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The scientific andtechnological advances have brought numerous benefits to society. Advances inmedicine, or instance, have made doctors find cures to deadly diseases. Theinvention of computers and more have helped to improve our lives. However,these advances have not always had positive effects. Scientifics used theseadvances of science and technology to create weapons like chemicals that havecost numerous innocent lives. Those advances have brought negative affects onsociety from the moment where they were used to produce deadly weapons like inWorld War 1 and World War 2.

 The IndustrialRevolution, which occurred in the 19th century, was the beginning of scientificand technological advances used for war. The Revolution provided tools for abetter life, people weren’t dependent of lands anymore, they could work infactories. However, it provided new ways of killing. The new creations madeWorld War 1 like no other: The development of the railroad to transportsoldiers and supplies easier, new boats made of iron and steel. The creationthat had the most impact were the weapons created by the new machines. 16.5million soldiers and civilians lost their lives because of these new advances:weapons, chemicals, planes, boats. Do you still think thatscience and technology one make our lives better?  From 1918 to 1939,people had enough time to come up with new creations, which they did, for warpurposes.

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Artillery, tanks, launchers, submarines and improved guns have beenused. The worst weapons was the atomic bomb used few times but that has madethe greatest losses. These scientific andtechnological advantages are not only harmful but they also are a threat tohuman rights.

It is not only about war weapons but the impact on the humanbody. The biomedical advances taking away parts of a human to put it inanother’s body.  It may seem harmless butimagine a broken man with a wife and children he needs to feed. That man livesin the street and is hardly sure he can provide the next meal to his family. Oneday, a person that he has never met told him he would give him $50 000 if hedonated his kidney.

What would he say? No? This man would give his kidney rightaway. It is a threat to humanrights because these new robots release kilos of garbage each day. This is If Italk only about one of reasonable size. There are millions of them of all sizesworking everyday.  Scientific andtechnological advances are not only dangerous for people when used for wars oras threat to human rights but also expensive. Many populations live in horribleconditions with famine while their government spends money on greater anddeadlier weapons. Numerous products of scientific andtechnological  advances are with useveryday: phones, computers, bombs, nano-surgery and more. Some of them helpand others harm shallowly or gravely.

Some have cost numerous live at the sametime and others are just killing us slowly. However, we should also theseadvances and a hope for a bright future. 


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