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The overall theme in each of the writings is love of family.No matter their flaws, shortcomings or behavior each relationship is defined bylove.

In the poem “My Father Is A Simple Man”, Luis Omar Salinas, writes,  “I would gladly give up my life for this manwith a 6th grade education.” This sentence defines the relationshipbetween the speaker and his father in the poem. The speaker and his father walkto town one day and along the way their conversation allows the speaker to seehis father as a man of greatness and wisdom. The speaker lovingly says abouthis father “whose patience and kindness are true…he’s the scholar.

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” In the short story”Raymond’s Run”, the main character, Squeaky, defines her relationship with herbrother Raymond by boldly saying “If anybody has anything to say about mybrother’s big head, they have to go by me.” Because Raymond has developmentalissues, Squeaky is responsible for watching out for him. She doesn’t mindbecause she loves her brother and would do anything for him. The importance offamily is especially strong in this story.In the story “PresidentCleveland Where Are You?” Jerry defines his relationship with his father bysaying, “My father has to be the only answer.

” Jerry loved his father eventhough he was an alcoholic.” “My father is a huge man who believed in thethings of spirits, although my mother often maintains that he believed inbottles” Jerry was shopping for baseball cards when he remembered it was hisfather’s birthday the next day. Jerry really wanted to get the baseball cards butdidn’t have enough to buy them and a gift for his father. He asked his friendsto help him cover the cost of both but they only had enough to help him buyone.

Jerry was mad but in the end he decided “My father has to be the onlyanswer.” Jerry bought a blue tie for his father instead of getting the cardsfor himself. Jerry’s action to get a gift for his father’s birthday proved thathis love for his father was more important than baseball cards. In all threewritings, the significance of these family relationships show the reader theimportance of loving your family. 


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