP builds uninterrupted coverage, cell after cell. While the strength of coverage may change from country to country depending on market conditions, the basic scheme of cell-to-cell coverage is applied throughout GP ‘s web. GP employ ‘s a big figure of employees who are immature, dedicated and energetic. GP knows that the endowments and energy of its employees are critical to its operation and handle them consequently.

Human resource scheme:

The figure of entire staff is more than 1500. The company wants to increase preparation for its support staff to increase the ability to repair a job on the first service call and to cut down the period of clip consumers have to wait for proficient aid. GrameenPhone Ltd wants to enroll top endowments in every section of the company.

Human Resource Planning ( HRP )


1 Human Resource Planning:

Human Resource planning is the procedure of acquiring the right figure of qualified and competent people into the tight occupation at the right clip. Puting another manner, HR planning is the system of fiting the supply of people internally and externally with the gaps the company expects to hold over a given clip frame. The quality of the campaigner and his/her expertness are make up one’s minding factor how GrameenPhone will win in accomplishing its visions, aims and undertakings.

Human Resource planning in GrameenPhone must be a portion of the Company ‘s overall program. When pulling up Human resource programs, it is of import to take the undermentioned factors into consideration:Potential/expected work load and expertness demands and to guarantee the optimum and effectual use of the Human resources for the full Company, both for current and future demands.Possibilities for greater efficiency through reorganisation and the usage of tools/facilities, and doing accommodations during enlargement and contraction.Employee turnover/employee mobilityPotential transportation, publicity, periods of leave etc and design and implement programs to assist accomplish manpower aim.Human Resource planning should get down at the beginning of the twelvemonth so that HR can organize Human Resource planning procedure at the right clip. Besides necessary budget commissariats are of import factor to look into.

3.2 Categorization of Employees

Regular Employment: Career with GrameenPhone starts with a regular employment ; which is lasting in nature.Contractual Employment: This type of occupation is project-based in nature.

Working hr staying same as regular employment, the contract is made for a certain period of clip, with a fixed wage paid at the terminal of the day/month. The employment ends when the contract expires.Part-time Employment: Students are encouraged to use for this type of occupation. Working hours are adjusted to fit their category agenda and company demand. This occupation besides ends upon the completion of contract.Internship: Upon the completion of graduation classs, pupils are assigned internship undertakings in their country of concentration. Under the supervising of a regular employee, they work for the company for three months to bring forth a study on the undertaking findings and recommendation.Industrial Attachment: Students from Engineering/Technical institutes spend some clip in the company to acquire existent life exposure related to their theoretical cognition.

During this term of office, proficient experts in our company steer them consequently that helps to heighten their cognition.

3.3 Job Description:

Recruitment procedure ideally begins with the analysis of occupation description and individual specification for that occupation. A occupation description and analysis of individual specification provide the foundation for qualifying the occupation rubric and salary graduated table of the place. Person specification defines the instruction, preparation, experience, and competences required by the occupation holder. The individual specification is critical, because the cardinal portion of the individual specification, established at the beginning, is used in structured choice interview.Job description is the footing of GrameenPhone ‘s enlisting, choice and arrangement, preparation, public presentation assessment, salary disposal, publicity and other personal actions for its employees.

Job description is prepared by several Head of the Department and a transcript of it is sent to HR. in instance there is any alteration in the responsibilities and duties, so occupation description must be revised. A transcript of the latest occupation description is kept in employee ‘s personal file.The naming authorization and the line director shall guarantee that each employee has an appropriate and updated occupation description saying clearly the context, purpose, organogram, responsibilities and duties of the employees and individual specification.A transcript of the occupation description is provided to the employee when he/she is appointed, promoted, freshly assigned or when deemed necessary.

Chapter 4: Recruitment & A ; Recruitment Policies

4.1 Recruitment beginnings:

An effectual enlisting ever starts with the right choice of beginnings of human resources. A recruited employee who has non the right accomplishment can non execute efficaciously.

