The HCs Hindu’s. no doubt due to

The study “Socioeconomicexclusion of SCs: A study of Rural Fatahabad Block, Haryana” has explored  particularly SCs experiences of socialexclusion and empowerment. This study trys to solves  particularely three research questions; whatis the concept of social exclusion, which factors of social exclusion affectingthe most to SCs and how empowerment influences social exclusion.    Thisthesis highlights the fact that in society  still caste system and notion of purityprevails or SCs are still trated as infriior in society by the HCs Hindus.

SCs arefaceing exclusion and discrimination in the society. Sociocioeconomic resourcesof the society and economy are controlled by HCs Hindu’s. no doubt due toaffirmative axction somehow position of the SCs improves but the expectedresults yet not achieved.   Finding of the study demonstrates that  SCs people are still expricing socialexclusion in various forms. Empowerment has significant influence on socialexclusion but due to the because the empowerment policies are not targetarounded on social exclusion so the expected results were not achieved. themost responsible factor of Social exclusion are; labor market, socialrelations, social environment, banking and finance, public utilities,participation and poverty.

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this study found that  SCs have limited choice and facediscrimination and exclusion in education, health, and the labour market and othersocioeconomic sphere of the society and economy.               Therefore, I can conclude that   becauseof lower caste, high poverty ,  high unemployment,high illiteracy, malnutrition, superstitions erc. which pushes them intomarginalized, inferior and vulnerable positions at the  societal levels.  Thease problem accelerate to aech other and helpsto become the SCs socioeconomic life more serious.

It can, in fact, be arguedthat exclusion in school, health job market, public services, livingdeprivation , social relations etc. the multidimensional exclusionary processesrestrict SCs capacity at the personal, socio-cultural, political and economiclevels, which negatively impacts on their individual and community well being. Soapart from the development issue , social exclusion of the SCs is also a humanright issue. caste system assigns unequal distribution of resources and rightsin society.

Lower caste people are deprived from the ownership of resources andthey have no rights compared to HCs  atthe wider societal level.  In fact, fromsome participants identifies that the notion of social exclusion were new tothem although they all are aware about the caste based discrimination.Thisstudy acknowledges that the Government  policies should be targeted on socialexclusion. Social exclusion concpt is a phenomenon whish is comprises frombundeled of problems of a particular group.

Because SCs considered as lowest insocity they are deprived and excluded from the mainstream of the society. Itcan be argued that the equality provision (Articles 35 and 28, see Appendix 3) of the   Constitution ensures   equality in the public sphere for allcitizens, but this is the fact proven from the different studies that it doesnot experienced at the socital and economic level or grassroot  level.It is, in fact, the caste rules that often restricts SCs participation in thepublic sphere, either directly or indirectly. This indicates that it is notenough just to say there are policies and services to enhance the inclusivenessof SCs in development.   it is important to improve their capabilitiesfor individual and community level. Empowerment policies should be targeted toaddress the problem of social exclusion an they hve the nature of the easyaccessibility and should be capable for a local man that he can easilyunderstand its detail and his rights. Finally,I conclude that the processes of social exclusion is a relational term and needto be addressed in the development process so that al around development of theall individual can become possible and nation or society can abstain from voilance,crime, poverty, inequalityand other eviils or alternatively can be say thatsocial exclusion cannot became the cause of distruction rather than developmnt.

I hope this thesis will encourage researchers and academics studying socialexclusion-based policy research in India.   


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