The Haunting Lover Essay Research Paper In

The Haunting Lover Essay, Research PaperIn Elizabeth Bowen & # 8217 ; s short narrative & # 8220 ; The Demon Lover & # 8221 ; Mrs. Drover is being haunted by her dead lover who has returned from the dead in a supernatural signifier. There are many facts in the narrative to back up this theory.

The writer indirectly describes the house to be slightly haunted. She says every bit good that the surrounding houses are all unoccupied which connoting that Mrs. Drover & # 8217 ; s house may be haunted. There are other factors to back up the thought of the supernatural. A missive that is waiting on a tabular array in the hallway with no logical account of how it got at that place, and a cryptic cab.

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Bowen describes the character of Mrs. Drover to be paranoid. When she foremost enters the house in London she gets a feeling of dead air. & # 8220 ; Dead air came out to run into her as she went in & # 8221 ; ( Bowen 234 ) . The house is described as a haunted house.

The Windowss are shuttered so that no visible radiation can come in and there is a movie of dust everyplace. When Mrs. Drover goes upstairs to acquire points from her thorax she becomes really disquieted. When she heard the sounds of the rain she had to maintain on looking over her shoulder to see if anyone was at that place ( Bowen 235 ) . This was after she had read the missive.

& # 8220 ; The hr arranged & # 8230 ; .My God, & # 8221 ; she said, & # 8220 ; what hr? How should I & # 8230 ; ? After 25 old ages & # 8230 ; . & # 8221 ; ( Bowen 235 ) . Mrs.

Drover really believe that person or something will come for her at & # 8220 ; the arranged hr & # 8221 ; . When she decides to go forth she thinks that person may be waiting for her downstairs. When she unlocks the door to look into, she hears person go forthing the house. There is no manner for this individual to cognize to go forth merely as she was opening the door. There must hold been a supernatural force, or some sort of thought transference. This individual knew that Mrs. Drover was about to come downstairs and left the house merely as she was go forthing. The most of import statement is the missive that as if by magic places itself on the tabular array in the hallway.

It would be expected to happen a missive in the letter box or on the floor underneath a mail slot. There was no mark of the caretaker coming in That twenty-four hours ( Bowen 237 ) . The caretaker did non cognize that she would be coming to the house that twenty-four hours and he was the lone individual besides Mrs.

Drover who had a key to the house. It is improbable that the caretaker would cognize that that peculiar twenty-four hours was the day of remembrance of Mrs. Drover and her lover from 25 old ages in the yesteryear. The station office redirects all of mail and there was no cast on the missive. Therefore the missive was manus delivered by person who could come in the house without a key which would be rather hard when the Windowss are shuttered. There was no mark of a interruption in. Another point that the writer makes is Mrs. Drover’s reaction to reading the missive.

“her lips, beneath the remains of lip rouge, get downing to travel white” ( Bowen 235 ) . She dropped the missive in fright and even went to travel expression in a mirror to see if there were any physical alterations as a consequence of her fright. Possibly the writer wants the reader to believe that there is a shade in the house.The last fact to back up the supernatural theory is the cab.

The cab that Mrs. Drover got into was the lone cab in sight at that clip. The driver, who was perchance the individual go forthing Mrs. Drover & # 8217 ; s house, was able to read Mrs. Drover & # 8217 ; s head. He knew that she was traveling to look for a cab, and he knew that she was approximately to come downstairs and leave. The driver was waiting for her and started driving before she even told him where to travel.

It is non possible for a human being to read person else & # 8217 ; s head. Mrs. Drover did non state out loud that she was traveling to travel happen a cab, and it would hold been a hard conjecture for the individual inside her house if he is non some sort of supernatural being. There are many facts in Elizabeth Bowen & # 8217 ; s & # 8220 ; The Demon Lover & # 8221 ; like the cab, and the missive and the writers use of phrases that suggest a haunted house, that show that Mrs. Drover is so being haunted by her ex-lover who has returned from the dead.Bowen, Elizabeth.

& # 8220 ; The Demon Lover. & # 8221 ; LIT: Literature and Interperative Techniques. Eds Wilfred L.

Guerin et Al. New York: Harper, 1986. 234-238.


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