As a consequence the overall public presentation degree is certain to deteriorate which has important consequence on the Company public presentation. Therefore, GrameenPhone has been on uninterrupted hunt of effectual enlisting beginnings.Internal beginnings: It is GrameenPhone ‘s policy to give penchant to name internal campaigners provided that the employee is appropriately qualified for the vacant or new place and besides meets the bing and future demands. Appointments may be made by the manner of publicity, upgradation, endorsement or transportation with the blessing of the authorization. No 1 is allowed to use for assignment during provisional period. Promoting internal employees on the footing of sequence planning may besides be looked into.

“ As a usual process, occupation vacancies in GrameenPhone will be advertised through internal notices to the concerned offices.External beginnings: Whenever occupation vacancies are required to be circulated outside, the chief aim will be to pull a pool of campaigners to use from which qualified campaigners for occupation vacancies can be chosen. Here are a figure of external beginnings that will be used by the company:Newspaper advertizement: Vacancy announced will be circulated by printing advertizement in the national newspapers. The newspapers that are widely circulated will be chosen for printing advertizement, one in English and one in Bangla.Request to other organisations: In some instances, if deemed necessary, GrameenPhone may bespeak other organisations to go around occupation vacancy among their employees. Job vacancy advertizement may be posted in their notice board as good.Employee referrals: Employees of the Company may mention prospective occupation searchers to HR Department.

There are professional or proficient occupations which are often harder to make full. Employees with hard-to-find occupation accomplishments may cognize others who may run into the desired occupation demands and do the same work. In such instance, employee referral method may be utile.Walk-ins and Write-in candidates: Often Job searchers arrive at HR section in hunt of a occupation. They are walk-in people. Write-in candidates are those who send their course of study sketch for suited place. Both groups may be asked to make full up an application space. Their relevant information may be kept in active database file for any suited place in future.

Based on their suitableness, they may be called for interview against any vacant place.Web site: Modern information engineering such as websitehttp: //www.grameenphone.com besides is utilised for publicizing occupation vacancy of certain senior places.Other: Depending on fortunes, other professional/employment bureaus, educational institutes, proficient institutes and diaries may be chosen to give wider coverage of occupation gaps.The function of HR forces is really of import in covering with external occupation searchers because the foreigner persons draw an feeling about the company on the mode their campaigning has been dealt with. HR section should recognize the campaigners in a pleasant mode, provide with pertinent information about occupation gaps, and handle them with self-respect and regard.

If so, the appliers are expected to develop a listing positive feeling about the company.

4.2 General enlisting policies:

GrameenPhone is committed to enroll appropriately qualified and experiencedBangladesh citizens for vacant places by manner of:Implementing effectual and appropriate recruiting, testing and choice processs,Identifying and implementing standard choice processs that are relevant to instruction, accomplishments, preparation, experience and cognition necessary for successful occupation public presentation,Conforming the hiring processs to state ‘s jurisprudence and in line with the Company ‘s demands and fiscal state of affairs.From manpower requisition/publishing advertisement measure to placement measure, a sum of 29 working yearss will be required.Persons between the age of 18-57 old ages can be hired as regular employee of GrameenPhone.Under no fortunes a regular or contract employee of any other organisation is allowed to set about regular, long-run or short-run contract employment in GrameenPhone.All assignments in GrameenPhone shall conform to its bing place with Grade and Salary degree.In the spirit of internationalism, GrameenPhone may enroll senior employee from abroad in instance suited national employee could non be hired, upon approved by Board of Directors.

The employment position can be changed from regular to contract or frailty versa depending on the state of affairs originating from Company need or a state of affairs that arises on the land of public presentation.The GrameenPhone internal applier will be entitled to normal perdiem and travel disbursals, harmonizing to the Company policy, for the interview held in other than his/her topographic point of poster.HR and the concerned line director will keep absolute confidently of the execution of any portion of the enlisting procedure. No question will be responded or no information will be provided sing the position of any enlisting until the full procedure is complete.It is an of import function on the portion of HR to measure the effectivity of enlisting methods, short-listing standards, proving tools being used etc. an rating is utile to formalize hiring stairss and later follow better choice processs for the Company.

Chapter 5: Choice

5.1 Choice:

Selection procedure includes series of specific stairss used to make up one’s mind who should be hired. Selection procedure begins when recruitment terminals capable to sufficient figure of appliers obtained who are willing and able to make keep the occupation.

The intent of the choice interview is to roll up information about a campaigner and measure how far he/she can execute in the occupation.Selection procedure involves testing and measuring the appliers in a systematic mode. Those who are found non suited for the occupations are excluded from choice trials.

During choice procedure, GrameenPhone focuses on performance-related issues whether the applier fulfils the occupation demands and can make the occupation. The Company uses a multiple cutoff technique including series of testing devices.

Short listing of campaigners

Short listing is done on the footing of measuring information on the application signifier in the visible radiation of occupation specifications of a occupation being advertised. How far a candidate meets the occupation standards will critically be reviewed.

The short listing method should be qualitative one where managerial judgement plays an of import function.Short listing depends on the nature of occupation. Before short listing of campaigners for trials, occupation standards are set by HR and line director. There are general and proficient occupation standards that a campaigner has to run into for consideration of following measure of choice. HR determines general standards while line director determines proficient standards. Although both the type of standards is of import, nevertheless, it is the nature of occupation that determines which type of standards should give more weightage than other.Short listing will be done by measuring the followers:Educational making: whether the campaigner has the needed instruction makingRelevant occupation experience and needed accomplishments: how far candidate ‘s most recent occupation experiences and accomplishments match the occupation demands of the place in inquiry.The campaigner may hold irrelevant occupation experiences and accomplishments that will non be considered during short listing.

The undermentioned state of affairss may supply some guideline during short listing:SituationShort listing determinationHighly relevant occupation experience and meets all or most occupation standards and length of past occupation experience to the full or reasonably satisfactoryShould be consideredReasonably relevant occupation experience and meets most or reasonably moderate degree of occupation standards and length of past occupation experience is to the full or reasonably satisfactoryMay be considered capable to the figure of campaigners based on above are non up to the desired figureIrrelevant occupation experience, meets small occupation standards and length of past occupation experience is reasonably satisfactory or unsatisfactoryShould be consideredGrameenPhone follows a standard set regulation of short listing of campaigners. For one place the figure of campaigners for written trial should be more than 8. The figure of campaigner in the unwritten trial should non be more than 4-5.

Role of different sections in short listing

In respect to short listing of campaigners, the function of the concerned line director and HR is important.

HR is in better place to cognize exact occupation specifications, occupation challenges and occupation criterions ; therefore the duty of short listing remainders on HR.For non-technical places, HR will entirely be fixing short list of campaigners. For proficient places, HR will seek line directors input, if necessary. The process is that line director will direct proficient occupation standards to HR who match those standards and will finally campaigners.During short naming the undermentioned standards must be taken into history:Type of the placeUrgency of a forcesCareer development of the placeImportance of other related accomplishments for that places

Administering trials and interview

Following short listing of prospective campaigners, internal and external, appropriate employment trials such as written trials, unwritten trials or any other trials as deemed tantrum will be arranged to measure campaigners suitableness for the place. Through the trials candidate ‘s selected psychological factors such as intelligence, aptitude, disposition and attitude will be measured/observed.

The chief focal point of employment trials will be on:occupation related inquiries to measure in-depth cognition of the campaignerappraisal of mental ability, concluding, memory etcappraisal of potency and ability to larnproficiency in executing undertakingsappraisal in line with occupation analysisThe choice is made on the footing of consecutive hurdle attack. The campaigners will be rejected following each of the phase or trial being administered. Performing in one trial will non be considered in the succeeding trials instead the public presentation in the following phase will be decisive factor for choice.Written and unwritten trial inquiries will be drafted by HR. A set of inquiries of proficient nature will be drafted by line director and be sent to HR confidentially from which few will be included random footing by HR.

while finalising test inquiry, HR will lodge to occupation demands of the place and maintain relevancy, consistence and criterion on the form of inquiries.The type of inquiry will depend on the nature of the place. Normally a combination of multiple and narrative type of inquiries will be set in the written trial.All multiple type of replies will entirely be checked HR. Besides the non-technical narrative portion of the written reply documents will be examined by HR while the proficient portion will be checked by line director. The digest of mark obtained in written trial will be done by HR. It is the duty of HR to choose and name campaigners for subsequent trials based on the public presentations of written trials.

The minimal modification mark in the written trial is 50 % . Campaigners who have qualified in the written trial will be invited for the following choice trial.

Chapter 6: Training and Development

6.1 Need

GrameenPhone preparation policy is to back up employee preparation which is straight linked to the person ‘s specific occupations and his or her hereafter development. The preparation plan is expected to heighten job-related cognition every bit good as develop proficient and/or managerial accomplishments.

In add-on to developing plan, employees are encouraged to seek and use personal developmental chances for his/her calling patterned advance.

6.2 Mode of Training

GrameenPhone organizes in-housing preparation plans for its employees. Senior staff, in-house trainers, or advisers hired for particular intents provide such preparation.

GrameenPhone provides need-based preparation to the employees through utilizing appropriate external preparation institutes.The company besides sends selected employees to other states for go toing need-based proficient or direction preparation.

6.3 Career Development

Career planning/development identifies a sequence of development activities, formal and informal, short-run or long term that help do an single capable of presuming a higher place in future.Divisions are responsible for choice employees to heighten their public presentation to take higher duty in future.

Divisional Head is to ease the development of a endorser ‘s calling.Management is responsible for supplying leading and ensures effectual preparation plans by puting in preparation. HR will pay facilitator ‘s function in calling development.

6.4 New Employee Orientation Program

When a new employee joins the Company, s/he demands to be introduced to his/her occupation every bit good as to the Company. The aims of the orientation are to welcome the officeholder, East him/her about the Company ‘s vision, intent, values, stockholders, service regulations, divisional activities etc. This will do a new recruit feel s/he is portion of the Company.HR will set up a two-day orientation plan as per demands.

The representatives from each division will do divisional presentation. Each employee must go to the following available orientation plan from the day of the month of his/her connection.

6.5 Training Calendar

HR prepares a annual preparation calendar based on the identified preparation demands of the employee. The direction squad will reexamine and O.

K. the calendar before execution.

Chapter 7: Termination and Other Disciplinary Action

7.1 Transportation

The company has the right to reassign an employee from one location to another at any clip, at any fortunes depending on its demand.

Even a transportation order is delivered at a short notice ; the concerned employee must be willing to accept it. By traveling people into occupations in the sane class, directors may be able to better the use of their human resources. Transportation may besides be good to occupation holder, since the experience may supply a individual with new accomplishments and a different position. All transportation issues are handled by HR. HR issues transfer missive at any clip with or without giving any notice period to the employee in audience with departmental caput.A arrangement at another location for a period of more than 30 yearss is treated as transportation.

During transportation, an employee ‘s wage and benefits degree remain the same. However, the employee may have normal resettlement installations such as travel disbursals, per diem and hotel rent if located at another topographic point off from the normal location for less than 30days.For any impermanent transportation for a period of more than one month and less than three months, an employee will be entitled to the following transportation benefits:Adjustment installations or alternate agreement with anterior blessing from the immediate supervisorA perturbation allowance of Tk. 5000 per monthA return air ticket as per entitlement of the employees one time in 30 yearss.If a transportation is made on lasting footing so the employee will be eligible for the undermentioned benefits:Expenses in associating to switching of personal effects, andDisturbance allowance of Tk. 20,000 for Manager and above and Tk. 10000 for DM and below degree.


2 Termination

Employees are required to execute and act tolerably but whenever lacks in public presentation and behaviour threaten to interfere with efficient Company operations, they must be corrected.Termination is a serious class of action that should be considered merely when it is clear that less drastic action will no function the intent. It is the discretion of the GrameenPhone direction to make up one’s mind which class of action will justify expiration.GrameenPhone can end a lasting employee at any clip without delegating any ground whatsoever by functioning one hundred and 20 yearss notice or pay in stead of such notice.The employee will be paid tip for every completed twelvemonth of service or for any portion thereof in surplus of six months, in add-on to any other due benefits as per the Company policy.

The student nurse will be terminated without any notice or wage.The expiration of contract, unconfirmed or parttime employment will be approved by Head of HR while the expiration of Confirmed employee must be approved by Pull offing Director.


An employee may be discharged from GrameenPhone service for grounds of physical or mental incapacity or continued sick wellness or other grounds non amounting to misbehave. Discharge is non due to the defects in the employee ‘s public presentation.A medical board consisting 2-3 registered medical practicians will be formed to analyze the employee ‘s wellness status and subject their recommendation. Based on the board ‘s recommendation, discharge determination will be made.The discharge of any class of employee will be approved by Pull offing Director.

The employee will be give one month ‘s notice or pay in stead thereof. The employee will besides paid tip for every completed twelvemonth of service or for any portion thereof in surplus of six months, in add-on to any other due benefits as per the Company policy.

Resignation and Exit Questionnaire

A lasting employee of GrameenPhone can tender surrender from his/her service by giving one month notice.

Failure so submit surrender missive prior to one month notice will ensue tax write-off of one month ‘s basic wage.The surrender missive is submitted to respective departmental Head who in bend sends a transcript of it to HR with his/her credence and remarks. HR officially issues a surrender credence and release order to the vacating employee based on Department Head ‘s remarks. The issue of release order is contingent on the followers:The dividing employee has handed over the charges to delegate individualA clearance certification is obtained from the several Department caputThe employee has no liability with the Company.Once surrender credence missive has been issued, the employee fills up an “ Exit interview Form ” and submits it straight to Manager, HR confidentially without copying to any organic structure. The signifier is kept purely confidentially and is non a portion of employee ‘s Personnel file.

Aim of Exit questionnaire: The aim of make fulling an issue questionnaire is to cognize why the employee leaves the Company. After roll uping the information provided in the questionnaire, direction examines the causes and takes preventative steps to minimise employee turnovers.The employee gets usual service benefits and unpaid wage, if any, as per Company policy at the clip of go forthing the Company.

Chapter 8: Benefits. Leave and Other Allowances

8.1Compensation and Benefits

Compensation is what an employee receives in exchange for his/her physical and mental plants, and part to the company.

Compensation does non stand for merely salary but a broad scope of benefits and service are portion of the entire compensation bundle. GrameenPhone wishes to pay rewarding and competitory wages to pull, retain and actuate competent and skilled employees at all degrees of the Company. By honoring and competitory wages we mean that each employee should be rewarded in conformity with:What the station requires,How skilled the employee is andWhat the market pays for work of the same type.GrameenPhone wants to plan a compensation system that has strong positive impact on employees and finally on the Company ‘s public presentation. Keeping Company ‘s strategic aims and alone features and environment in head, GrameenPhone determines a figure of standards for planing a compensation system. The standards are:Internal and external Equity: Internal equity means that there should hold equity of the wage construction within the Company i.

e. similar occupations get similar wages. External equity assures that occupations are reasonably compensated in comparing with similar occupations in the occupation market.

To accomplish internal equity, periodic occupation rating that assesses the comparative worth of occupations throughout the Company should be conducted. On the other manus, to accomplish external equity, periodic market study and cost of populating accommodation should be taken into history.Competitiveness: There are obvious affect of market forces on compensation.

Compensation must react to the supply of and demand for employees in the market since employers compete for work force.Cash and non hard currency benefits: Cash payment motivates employees through pecuniary wagess such as salary and allowances. The Company pays hard currency benefits harmonizing to ability to pay. Non hard currency benefits such as occupation security and doing the occupation interesting is besides taken into history.Performance based wage: Employee productiveness, accomplishments and public presentation are besides of import determiners of the compensation system of the Company.Consistency: All-out attempts are made to guarantee that compensation system is consistent with HR policies and it is unvarying and stable.

Provident Fund

The lasting employees of the Company are eligible to go members of the Provident Fund.

Employee contributes 10 % of their basic to the provident fund and the Company makes equal part to the fund. The Company ‘s part starts one time the employee has become lasting employee of the Company.A Provident Fund Trustee, with separate regulations, is formed for pull offing the provident fund.The PF adulthood period is three old ages.

Employee has to function minimal three old ages for being eligible for both employee and company part.


Gratuity is paid to an employee for supplying a life clip service to the Company. The eligibility is minimal five- twelvemonth service with the Company.Gratuity sums are linked with the several employee ‘s length of service which are as follows:Gratuity Years of [email protected] 1 month ‘s basic/for each twelvemonth 5 old [email protected] 1.5 month ‘s basic/for each twelvemonth 5 Old ages to 10 Old [email protected] 2 month ‘s basic/for each twelvemonth More than 10 old agesGratuity is tantamount to one ( or more as the instance may be ) month ‘s basic based on the last drawn basic wage for every completed twelvemonth of service or for any portion thereof in surplus of six months.


All employees are eligible for two fillip in a calendar twelvemonth which is an sum equivalent to their two months basic wage.One fillip is paid during Eid-ul-Fitr at a level rate to all employees irrespective of the faith. Another fillip is paid as per the undermentioned festival of different spiritual association:Moslems: Eid-ul-AzhaHindoo: Durga PujaBuddhist: Buddha PurnimaChristian: Merry ChristmasTwo month ‘s basic as fillip is paid in full for a calendar twelvemonth or a pro-rata sum for incomplete calendar twelvemonth, whichever may be the instance.

The fillip will be paid harmonizing to the basic that is due on the festival twenty-four hours, non the basic on the payment twenty-four hours.An illustration: An employee who joins on April 1 and if there are two festival in that calendar twelvemonth, so the employee will acquire fractional festival fillip harmonizing to the undermentioned expression:2 months basic ten yearss with the Company

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

365HR will fix the fillip list prior to three hebdomads clip of Eid-ul-Fitr and the several festival twenty-four hours and Accounts, based on the list, will set up to reassign bonus sum two hebdomads in front to employee ‘s history.An employee who joins after festival day of the month will be paid fillip after the terminal of the twelvemonth.If an employee leaves the Company on any twenty-four hours predating to the festival fillip payment day of the month for whatsoever grounds other than retirement, his/her festival fillip will non be paid.

8.2 Sick leave and related leave

Sick leave

There will be no standard one-year entitlement to vomit leave. Sick leave at existent will be availed based on advice of registered medical practician.

For ill leave of three yearss or more, enfranchisement of registered physician or HSE caput is required. An appraisal will be carried out by HSE/ medical board if any employee is often availing ill leave.If more than three months leave is necessitated due to occupational hurt or on-duty accident, the same will be allowed. However dismemberment/ drawn-out illness more than 3 months will be reviewed by HSE/ board of physicians.

Pregnancy leave

A female is granted pregnancy leave for a period of 16 hebdomads.

A female employee can avail the pregnancy leave merely twice during her term of office with the company. A female is non entitled to pregnancy go forth unless she has completed a period of non less than nine months instantly predating the twenty-four hours of the bringing. A pregnant employee should inform in composing to her supervisor corroborating her bringing day of the month along with a medical certification. A female employee should non be dismissed during pregnancy leave without sufficient cause.

Paternity leaveA A A

A male employee is granted one hebdomad of paternity leave during his child birth. A male employee can avail the pregnancy leave merely twice during his term of office with the company.The status is that he stays with his married woman and uses the clip to look after his household and place. If he does non populate with his married woman so he has no right to take such go forth even if he is the kid ‘s male parent.

Such leave can be taken before and/or after the birth of a kid.Annual LeaveAn employee will be allowed to avail 25 yearss of one-year leave per annum. Maximal 15 yearss one-year leave will be carried frontward to the wining twelvemonth, if any, and surplus of 15 yearss one-year leave as of December 31st will be forfeited automatically.

Diversion Leave

Every employee must avail 5 one-year leave at a clip in a calendar twelvemonth, proportionate one-year leave will use in that instance.

Leave signifier:

All leave application shall be made by utilizing a standard Registration of leave/Absence Form. The concerned Unit/Section caput shall O.

K. the leave by subscribing the signifier. The employee will supply full reference on the leave signifier during the period of leave applied for.

At the clip, they leave topographic point of posting that must besides be intimated with new reference. In the event requested leave is non approved or the sanctioned leave is canceled, so the grounds for refusal or cancellation shall be recorded on the signifier. Such signifier will be portion of employee ‘s leave retained by HR.

Chapter 9: Other Human Resources Related Activities

9.1 Identity Card

The GrameenPhone employees must hold their several Identity cards with them and maintain them displayed while on responsibility so that it is easy seeable and can easy be checked against the individual have oning it. External visitants, who arrive a Company premises on official concern, must ever be collected and escorted impermanent ID cards to and from response.ID card is non movable to anybody.

HR will publish ID card to all employees of GrameenPhone at the clip of their connection. The employee will subscribe an project that he/she will transport out all official regulations in this respect.Employee will make full up ID card information signifier to acquire the card.During separation from the Company, an employee must return ID card to HR otherwise release order will non be issued.If the ID card is lost, the employee has to describe and do a GD entry to nearest Police Station within 24 hours. The employee will subject a transcript of the GD to HR.

In order to acquire a new ID card, an application, punctually recommended by Director of the concerned Division/Department, will be submitted by HR.

9.2 Confidentiality of information

All employees must keep secretiveness in regard of all Company affairs and constabularies.

All employees are bound to retain silence sing all concern relation or other dealingss which could supply unauthorised information to foreigners, particularly rivals. Technical or concern related information should non be shared with foreigners and those will stay within the model of gross revenues or general information activities. A Secrecy and Loyalty Form has to be signed by all employees of GrameenPhone.

The employees will declare that they will keep secretivenesss in all affairs that come to his/her cognition during employment in the Company and shall non unwrap affairs associating to the operation of GrameenPhone in any regard. Non-compliance of any of the commissariats contained in the declaration signifier would take, at the discretion of GrameenPhone, to disciplinary actions harmonizing to Company Policy.

Employee Information

Outside organisations or persons may bespeak GrameenPhone for ex-employee or present employee information. The sharing of any of the information with them entirely depends at the discretion of GrameenPhone. Employees may inquire for Experience certification or salary information certification from GrameenPhone for any valid ground.

In such instance, GrameenPhone may publish such certification to the employees. HR, in audience with line director, may publish such certification.

9.2 Promotion policy


Promotion will intend a move to a higher class with a larger range of occupation.

Situation for publicity

– Creation of new place, due to organisational re-structuring, or due to important addition in the range of a peculiar occupation.- Vacancy at a higher grade place.- Creation of new place.Respective maps will originate a proposal and subject it to HR warranting creative activity of the new place.

The proposals will be forwarded to HR on a quarterly footing, if any.A cross-functional commission will reexamine the proposals for O.K.ing the new places upto Manager Level. Incase of places above Manager Level, the proposal will direct to MT for blessing.